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16 October 2008

Question for the Art Geeks. There is a rather famous modern art painting of a man and a woman lying together in the midst of chaos swirling around them. I cannot remember the artist, so I'm having a hard time finding a picture online. By "modern" I mean somewhere in the first half of the last century. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
The Kiss?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 16 October | 09:49
Makes me think of Chagall, but couldn't find the one I'm half-remembering.
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by DarkForest 16 October | 09:51
No, it's not the Klimt -- that's what keeps coming up when I try to google. In the picture I want, the man and the woman are lying together on the ground. I believe she is asleep and he is awake. Swirling all around them is what looks like chaos or war or something, so it's like they're the serene spot in a turbulent world (it is not nearly as Hallmarky as I am making it sound). The colors are mostly browns, I believe.
posted by JanetLand 16 October | 09:53
My guess was Chagall as well.
posted by Specklet 16 October | 09:58
No, Chagall is not the right style. In style, it's closer to early Picasso.
posted by JanetLand 16 October | 10:03
i had no idea, but now i'm thinking maybe Rousseau or Matisse. Maybe click around related artists of the era.
posted by ethylene 16 October | 10:16
Bingo! It's Oskar Kokoschka. And has way more color than I remembered -- probably a bad reproduction in the book I had.
posted by JanetLand 16 October | 10:29
Would have never thought of it. i don't know if i've ever seen it before.
posted by ethylene 16 October | 10:30
Oh, wait, i have. He's one of the degenerates, which is interesting because i figured it might be a Surrealist/Expressionist as a lot of them would have been.
posted by ethylene 16 October | 10:38
I love Koloshka. And Dix. And Kollwitz. And Klee. And Beckman. and yes, even Kirchner.

ethylene: were you able to see the traveling exhibit when the LA Museum of Art recreated the entartete Kunst exhibit in the early 90's? I saw it. Several times. It was thrilling.

I think some scum of the earth who used to live in my house took my copy of the book though.
posted by crush-onastick 16 October | 12:17
because, really, who steals books? people who steal videos from your collection at parties? I miss that book.
posted by crush-onastick 16 October | 12:19
Back. i was just off cleaning something unexpectedly disgusting while i looked for something to eat.
i don't think i saw the show in its entirety or the recreations but they went around a long time, so i saw a few. That crowded setting makes it hard for the lesser known artists to stick in my mind, but i never knew much about Kokoschka, though even as i say his name in my head, things stir.
i did see an amazing show by Egon Schiele back then, i think i wrote something in the book like "i almost fainted" and i got a book by him that was stolen before i even got it home. (It got left in a dressing room in a rush, and was gone before i returned. Never even got it out of the bag. We're talking giant pricey art book. grrrrrrr…meh. Don't even get me started on stolen stuff…)

i think there's always that German/Expressionist phase people go through when they first get into art history. It counts toward all the Klimt posters found in the uni trash after dump day (and that Buffy on her first day/ vampire gang episode.)
Unrelatedly, i know i guy who found a Kollwitz in a yard sale.
posted by ethylene 16 October | 12:43
the LA Museum of Art recreated the entartete Kunst exhibit in the early 90's

Crush-onastick, I'm working on that same curator's new exhibition right now! (Well, right now I'm surfing around watching amusing youtube clips of the debate, but you know.) I'm in the midst of checking the second book proofs and now starting to work on developing the wall labels and brochure.

The show opens in January -- it's all about art in East and West Germany during the Cold War, and includes a lot of neo-expressionist work. We've also got an ongoing rotating installation of our permanant collection of German expressionism from the "classic" period. So if you're ever in L.A. and want to come by the museum, drop me a line! (Same for ethylene and any other folks out there who have the interest, of course.)
posted by scody 16 October | 14:04
Does this mean we get to go after hours when it's empty?
omg ossem
i have always dreamed of being able to do that (in a completely not John Hughes way, more of a rich benefactor way)
i promise not to rollerskate but i will do the video for people who do. Steve Martin can get behind it, so i'm sure we'll be fine, unless we break something.We don't break any thing. Promise. i can make knock offs.
posted by ethylene 16 October | 14:12
scody! oh my! Do you know if there are plans to tour that exhibit?

Also, that offer may actually tempt me back to Southern California.
posted by crush-onastick 16 October | 15:04
crush-onastick: it is touring, but not domestically, unfortunately -- it's going to Nuremberg and then Berlin, where it's slated to open on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall. So come to L.A.!! (A little more about the show here.)

ethylene: yes! After-hours tours and roller skating are totally on the menu! (And maybe it will tempt Steve Martin to rejoin our board of trustees...)
posted by scody 16 October | 17:18
There will be no rollerskating on my part, but getting to walk around a deserted museum as long as i like? i'd finally visit LA to do that.
We can send him a video of our assorted hijinks it helps or amuses anyone.
Maybe there will still be airlines after the holidays!
posted by ethylene 16 October | 17:30
Dropped the if
Oh, If.
posted by ethylene 16 October | 17:32
One of the things || I donated to Kiva and I feel guilty