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21 October 2008

omg, I killed my dog. Okay, not really. But I gave her a hot dog and coleslaw and rice and peas, and now she's zonked out like she took a 100-mile hike. [More:]

I usually give her much healthier protein - chicken breast, turkey, fish, or liver (plus brown rice and either cooked or shredded fresh veggies), but I was out of meat today, and had a leftover hot dog, and leftover coleslaw, and didn't feel like giving her dog food, so she had picnic cookout fare... and she's down for the count.

But very, very happy.

PS: more dead dogs from melamine in China, y'all; I hope this doesn't mean exported pet food is contaminated again, but just a heads up.
I like your distinction, you were out of meat, so you gave her a hot dog. Just what do they put in hot dogs over there? Or is it too horrific to get into?
posted by King of Prontopia 21 October | 12:58
Heh. They were "good" hot dogs - from the butcher... but, you know, hot dogs. Just can't trust 'em.
posted by taz 21 October | 13:04
So, here's another story about my dog... I usually like to give her a treat when we come back from a walk, so that a) she has something to look forward to after the walk, so won't feel too sad when it ends, and also b) so that I can withhold it when she's bad (pulling at the lead, being stubborn when I tell her to come along; she's not like this often, but sometimes she gets a hair up her butt).

She loves the commercial dog treats, but I know they are really crap, so I try to interest her in other food items while at the same time not adding too many calories to her diet... so I've tried all kinds of things, and all she likes is meaty stuff, cheese, and sweet stuff. So I'll give her maybe a bit of feta, or a small bit of chicken, but I keep trying to get her interested in, say, fruit - I'll try some apple, or mango, or pear, or whatever I have around, but she just eats a bite to be polite, and then looks betrayed when better stuff is not forthcoming. I tried banana again after she had utterly rejected it in the first weeks after we got her, and now she likes that. Not as much as crappy commericial dog treats, but she likes it enough.

However, now I've found the thing that drives her mad with ecstasy and turns her into a crazed treat-mad beast... the best treat EVAR...

frozen peas. Yep. She's a total frozen pea slut. Amazing.
posted by taz 21 October | 13:23
sometimes she gets a hair up her butt

this, of course, is possibly literal
posted by taz 21 October | 13:29
just watch out for the onions in the cole slaw
posted by DarkForest 21 October | 13:36
Yep, no onions for doggy... I made it myself, and I don't like onions in coleslaw - so no onions. I do give her a weeny bit of garlic most days, though, and some nutritional yeast, for natural pest control.
posted by taz 21 October | 13:46
One of my family's dogs liked ginger.

I brought home some huckleberries once and put them in the greyhound's dish. The next time I came in, my mother had left them in a baggie on the table with the rant: DOG DID NOT LIKE BERRIES. WERE DROPPED ON {acrylic} CARPET LEAVING PERMANENT STAINS!!!!!! I think what Scribble did with them after I gave them to her were chupahija's responsibility.
posted by brujita 21 October | 13:56
I feed my dogs human food all of the time. I said I never would. Just like I said I would never give my kids McDonald's french fries. Ha.

My doggie loves bananas. She will eat most anything. We mostly give her leftovers (meat and veggie) from dinner on top of her dog food in a dish.
posted by LoriFLA 21 October | 14:02
My childhood dog would do ANYTHING for a piece of apple, and watermelon would send her into orbit.
posted by Specklet 21 October | 14:23
My dog ate everything - and I mean everything - except lettuce in big pieces (smaller were okay). Even now, five years after I lived with him and two years after his death, I instinctively look for him whenever I drop any food on the floor. He was embarrasing though, he would sit and watch us eat and drool all over the floor.

The worst was swimming, he didn't know when to stop and would just keep going until he collapsed, with projectile diarrhoea from all the water he'd swallowed.
posted by goo 21 October | 14:24
My dog will play with a fruit or a vegetable by rolling her head around on them while making happy sounds, as if to say "thank you for sharing the human food, but this is not food, for it is not meat based or meat related/flavored."
posted by rainbaby 21 October | 14:48
Hee! Sky will eat a bite or two of non-meat based/related/flavored (and only from my hand, if I put it in her bowl fuggidaboudid), and then sort of discreetly start dropping the rest on the floor hoping I don't notice. My mean game is that when I am cooking human food and she comes around looking pathetic, like "why? why? why do youse starve me, such a cute widdle doggy? why?" I give her a bit of whatever I'm cooking. Like green pepper. Or celery.

I am a cruel mistress.
posted by taz 21 October | 15:03
Kaylee likes the usual human food (meat, cheese, eggs, lots of stuff even we humans shouldn't eat) as well as bananas and frozen peas. See if Sky likes tomatoes; Kaylee goes nuts for them.
posted by deborah 21 October | 16:26
My dopey lab (is there any other kind?) adores peeled hardboiled eggs. However, he doesn't eat them right away but runs off with them into the back yard where he spits the egg out whole, whites unmarred, onto the lawn to admire. He puts his head down sideways on the lawn with his eye right next to the egg and gazes into it like he's trying to read his fortune. He'll do that for a few hours before finally eating it.

The first time I gave him an egg he came indoors after about 8 hours of laying in the sun, gives me a big grin and there was the egg in his mouth, still unbitten.

Such a doofus.
posted by jamaro 21 October | 16:32
I've tried tomatoes! No way. I sometimes put weensy sliced up bits of it in her food because it has stuff that's good for her, but I have to shred or cook-and-mash all vegetables and mix it well with the meat and rice, otherwise I see a beautifully tongue-polished empty dish, except for every single discernible vegetable.

I sometimes wonder if she loves the frozen peas because they're cold, and when we had to trick her into swallowing hydrogen peroxide (after she ate most of a bar of chocolate, to make her throw up) we mixed it with ice cream. Ice cream is cold and yummy. Frozen peas are cold... and therefore yummy! ????
posted by taz 21 October | 16:44
haha, jamaro - that's hilarious!
posted by taz 21 October | 16:45
you know, taz... i love seeing this here but can you also put this on your dog blog, with PICTURES?
posted by By the Grace of God 21 October | 17:52
my corgi has a tendency to gum the hell out of veggies and to leave them in hidey-holes, like under the couch for later. this was really gross the time we tried to interest him in celery. think... stringy, slimy, green floss. under your sock.
posted by oreonax 21 October | 18:05
How funny jamaro! we let ours lick plates and give them nibbles here & there but that's about it. so far Otto eats it all.
posted by chewatadistance 21 October | 18:05
Bubba (housemate's doggie) loves any people food. Especially fruits and vegetables. He has been eating a lot of wild persimmons off the ground recently. He loves tomatoes.
posted by Stewriffic 21 October | 18:23
My dopey old doberman used to pick unripe grapes off the vine. They must have been SO damn sour, but she wouldn't stop. There she was, coming towards you looking so VERY happy with her muzzle all puckered, frothing and drooling like nobody's business and half a freaking vine hanging out her chops.

(still laughing at Jamaro's dog - how cute!)

posted by ninazer0 21 October | 18:29
Tubbs loves carrot and broccoli and they make easy treats.

My Mum always fed her doggie pack stews she made with human food and rice. Our dogs always tended to be long lived with shiny coats.
posted by gomichild 21 October | 18:30
Hee, thanks. I needed some happy thoughts after that sign thing this afternoon.

It took me a little over a month to train this lab how to sit on command (he's not my first dog and I used to train agility) so my theory is he's admiring the egg because he knows the egg has more brains.
posted by jamaro 21 October | 18:36
taz, the frozen pea thing is cute! i had a cat long ago that was crazy for frozen lima beans but I think part of the fun was chasing the frozen bean around on the floor until it melted.

I'm sure you didn't break your dog but I'll bet he'll gift you with some poisonous gas later tonight.
posted by jamaro 21 October | 18:49
Crosbie eventually got over the books-and-clothes phase, but will otherwise eat pretty much anything, including (or especially) squishy old fruit with bonus ants.

He doesn't get processed dog food at all, except a little Canidae in a Buster Cube when I leave for work. He generally has meat, dairy, and produce every day. It's not human food, it's food!
posted by tangerine 21 October | 19:28
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