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16 October 2008

Was my paranoia justified? Dude from Discover card calls me at home and tells me that my account is past due (true). He says if I pay by check over the phone he'd take off the late fee.[More:]I don't have caller ID so I tell him I'm not giving my bank account info to someone whose identity I can't verify. I tell him to give me his number and he says he can't give out his direct line. I say I'll call 1-800 DISCOVER or pay online but he says that only he can remove the late fee. He says he has my social, my mother's last name, etc. I didn't verify this with him - I just told him I'd pay online and hung up. Anyone had this type of call before? They have my bank account info saved on the website, couldn't he have just read THAT to me?

The other thing is, I never gave Discover my new phone number. He must have looked it up.
This sounds bogus. Beware. I'd also call Discover now and ask them about it.
posted by Riverine 16 October | 19:36
Sounds sketchy! I think you did the right thing.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 16 October | 19:36
Credit card companies NEVER EVER call you over the phone asking for info. Ever. That was a scammer.
posted by BoringPostcards 16 October | 19:39
That was weird is what it was.
i hope getting married didn't end you up on some list.
Caller id?
posted by ethylene 16 October | 19:44
Hm. It sounds like a complete scam. WHat concerns me is that he said he had your soc and other info. Did you verify that? If he has your SSN you might have had your ID thieved.

Definitely call Discover and tell them the story. At the very least, they can tell you whether this is standard protocol for them.
posted by Miko 16 October | 20:00
No caller ID, which is why I asked him for his number. I just sent Discover card a message after I paid online. If they can refund the late fee over the phone, they can do it online.

I hope he doesn't actually have my SSN, etc. I kind of wish I'd asked him for it.
posted by desjardins 16 October | 20:06
i cleared off a card and missed the window before late by four hours. When talking to someone there to negotiate the apr down, i was told i could not eliminate the late fee on the phone but could online. The next person told me i couldn't avoid the late fee at all, so i paid on the phone, but it never showed up.
posted by ethylene 16 October | 20:25
This sounds totally scammy. And if it wasn't, Discover is irresponsible for acting this way.

You did the right thing.
posted by grouse 16 October | 21:05
Yeah, that definitely sounds suspicious. Good scam-dar :)
posted by divka 16 October | 21:09
I think you did the right thing but I would have asked him for my ID info and then said sorry you have the wrong info. Then I would have called Discover ASAP.
posted by arse_hat 16 October | 22:04
posted by muddgirl 16 October | 22:32
Definitely a scam. Good job.
posted by CitrusFreak12 17 October | 00:17
+1 to arse_hat. Be paranoid and spread doubt, you're on your way desjardins with that finely tuned scam-dar of yours.
posted by dabitch 17 October | 08:51
Credit card companies NEVER EVER call you over the phone asking for info. Ever. That was a scammer.


Credit card companies violate federal law EVERY DAY attempting to collect overdue accounts. They lie. They intimidate. They are scum. Never give anyone, ESPECIALLY someone you owe money, electronic access to your bank account, EVER.
posted by quonsar 17 October | 23:58
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