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12 October 2008

Wedding Photos! OMG! Following Specklet's revelations a few days ago, my pictures are now on show.
Over three months before saying anything, like a pregnancy.
Did they get to have any kind of honeymoon holiday?
Not sure if i've heard of The "World Famous" Tea Cosy or just some other tea cosy (unless you've shown it to us before), but i love that they have an etiquette page.
It's all very tasteful and lovely. Nice job.
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by ethylene 12 October | 06:08
We nearly got thrown out of the Tea Cosy for a breach of etiquette (mobile phone use). But the cakes and scones were fabulous.

Here's my set of Brighton photos (carefully edited at the time to ensure no trace of Specklet, TheDonF or cmonkey appeared in them) which has lots more views of the place.

is half a slice of Victoria Sandwich. TheDonF ate the other half. It was a 6" cube of delicious creamy, jammy cakiness.

posted by essexjan 12 October | 06:47
You know, i was wondering why you went to Brighton alone, yet there was another plate. For some reason i thought you'd taken jason there.
posted by ethylene 12 October | 08:12
Thanks, Jan!

eth, we haven't yet had a honeymoon type dealie. Gonna have to wait, we are stone-cold broke. Sigh.
posted by Specklet 12 October | 08:17
BUt it makes a lovely gift and everything you have or get is worth god knows how much more here. Your modest fortunes are twice as large here. Someone should hint up the extended family.
posted by ethylene 12 October | 08:32
Very nice pictures, essexjan. The bouquets are beautiful. (Nice job Specklet!) Everything is beautiful. You can feel the love. Congratulations, again!
posted by LoriFLA 12 October | 08:53
Oh my gosh! Everyone looks so good! Congrats to Specklet and TheDonF, you guys look like a cute couple! Thanks for posting those pics ej!
posted by LunaticFringe 12 October | 09:25
her dress, hair and back tattoo are beeeyooootiful!
posted by By the Grace of God 12 October | 09:27
Oh, love is beautiful! Congratulations again!
posted by typewriter 12 October | 09:29
Wow, those were really beautiful essexjan. There is a real intimacy in those photos. A belated congratulations to Specklet and TheDonF. I hope things are wonderful for you two.
posted by -t 12 October | 09:34
I cried during the wedding.
posted by essexjan 12 October | 09:37
Looks like such a happy day! Congratulations!
posted by charleena 12 October | 12:49
Awwww. The pink/turquoise palette going on in the photos is really amazing. You look gorgeous, the couple looks gorgeous, the town hall looks gorgeous. Congratulations!
posted by casarkos 12 October | 12:50
Fabulous pictures, essexjan. It just looks like a perfect wedding all the way around. Congratulations again to Specklet and TheDonF!!
posted by redvixen 12 October | 13:06
Congratulations again, you sweet couple. I have a big smile on my face for you! Excellent pictures, and, um, how CUTE everyone is!
posted by Stewriffic 12 October | 13:23
Congratulations! Lovely!

Why was the wedding a secret for so long?
posted by amro 12 October | 14:28
amro, for various reasons, we didn't tell TheDonF's parents until recently. As much as we wanted to tell you guys, we couldn't until all the immediate family knew. But now everybunny knows and we're so happeeeee!

P.S. I won't tell you that cmonkey might have gotten a bit misty during the ceremony because he'd probably kill me for ruining his super-tough guy reputation. So I won't.
posted by Specklet 13 October | 03:32
Specklet, cmonkey was crying with relief upon finding out that, just by signing the register, he didn't end up married to me.
posted by essexjan 13 October | 12:15

I've only just seen this - congratulations TheDonF and Specklet! That's amazing news. And you both look stunning in the photos.

*lurks again*

posted by greycap 13 October | 15:11
Dolphins with fangs?

Congratulations again, Specklet and TheDonF! You looked radiant!
posted by brujita 14 October | 02:04
I just can't get over how beautiful these pictures are. The joy beams out of them. So lovely. Congrats to Specklet and TheDonF.
posted by Miko 14 October | 08:38
What a difference a mix makes! || You were in my dreams last night!