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13 October 2008

Adaptation Does anyone know if batteries can be adapted[More:] up only? Like AAA to C or D but never some way or adaptor that can make a larger battery function for smaller ones? Will the answer absolutely involve soldering and some kind of modifier i have to make?

i've got something in my head, but it wasn't put there by spores or anyone else, so no need to carry me off just yet.
This is as disturbing as it is fascinating.
And that human treeman? That's warts. He has no resistance to warts and last i heard was offered treatment but was working in a sideshow, considering it.
posted by ethylene 13 October | 16:16
eth, from my admittedly shaky understanding of such things, I believe each battery type/size has differing voltages, meaning what you're proposing has the potential to end in tears and battery acid stains.

IANAE (not an engineer) tho, so dont quote me on that, k?
posted by lonefrontranger 13 October | 16:50
i was figuring there was some kind of voltage modifier but i was wondering if there was some absolute rule, like if something if sucking through small batteries very quickly, if you could change it to last longer modified for a larger battery but with something to keep it from blowing up or shorting out instantly.

Notice my lack of experience.
posted by ethylene 13 October | 16:58
i just need to keep something going longer without having to stop. Think of it like a little robot. If you know about this stuff, cool. i'm planning to see what i can find for what i need, but i was wondering if someone just knew, because i'd like to find out, but i will inavariably get derailed onto the properties of salt or Tesla's death ray along the way.

Also, out of cigarettes, want, not going out of my way to get them. i am trying to use my sloth and pain to work for me.
posted by ethylene 13 October | 17:14
You mean a D operating as an AAA? Voltage is the same, only size is the problem, afaik. You could probably build some sort of fake AAA with leads coming from the D.

9V batteries are apparently made up of smaller 1.5V subunits (think I read that on lifehacker or make magazine).
posted by DarkForest 13 October | 17:15
What battery conversion are you thinking of? We may be able to help with specifics.
posted by DarkForest 13 October | 17:17
Oh, you just want to run longer? Just connect some batteries of the appropriate voltage in parallel, with the leads running to where you need the power...
posted by DarkForest 13 October | 17:19
AAA to C or larger, but it doesn't seem like you can move up in size so much as use small ones to work for larger ones.
i may swap out using the whole 3 AAA unit if it's the only way, but if something is running off three AAA than can you find a way to get it to use a C or something and work longer.
posted by ethylene 13 October | 17:24
i just really don't want to endure an extended lecture that never answers my question and that's what i'll get from anyone i could get hold of right now.
posted by ethylene 13 October | 17:28
I'm assuming your 3-AAA battery pack is producing 4.5 volts by arranging the batteries in series. It's also possible that it's producing 1.5 volts by arranging them in parallel, but that seems unlikely to me (can anyone confirm this unlikelihood?).

So you'll want some other arrangement producing 4.5V, just longer lasting. This could be 3 D batteries arranged in series (which, given their larger volume, should, I would think, last longer than the 3 AAAs.) You could arrange a number of these 3-battery packs arranged in parallel, giving you even longer life.

You might also use a wall wart thing producing 4.5V. Just make sure you get the polarity right.

However, if your original 3 battery pack is just arranged in parallel, and is producing 1.5V, then what I'm describing will probably blow up your device.

A little digital multimeter would be invaluable here...

On preview... sorry for the mini-lecture...
posted by DarkForest 13 October | 17:38
Maybe you're just looking for a pre-built thing. I don't know if such a thing exists.
posted by DarkForest 13 October | 17:40
on review - eth, I am now a little clearer on what you're looking for. I do know radio shack sells battery cases to do something like you're proposing. one of my bike lights runs a set of 4 AA batts in a squarish case with a little lead resembling a 9V connector coming off of it. There are others like this for differing sizes too. so... yea mebbe check them out.
posted by lonefrontranger 13 October | 17:44
Since all the adapters on a quick look around were only going in one direction i thought it was easier to ask before going into further research mode about premade adapters unless i was going to see if i just avoided battery swapping all together.
It's just a larky idea i've had. Not a big deal.
9 volts are a different story but yeah, i guess i'm trying to see how much i can do with what's around and not investing much on it.
posted by ethylene 13 October | 17:47
i don't see that as lecturing, DF, i mean people who will decide the only way they can answer is to go back through the history of electricity and theoretically whatdehooey because they really can't just answer a question without that, or yes or no, or that without yes or know but nothing practically useful as far as information.
Doing and explaining are very different things and if i want in depth information that starts at a basic root where i'd be entering a completely unfamiliar territory, i'd go there. But i'm not planning to go into extreme robot making and i've already freed myself of many odd parts of machine guts that ended up taking up more space than they were worth.

Thanks for the attempts and i hope it's fun to consider but it's kind of a know or don't know thing. As far as i know.

More amateur mad scientist than scholarly pursuit.
posted by ethylene 13 October | 17:59
If i'm really lucky, there's a chance i can smack my head right and knock loose info that been suppressed in favor of something else, i'll try channeling back to high school electronics for an answer later. There's a better chance the Bees will knock the right info into the middle of the floor, which happens more often than one would think. She's good at finding stuff and knocking things around, but not pushing big things, so it can't be a really big book.
posted by ethylene 13 October | 18:10
If you want quick, dirty, mad-scientist, and risky of your device. Go to a junk store or store with used kids toys, find a toy with a 3-D cell battery pack, and then replace your 3 AAA pack with the 3 D cell pack. Strap it on with duct tape for extra effect. Cut and splice wires. Match colors if possible. Don't call me if it burns.
posted by DarkForest 13 October | 18:14
Video, if possible, if it burns.
posted by DarkForest 13 October | 18:16
If i wasn't avoiding the explosions, don't you think i'd be blowing stuff up by now?
Think, like, meth heads in reverse, making stuff, but without the meth so they aren't destroying stuff randomly to see them melt or flinging mindlessly into random injury.
posted by ethylene 13 October | 18:22
And slower with thinking.
i haven't hung out with meth heads enough to make a proper metaphor.
posted by ethylene 13 October | 18:23
It would have to be one hell of a metaphor.
posted by ethylene 13 October | 18:24
don't even splice wires - just use electrical tape (that black stuff) and tin foil.
posted by muddgirl 13 October | 18:31
Metaphors, in a metaphorical house of mirrors, evolving, blooming, dying, echoing until there's just a low hum. Build me one of those.
posted by DarkForest 13 October | 18:36
Pfft, that the one thing i don't need help for, that the thing i do.
What do i get?
posted by ethylene 13 October | 18:43
It sounds like a metaphorical house of cards.
I don't have a good enough metaphorical foundation to build on.
posted by ethylene 13 October | 18:51
Only a quote from Vonnegut:
Here is what Kilgore Trout cried out to me in my father's voice: "Make me young, make me young, make me young!"
posted by DarkForest 13 October | 18:54
But what's my motivation?
posted by ethylene 13 October | 19:05
A nose hat on a stick.
posted by DarkForest 13 October | 20:02
For an actual nose hat on a stick i might consider it.
posted by ethylene 13 October | 20:13
Love. || Freinds don't let freinds....