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21 October 2008

Assertiveness low, Anxiety high. Plus, I voted. [More:]I had to tell a teacher that I wouldn't be volunteering in her classroom as usual today because another teacher (my Wednesday volunteer post) accosted me on my way to my Tuesday post and asked me to help her today instead. Since I am a doormat I agreed. This might sound like nothing to sweat over, but I'm slightly pissed and stressed about it. This teacher knows I volunteer on Tuesdays in a different grade. Why would she ask? I understand she has a need, but so do a lot of other classrooms. I have a hard time saying no because she teaches my younger kid.

I arrived home slightly stressed and embarrassed and urged my husband to get up! and take me somewhere fun. He suggested we go vote. I thought that sounded great. We could vote and get lunch at this cute little cafe/chocolate factory across from the early voting place. Lunch didn't happen. We stood in line for an hour and 15 minutes and had to run as soon as we voted to pick the kids up from school. I didn't mind we missed lunch. It was exciting to see so many people voting. Yesterday they opened early voting here.

I sent the Tuesday teacher an email with more apologies and explanations and she sent me this:

Thanks so much for keeping me in mind. You are always welcome and missed when you can not help.

Which is very non-crazy, straightforward, and sincere but only makes me feel more crazy. Which I obviously am by the sounds of this post!

Who knew I could get so worked up over volunteering at an elementary school?

I guess this is a crazy venting thread.
Well... you're not crazy so much as the Tuesday teacher is wickedly brilliant. I mean the wording... You are always welcome and missed when you can not help.

Sorry, Tuesday teacher, but I just can't help today. No help will be coming from me, because I find that I am too occupied with other things, and can not help. We would all like a little bit of help when we can get it, but you won't be getting any help from me today, because I won't be there to help. So, you'll be pretty much alone in this, with no help from me.

xxoo, LoriFLA
posted by taz 21 October | 15:16
Oh fun! You voted!!!!! Congrats!
posted by mightshould 21 October | 15:44
You must be a great volunteer, for them to be fighting over you. I spent a lot of time in my kid's classroom also, up to grade 3, then I became a social liability for her and backed off. The highlight was when I took them to the boiler room and showed them the entrance to the tunnel system.

I voted also!. . .I wish the election would just get over. .the tension is killing me!
posted by danf 21 October | 15:55
Congrats on voting!
(I like Taz's letter)
posted by Stewriffic 21 October | 18:09
I'm pushing a couple "web badges" that say "I VOTED EARLY/BY MAIL. It's officially too late to try to change my mind."
posted by wendell 21 October | 18:31
Ha! Those are good, wendell.

Husband jokingly said in line: "There's no turning back now. If somebody does something stupid, you're stuck."
posted by LoriFLA 21 October | 18:40
There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life || Kitteh update: