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17 October 2008

How good are you at lining things up? [More:] I suck. I got a 7.
I suck more. 9.98.
posted by essexjan 17 October | 12:38
I suck less(ish). I got a 3.9; the parallelogram was not kind.
posted by taz 17 October | 13:01
2.33. I'm an architectural designer, so that helps me, but I have to say if the mouse cursor disappeared while you were manipulating the point, I'd do better...
posted by Specklet 17 October | 13:03
I am evidently not very good at lining things up.
posted by msali 17 October | 13:11
5.52. The triangle center killed me.
posted by gaspode 17 October | 13:16
Um 20.something. I knew this about myself. I has astigmatism.
posted by rainbaby 17 October | 13:24
Ahhh, I got a 2.0 and was wondering why I didn't get to put my name on the list, then I realized that you have to do all three rounds. Then I was doing pretty well (got two 0.0s!) then I let go the mouse before I was ready and blew it. (This is hard to do on a laptop pad.)

May be addicted already.
posted by Specklet 17 October | 13:41
All lined up.
posted by Meatbomb 17 October | 14:23
4.86. Not bad on a laptop.
posted by desjardins 17 October | 14:37
2.90 (this was posted to the blue a few days ago), on a laptop.
posted by Daniel Charms 17 October | 15:22
5.26. I suck. I got a 0.8 on bisecting angles, though, so that's good. But how can I be good at the right angle, but so horrible at the parallelogram?
posted by BitterOldPunk 17 October | 16:06
My second attempt was 3.22, but I still think I need glasses.
posted by desjardins 17 October | 16:32
I got 8.something but a co worker came in while I was finding the convergence and I had to unclick, thereby skewing my score to incompetence.
posted by danf 17 October | 17:38
Um 20.something. I knew this about myself. I has astigmatism.

Did you fall down doing it?
posted by danf 17 October | 17:39
3.38, sigh. I thought I'd be better. This is the kind of thing I used to be really good at (or at least I would have thought). I consistently missed the center of the circle, too high. I was also not too good at the triangle equidistant thing.
posted by DarkForest 17 October | 17:55
No, I didn't fall down. I did it again, and got 12.something drubunk. So there's that.
posted by rainbaby 17 October | 20:39
4.35 However, the second test, "find the centerpoint of a line segment" seems a bit unfair. Since it's movable, I imagine it as a rubber band between two nails - and therefore, your most accurate centering on a percentage error basis will be when you stretch it as far as possible. I guess a line is the minimal distance between two points, so... harumph.
posted by Triode 17 October | 22:37
6.3. I did somewhat better on the (smaller, lower-resolution) monitor at work than I did just now at home. Then again, I wasn't drinking at work.
posted by box 17 October | 23:04
4.52! better than i thought i'd do...
posted by oreonax 18 October | 19:13
3.79. With astigmatism using a laptop trackpad on a fast-moving train and in a super-cranky mood. I did the same "rubber band" thing with the midpoint the first time, too.
posted by dg 19 October | 15:23
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