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14 October 2008

Owww I hit my hand getting off the bus, and now it really hurts.[More:]I hit hands with the other guy getting off the bus- I don't know why that would still be hurting now, almost an hour later, but it does. It was like it hit right in the middle of my palm, so it huts with I squeeze or move my fingers (like to type or use my mouse). How do I make it feel better? Ice? Heat? Cut the whole thing off and type with my nose?
An injury like that is most likely a bruise, and therefore would benefit from ice. Keep it relaxed.

posted by mudpuppie 14 October | 20:30
It's from all that babbyeating.
What kind of hut is it? Sharp and pointy?
posted by ethylene 14 October | 20:31
Is it possible to relax my hand while continue to type and mouse? I have a feeling I already know the answer to that question.

And yes, NEED TO EAT MORE BABBIES (I met baby 'pode the other day, and promptly ate her up).
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 October | 20:33
You're supposed to treat with heat immediately after bruising then subsequently treat with ice. Although I never notice bruising until a couple days later so I usually just suck it up and hurt for a week or two.
posted by puke & cry 14 October | 21:45
*Disclaimer* Not a doctor (lab rat in nursing school, if that helps)

A good rule of thumb (or so I've been told):

Tingling, sharp pains, or burning usually means nerve injury or problems.

Swelling, throbing, coldness, or fingers changing colors usually means damage to blood vessels (clots, ruptures, etc) if there is no sign of infection.

Achy, hurty feelings like you are describing wihtout any swelling or tingling sharp pain probably means you bruised something, possible even a tendon. You could have some swelling around the nerves that run up your wrist through the palm of your hand, but that is probably not a big deal unless it gets worse instead of better.

I would try ice and some aspirin/tylenol/advil. If it does start swelling or go numb, turn blue, sprout tentacles, I would have it looked at.
posted by evilcupcakes 14 October | 21:45
If there are tentacles, we all wanna look at it.
posted by ethylene 14 October | 21:58
Ok! I'm holding a can of lemondade concentrate, eeeeee is cold.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 October | 21:59
Uh, you might want to wrap that in a cloth of some kind.
posted by puke & cry 14 October | 22:04
Ya I had to put it in a sock. A pink fuzzy sock just happened to be sitting here, yay laziness.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 October | 22:05
Actually a thin cloth like a sock is just about the right size for a coldpack.
posted by puke & cry 14 October | 22:09
Yaaay it's feeling better this morning, I'm glad I didn't die.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 15 October | 09:54
But are (is?) there tentacles?
posted by deborah 20 October | 16:17
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