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13 October 2008

Hey, I'm in New York! I just got here six hours ago. [More:]I walked around the village, went into jonmc's Strand and found the odd item I was looking for (book featuring a leprechaun), plus a YA book I'd been meaning to re-read, toodled around, had a fun (though food not so great, der, I didn't pick the restaurant though) meal with friends, came back to hotel. Yay work-paid boondoggle!
Yay indeed! Welcome to the city. Where are you staying?
posted by gaspode 13 October | 22:26
Union Square Inn, E 14th between 2nd & 3rd Ave.
posted by Claudia_SF 13 October | 22:32
I don't come back until Thursday...sorry to miss you!
posted by brujita 14 October | 02:05
I wasn't at the store yesterday since it was my day off. Hope it was as crazy as advertised. I'm home today with a head cold, so I won't be around either.
posted by jonmc 14 October | 07:18
Yeah, it was night time, and your stories are always daytime (I think), so I didn't ask for you. Everyone was really helpful although it was a bit crowded and a big overwhelming. Also -- I asked at the cashier stand from two workers for a recommendation for a local pub with beer and snacks and got *blank* *looks*. Your cohorts let you down, man.
posted by Claudia_SF 14 October | 14:06
what was the YA book?

I just finished LeGuin's Gifts, which was ok but not all I hoped. It would have put me to sleep as a YA. I read Voices and liked it a little better.
posted by small_ruminant 14 October | 14:22
I got the second book in the Dark is Rising series (Susan Cooper). I loved it as a young adult, just got a hankering to re-read. Also -- I just read Goodnight Mr. Tom, awesome YA book, highly recommend.
posted by Claudia_SF 14 October | 14:40
I loved that series til the end. The end of the last book made me mad.
posted by small_ruminant 14 October | 19:18
I went to the cemetary in Brooklyn, I went to lots of restaurants (none that I loved), I walked around the WTC area, drank coffee, dreamed of having some six-month NYC gig where I really get the feel of this city. Gotta go tomorrow.
posted by Claudia_SF 15 October | 20:04
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