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14 October 2008

What do you need to accomplish by bedtime Wednesday? [More:]

I have a long list:

- Build new doors for the chicken coop
- Send out a few resumes
- Take care of the pile of laundry in the bedroom
- Mow
- Replace weatherstripping on back door
- Water the garden plot thoroughly so that the soil can be worked
- Plant fava beans
- Unload and attempt to split firewood; stack it
- Win the lottery.
posted by Specklet 14 October | 14:44
- gently prod professor C on my postdoc application status
- not get more panicky about my situation
- get over my cold
posted by special-k 14 October | 14:50
- take out trash
- walk dog 3 x
- take a bedside shift at a friend's side while she comes out of surgery tomorow so her main sitting-with friend can grab dinner and a meeting
posted by rainbaby 14 October | 15:11
What do I need to what?
posted by jonmc 14 October | 15:17
- study for my Japanese class
- sort out this nonsense at work with my badge renewal
- churn out another set of fundraising letters
posted by divka 14 October | 15:20
Mine don't really count, because I'm not going to have a bedtime on Wednesday night, and may not get one early on Thursday morning either. Might just have to push it into an extremely early Thursday night (afternoon?) bedtime. Still:

-Cheer the Sox to a Game 4 victory.
-Finish QAing the midnight 10/16 site updates.
-Launch the midnight 10/16 site updates.
-Sit patiently/nervously waiting for 10/16 midnight updates to make site assplode. When it becomes clear that it won't, or when I fall asleep at my desk, THEN it is can be bedtime now, pleeze.
posted by SpiffyRob 14 October | 15:20
- finish organizing and replacing closet contents

- volunteer

- laundry/ironing

- weed

- dig out one rose bush that died unexpectedly

- piano lessons
posted by LoriFLA 14 October | 15:21
-Establish alibi
-Plot escape
-Leave no evidence
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 14 October | 15:24
- Redesign the table in the preface I wrote to a text I translated. Oh, wait, I just finished doing this.
- Read A's comments to my paper. Decide if I need to change anything. Change the parts that need changing.
- Work on the presentation I have to give in Petersburg in November.
posted by Daniel Charms 14 October | 15:35
-Finish reading two books (the horror novel will be easy, the Hegel essays will be tricky)
-Do a bit of writing (blog is starting to languish)
-User Test plan for a massive and Byzantine new piece of development that is probably going to be hardly used for the next few months but has to go into production NOW NOW NOW for some reason
-Declutter the dining room table
posted by Lentrohamsanin 14 October | 15:48
-buy microwave
-throw out broken microwave
-return library books
-clean my parents' house
-go watch the debate at the Republican "victory headquarters" instead of at home in my pjs with popcorn which would be my personal PREFERENCE.

And I really should clean up the kitchen and throw in a load of laundry.
posted by bunnyfire 14 October | 15:55
- backup my MBP to my account (dammit, lfr, just DO it already!)
- figure out house/dogsitting logistics for teammates for this weekend
- buy new shiny bike parts in prep for race on Saturday
- throw out pile of crap from latest reorganising stint
- freecycle the portable dvd player I've had for 4 years and used exactly twice
posted by lonefrontranger 14 October | 16:14
1. Volunteer with the Obama campaign before the debates start.

2. E-mail my Gen. Mgr. at the radio station about a fantastic new program idea that highlights people giving back to their communities.

3. Fret over pet.

4. Come up with at least one Favorite-worthy comment on Metafilter.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 14 October | 16:38
Read book for book group Sunday.
Stack wood.
Make something nice to eat.
Try to organize To Do lists so I don't feel so overwhelmed.

posted by theora55 14 October | 16:47
* Bowl well, and stay sober enough to drive home
* Get up early so I don't miss my meeting
* Shave my legs (yay, Sexy Meeting Skirt!)
* Socialize at meeting with clients and bosses
* Cook dinner
* Start a list of grad school app. deadlines
posted by muddgirl 14 October | 16:51
-Compile list for consultants.
-Come up with prelim ad design for my boss' mom.
-Sort out where money's going from this paycheck.
posted by TrishaLynn 14 October | 16:52
-Send out mortgage check.
-Deposit money from Mr. V's paycheck so all checks will clear.
-Stop panicking about finances. It's not as bad as it seems to me.
-Make dinner. Do laundry. Not kill the kids (I really hate teenagers).
-Check homework x 2, and sign off on it.
-Just get through another day.
posted by redvixen 14 October | 17:23
-- finish all tasks on the loading dock, including taking out the trash on the trash pallets
-- process all new film (if it comes in)
-- pack and prepare to mail lyco alum stuff for friends in Erie
-- do homework (kinda) for Thursday's class
-- start figuring out how I'm going to do my embodiment entries from this weekend.
posted by sperose 14 October | 17:35
- Check emails and respond, get over the fact there might be triple digit ugliness to wade through.

- Find an acceptable and efficient way to tell people "You have no idea what you are talking about. Shut up. Maybe go away. Maybe learn to read." without props or henchmen or lengthy explanations. "If you want time i don't want to give, you're gonna have to pay me enough to cover the difference or my indifference. Still doesn't mean i'll say yes. Doesn't mean i could have done anything to stop your from hearing what you want, anyway. i just need you to not endanger my immediate life and vicinity right now." doesn't work on so many levels.
Maybe a pamphlet is in order.

- Teach other people "No" doesn't necessarily need an explanation. Yes or no questions mean you can say no. They are not called yes or why questions. Maybe they should be. Stop with your silly excuse making. Yes, it is still lying. No, involving me without my knowledge does invalidate my no. No, i don't need to tell you any more. No means no. Get away from me. No. Maybe i have to check a lot of email and i don't care you don't know what that means. Maybe i want to watch crappy television. Maybe i want to talk to people i like or doodle. Maybe i just want to be amazed that Betty White is only sixty for an hour. i don't care what you think. i will hit you. i will warn you first but it should be clear. i will call the police but i doesn't mean i won't avoid "knife crime" which i think is a funny phrase.
Maybe a pamphlet is in order.

- Make phone calls within small time windows.

- Reassure people i am not talking about them, it's got nothing to do with them (although it really should be necessary but i'm not apparently driving that home any time soon.) Pamphlet?

- Solve global issues. Not planning on succeeding, getting to it.

- Watch ANTM.

- Wonder at the softness of the Bees' paws. Love the kitty. feed her denim affection.

- Eat well. Sleep well. Not forget to both, even if not well.

- Continuing the endless tasks of tidiness.

- Be happy even if for only a moment. Will gladly take interruptions of suck.

- Appreciate lack of suck, relative or not.

- Firmly establish the remission of the coffee & cigarette monkey without having to invite turkey, just for verification purposes.

- Not care i let broccoli overcook a bit as i wrote this.

- Shut up more. Brevity. Soul of wit. Witlessness.
posted by ethylene 14 October | 18:36
Almost forgot:

- Make pamphlets.

Maybe i need a cigarette and some coffee.
posted by ethylene 14 October | 18:39
finish rewrites on my play in time for a workshop *cries and cries*
posted by typewriter 14 October | 19:33
Prepare a conference presentation, plan a lesson, get some letters of support back from people, convince the school district I need to be on their health advisory committee, meet up with my friend Suze to watch the debate, call my mother, and now possibly blog about poverty.
posted by Stewriffic 14 October | 19:45
Book a hotel for ComicCon 2009
Route an extension cord the long way over the garden gate so I can plug in the glowing pumpkin path markers
Check the ammonia balance on a new aquarium at 1:05 pm
figure out how to get a 9" wide piece of bogwood into new aquarium given that it only has a 6" opening
come up with a list of games for a school carnival using materials I found in the school storeroom

posted by jamaro 14 October | 21:19
- Breathe (not in an "OMG chill the fuck out" way, just in the regular way)

- Remind others to breathe (not in an "OMG chill the fuck out" way, just in the regular way)
posted by occhiblu 15 October | 10:04
It's 20:29 on Wednesday here, so I have to accomplish:
- watching an episode of the Shield
- putting the dishes away
- thinking of things I have to do for work and writing them down so I can stop thinking about them (work is very busy and quite stressful, atm)
- greeting my bf, who just walked in the door and is, I think, a bit tipsy
- completing a report for a volunteer gig I have working with an elderly vision-impaired woman
before 11-ish.

But then I might watch another few TV shows, and maybe get a little tipsy, and go to bed at 1-ish myself!
posted by goo 15 October | 14:39
OOps. Is it Thursday already?
posted by Miko 16 October | 21:55
Atlanta bump! || Hiiiiiiiiiiii-YAH!