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15 October 2008

What do Glenn Danzig, Corky from Life Goes On, and a guy in a bunny suit all have in common?[More:] They all crossed my path today. Danzig was waiting at the registers and one of my bosses pointed him out. He's a really small dude. I tried to track down the cashier who helped him to find out if he heard his words, what they mean, what they say, but no dice. Corky was around but he's always around. Sadly, they did not meet. It would've been an interesting cultural summit, to be sure.

As for the last one, around 11am, I steeped out to go get AlkaSeltzer Plus Cold to combat my stuffy head. I walked out the side door and was confronted by a dude (I guess, I didn't check) in a full body fuzzy rabbit costume, a guy with a TV camera standing a few feet away out by the bargain carts. Needless to say, I U-turned back in side and apprised my manager of the sudden infestation. Turns out it was some kind of student film or something.

Just another day in the big city.
Wow, today in the suburbs I ran UPS guy and woman coming out of the cleaners. Hmmmm....things just aren't that glamorous here in the burbs.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 15 October | 18:57
Slack, I don't know if 'glamorous' is the word I'd use anymore, especially when it comes to strangers dressed as rodents.
posted by jonmc 15 October | 18:59
Danzig is the same height as me.
posted by kellydamnit 15 October | 19:06
Hey, but you've not seen the Bullwinkle-Killer in your area - now, that would be interesting.
posted by mightshould 15 October | 19:38
In other news my Brooklyn Tip-Tops (1914 Federal League) finally arrived, 2 months after I ordered it.
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posted by jonmc 15 October | 19:47
I had a day like that last friday - began with seeing a famous politician from my state (Jeff Kennett, for any Aussies that care), and also a famous actor (Gary McDonald) and then later that afternoon I saw another actor - Geoffrey Rush. I see him quite a bit, as I work in the suburb he lives in. Though I had the biggest mental blank when it came to his name then, and had to look on IMDB to refresh my memory. Bizarre.
posted by jonathanstrange 15 October | 21:24
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