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15 October 2008

Presenting... my fever dream, starring Barack Obama and Bauhaus. [More:]A touch of the stomach flu has given me A) the day off from work, and B) an amusing dream that I would pay cash money to actually witness at tonight's debate.

So: McCain and Obama are on stage, and Senator Maverick is doing his wheezy sneery thing about ACORN blah blah blah. To which Obama replies: "Look. Voter registration fraud is not the same as actual voter fraud. You can register a thousand Tony Romos, but Tony Romo is not going to show up in a thousand precincts to cast a ballot. You can register Mickey Mouse, but an actual talking mouse with big ears and gloves won't be voting for anyone, anywhere. You can register Bela Lugosi, but Bela Lugosi's Dead, Undead, Undead, Undead."

And THEN, Obama turns to McCain and intones "The virginal brides file past his tomb / Strewn with time's dead flowers / Bereft in deathly bloom / Alone in a darkened room" -- and here he points accusatorily at McCain -- "THE COUNT!"

At which point the CROWD GOES WILD and chants "Bela Lugosi's Dead!"

I started laughing and woke myself up, sadly, right before McCain dissolved in the sunlight and turned to ash.
I just fell madly in love with your subconscious mind.
posted by BoringPostcards 15 October | 14:16
Hee! The only thing that would have made it even better is if a curtain would have swung open behind Obama to reveal the band themselves breaking into song.
posted by scody 15 October | 14:20
Well, that's just wacky good fun.
posted by ethylene 15 October | 14:24
I heart you scody. I really do.
posted by special-k 15 October | 14:33
I love dreams like that. . .the ones that (I think) are there merely to keep us entertained.
posted by danf 15 October | 15:47
"And then, once I'm president, I'm gonna get Milton Friedman's skull and ..."

language nsfw
posted by matteo 15 October | 16:07
It's a shame you can't bottle that dream and sell it's essence by the gram.
posted by kellydamnit 15 October | 17:17
This made me laugh out loud.
posted by interrobang 15 October | 19:37
That's the most amusing thing I've read all day.
posted by D.C. 15 October | 23:37
posted by D.C. 16 October | 11:53
AHAHAHAHAHAHA, D.C., brilliant!

"The bats have left the belltower / The victims have been bled / Red velvet lines the black box / Senator McCain is dead!"
posted by scody 16 October | 14:09
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