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18 October 2008

So that 30+ mile breakfast ride..? [More:]Turned out to be 46 miles, the most I've ridden in one day in over 25 years. It was a good workout, but WOW!

There were 14 riders in two classes. The Swifties were the guys who like to race around. I rode with the Pacers, who go at a medium clip (I think we averaged 13 mph). And no, I didn't take the roadster, Zack_Replica. I took the hybrid (which turned out to be the only non-road bike in the group).
There was one mishap, by the way. One of the managers from my office (it's a bike club out of my workplace) went down around a corner. Lost grip on the back tire and went down fast and hard. His wife was right behind him and couldn't unclip her pedals fast enough, and she went down too. He was pretty sore and not too roadburned; she was just a little bumped up. They both continued the ride but I be they're both sore right now!

And THAT is why I'll stick with a thick-wheeled hybrid and open toe clips!
posted by Doohickie 18 October | 14:38
So, a 3-hour-plus ride? I find it's more useful to think of rides in terms of time than mileage, and that's big!

I love hearing about people out riding.
posted by Wolfdog 18 October | 15:31
Doohickie, that is a lot of miles. It sounds like fun. Good for you!
posted by LoriFLA 18 October | 15:36
That hybrid looks like it's nice and light for a long trip like that. Wow, the Bikely site is really good, Doohickie. I've signed up and have decided I really have to increase my endurance to attempt this route. Tomorrow I'm going to go to Barnet Beach Park, which is across from Belcarra park, and looks to be disgustingly scenic. I'll take pics to prove it, though you can see the linked ones on the Google maps link. Looks to be about an 18mi/28km trip.
posted by Zack_Replica 18 October | 16:57
Wow... "this route" has some pretty abrupt elevation changes!
posted by Doohickie 18 October | 21:21
Yeah, there's a big lump in the middle of the park, and the trail leads right up it. The elevation is only 98 feet, but the road's long. Not quite ready for the torturous climb just yet. :)
posted by Zack_Replica 18 October | 22:36
Yesterday I rode in this. I did the 210km (130 mile) course - which actually turned out to be more like 220. Only averaged about 26km/h, but given that I'd only given up my pack-a-day habit last Monday and didn't do any training to speak of, I'm pretty happy (and pretty sore!).
posted by Rembrandt Q. Einstein 19 October | 19:59
Wow. cool, Q.!
posted by Doohickie 19 October | 23:05
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