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11 October 2008

True confessions: jonmc is embarrassed to admit he likes pro wrestling. fluffy battle kitten is embarrassed to like britney spears' newest.

What are some things you like but don't like to admit you like?[More:]

For me? I'm a huge fan of the Gin Blossoms. I think Urban Outfitters is kind of a nifty store. I still eat Spaghettios even though they're totally gross and bad for the world. I've been addicted to Animal Crossing: Wild World since it came out.

Your turn.
For me? It's all about my inner rich lady- fur, steak, diamonds, high-end department stores.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 October | 00:04
Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits.

posted by ibmcginty 11 October | 00:06
Starbucks. I know it's a corporate soulless blah blah, but it's good coffee and a great place to just kind of hang out.
posted by hellojed 11 October | 00:10
Folk music. Seriously, like the really self-indulgent crap. I groove on that 60s protest Joan Baez-y, 70s self-help Janis Ian-y, 90s Lilith Faire Indigo Girls stuff.

But if you tell any of my glam rock ex-goth friends I'll deny it. ;D
posted by evilcupcakes 11 October | 00:23
may I confess here that I'm completely addicted to The Olive Garden's soup-n-salad lunch combo? it's the absolute cheapest decent meal I can find in Boulder that isn't Subway or McDonald's.
posted by lonefrontranger 11 October | 00:26
Scuppernong wine. From Duplin, NC.

My winedrinking snob friends laugh at me about it. But it has more of that stuff in it that is supposed to be good for your heart over fifty.

and it tastes good.
posted by bunnyfire 11 October | 00:27
Early 20th-century travel and advertising posters.
posted by tangerine 11 October | 00:40
Nothing. I'm proud of everything I like.
posted by eamondaly 11 October | 00:44
Charmed. I am completely addicted to Charmed. It's not even a good show. It is, in fact, a completely horrible show. But I don't watch it for "It's so bad it's good" reasons. I just watch it. I record the reruns and watch it for hooooours. Its utter banality is somehow soothing.
posted by occhiblu 11 October | 00:49
Def Leppard, chocolate pop-tarts, and People magazine.

Early 20th-century travel and advertising posters.

??? This is a super-cool thing to enjoy!
posted by scody 11 October | 00:51
Oh, and Forensic Files. I'm addicted to it. I just got off the couch after watching three in a row. The bf thinks I'm nuts, but of course, he hoards episodes of Ghost Hunters.
posted by scody 11 October | 00:52
I like dreamin', 'cause dreamin' can make you mine.
posted by WolfDaddy 11 October | 00:52
Trash novels. I love them. Mills and Boon. Nothing better than a big stack of them that I haven't read. I often try to pretend that I don't read them, or that I don't like them, but I do. In fact, one of these days I'm going to write one, and hopefully get it published.
posted by jonathanstrange 11 October | 01:15
I don't have any things I like but don't like to admit I like but if we are doing "True confessions" I must say I just found out today Aqua's Dr. Jones is obliquely (or not) referring to Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

In my defense, I fell asleep during Raiders and never bothered to see the follow up movies.
posted by arse_hat 11 October | 01:15
Oh, I have so many of these -- but I'll start with -- I like *all* of the shows on MSNBC, *including* Chris Matthews and Morning Joe.

Sometimes I like Judge Judy.
posted by Claudia_SF 11 October | 02:11
ooh, I like Justin Timberlake.
posted by Claudia_SF 11 October | 02:12
Bacon. I just recently decided to not be a vegetarian for a while and ate some bacon. MMMM.
posted by Sil 11 October | 02:38
I'm addicted to reality contestant shows on TV - you know the ones where someone's eliminated each week after failing at a task - The Apprentice, The Restaurant, ANTM, Britain's NTM, Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, a new one just started here called Natural Born Sellers ...

I don't like the outdoorsy ones like Survival, but I do love to pick out a contender and see how far they'll go. I was heartbroken when Ben the Prison Guard didn't win Make Me A Supermodel.

I justify it to myself that I deal with complicated, heavy stuff at work all day, and this is relaxation.

I'll also admit to a huge liking for Judge Judy, which I class as research for work.

lfr - I know the Olive Garden gets slagged off by people who live in places that have wonderful cheap lunch restaurants, but when I go to Ohio and Diane and I have a trip to the mall at Lancaster, we always have a soup'n'salad lunch at Olive Garden. A couple of bowls of Zuppa Toscana, as many warm garlic breadsticks as you can stuff and salad to make you feel virtuous at not having a burger, all for under $6. Amazing value.
posted by essexjan 11 October | 03:06
Ketchup on eggs.
posted by treepour 11 October | 03:24
Hmmm... fake mashed potatoes. I don't like them better than real ones, but as a different thing; I put a bunch of butter and yogurt and salt in them so I think they are basically just a bearing medium for the butter, yogurt and salt. Fish sticks I've already admitted to... ANTM, plus all those "AMAZING VIDEOS!!1zomg!1!" shows. I also like Charmed, occhi! And I love YA/children's fantasy movies - anything like Harry Potter, Lion/Witch/Wardrobe, Neverending Story, The Borrowers, The Witches, Princess Bride, any Arthurian legends kind of thing - absolute comfort viewing for me... I don't want sex, violence and deep thoughts, thank you. Just give me a dragon or two, spunky orphans, cute or mean witches, maybe a pretty, pretty princess, innocents in peril, some heroic deeds and lovably eccentric characters, please.

What else? Where do we stand on Ugly Betty? Embarrassing? Or Not Embarrassing? It was airing here for a while, and for weeks I watched television one hour a night, every night, weeknights - Ugly Betty. I want to whuffle America Ferrara.

Music? I don't know... I have zero pretensions toward being educated or trendy or sophisticated in this area, so I don't really feel embarrassed about anything. I have the impression that it's not hip to like Beck? I like Beck. Does that count?

But wait... here's where I shine: comfy clothes!! Give me a shabby old pair of sweatpants, a floppy t-shirt, a threadbare hoody and some fuzzy socks and I'm one happy baglady, let me tell you. Apparently I can't really, really love an article of clothing until it's 15 or 20 years old and not fit to give to Goodwill.
posted by taz 11 October | 03:38
Performance cheese. Those cheeses wrapped in individual plastic? Oh yeah, that is rock solid reliable melting my friends.
posted by jadepearl 11 October | 03:54
gloopy cheese fries
occasional bouts of meanness
vodka redbulls
sleeping in

also I am kind of embarrassed at how much I love shopping for ANYTHING, not just really neat rare things, ANYTHING
posted by Mrs.Pants 11 October | 04:03
ps. what is performance cheese? is it related to sport chocolate?
posted by Mrs.Pants 11 October | 04:07
Food label-reading, even though I don't give a whit about how much I weigh
The smell of Woolite
Smoky air pollution, which makes pretty sunsets!
posted by mdonley 11 October | 04:23
Heh - I'm with you on the fake mash potatoes - I get the onion flavoured ones, add cheese - lots of it - butter and milk so they are super dooper creamy. MMMMMmmmm.

I'm also literally watching Neverending story as I type this - yes my eyes are actually on the screen as Um writing, hence the typos. Even had a kitten called "Bastian" once, that was named after the kid in it. But you know what - I'm not anywhere near ashamed of it. It's an awesome film! :)

and I have way more that I'm embarrassed to admit to.
posted by jonathanstrange 11 October | 04:48
I collect stamps.
posted by danostuporstar 11 October | 06:57
TV shows with lots of teenaged angst. Everwood. My So Called Life. Friday Night Lights. Buffy.
Circus peanuts.
Sickly sweet cocktails that don't deserve to be on a drinks menu.
posted by gaspode 11 October | 07:58
The only thing i can think of right now isn't something i'm embarrassed of or shamed by but disappointed me.
i'll try be less lengthy than i have been recently.

i try to observe some religious holiday as a sign of respect and solidarity so i intended to observe Yom Kippur as it is a high holy day-- yadda yadda yadda, trying to be brief
Anyway, in the middle of my messy multitasking, i got up and got something to eat and it wasn't until i was chewing that i realized that i blew the fast only five hours in at best.

It's not a big thing and you're not suppose to fast if it will put health at risk, and i can say it would have been stupid to endure when i should actually be eating more to aid my body in righting itself right now. It just made me feel stupid and lacking mindfulness, and lacking mindfulness lately has resulted in be doing a poor job at things here and there (most all i've remedied, i think/hope).

i use to be reticent in letting people i know i watch Ugly Betty (i just didn't volunteer the info), but not any more at all. It's a silly fun soap that i like being able to watch online curled up in bed, and it has people i really like, like the woman from Extras, and these telenovelas are fun for me, in that they can be so cheesy and play it up, really work it. i think when actors get to play these types of rolls, they get to show off within the confines of stereotyped and OTT roles.

i always liked that when watching old sitcoms (esp. when high), even and especially bad ones, because if nothing else i could see it as what happen when you trap a bunch of actors on a soundstage over time and their progression in character toward relating to each other within and despite the ridiculousness of a premise or setting, blah blah. When they look like they are having fun, it can be fun for me on that meta level, but like i said, it works more for me when i'm high. A lot of telly can be pretty unwatchable for me without the aid of generous ja. It's also why i liked watching bad movies with good actors on late night and cable, not that i have to or always am i high when i do.
There are some shows i would like to make a point of watching in a certain state. If nothing else, it limits my focus to so i'm not so distracted and completely focus on getting into what i'm watching.
Sadly, i haven't had any that often for a while. but rather than start talking about neuroprotective properties of weed--
With Ugly Betty, some characters have really had fun with their roles. (i end up liking the secondary characters of lots of things more than the presumed primary ones. They can be less confined and lax with more fun and wackiness allowed.) It's a telenovela and plays that to the hilt by being self aware but not blowing the premise.
i dig the levels and layers.
And i'm sucking hard at brevity.

mea culpa.
posted by ethylene 11 October | 08:31
i got tons of stuff i should be embarrassed about.
posted by ethylene 11 October | 08:33
The Jerry Springer Show. Actually, I am not even that ashamed of it. I just find that I have to explain myself when I admit to people that I enjoy the hell out of it.
posted by msali 11 October | 08:38
Shirley Temple movies. Love watching her tap dance with Bill Robinson and Buddy Ebsen.
posted by Melismata 11 October | 09:21
Yesterday I saw some stills on flickr of a Sarah Palin rally. .she had her hair down and the same suit she wore at the debate. . .I caught myself thinking she looked really hot.

May heaven forgive me. . .

Other than that. . .um. . .I like playing with duct tape and making little things out of it. . while driving.
posted by danf 11 October | 09:52
Amy Grant, Kraft singles, and The Hills
posted by HotPatatta 11 October | 09:55
"Sexy Back," and going to the mall when I'm visiting other states.

I know the real cultural thing to do would be to see the sights or go to the non-chain restaurants and be food gourmand-y like Anthony Bourdain says you should be while traveling, but I like going to the mall because it reminds me of my childhood, I like shopping, and I like the simplicity of food court meals.
posted by TrishaLynn 11 October | 10:10
Bloodsport. I know its stupid and cheesy, but its so much fun to watch.
posted by concrete 11 October | 10:38
Sepia toning. A simple, cheesy effect but I like it.
≡ Click to see image ≡
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by DarkForest 11 October | 11:12
I love Gossip Girl and Privileged - letting out my inner socialite - and I miss The Secret Life of the American Teenager (but not the main character's hair and general annoyingness - blegh).

I've also been buying anew the YA books I gave away as a teen, the latest was an omnibus edition of Paula Danziger novels (go Marcy!).

I've had Ne-Yo's 'Because of You' as an earworm for days now and it's not really that painful, in fact I kind of like it. And I think Justin Timberlake and Robbie Williams are teh hawt.
posted by goo 11 October | 13:54
I LOVE crappy sitcoms. Like The Nanny. And Reba. I get home from work a couple of hours before my husband (I'm a teacher, he works for a web software company), and I leave crappy sitcoms on the tv the whole time I'm home alone. Then I quickly hit the power button on the remote when I hear my husband opening the door. ;)

Also, I love Kraft macaroni and cheese. But that's a fact I'll easily admit.
posted by charleena 11 October | 15:24
Yeah, my embarrassments don't have much to do with cheap mac & cheese, music, telly or anything i'm not at fault for creating.
posted by ethylene 11 October | 15:44
"The Girls Next Door". Don't know why, but for some reason I get a kick out of watching Hugh Hefner's "girls". Yeah, I know that the main one just announced that they're over after 7 years, but I still enjoy their show.
posted by redvixen 11 October | 20:03
Actually, I'm not embarassed at all, I just was looking for a cute way to make a post.
posted by jonmc 11 October | 20:11
I'm a huge fan of the Gin Blossoms.

"Hey Jealousy" is a near perfect rock and roll single. People who mock it dont actually like rock and roll.

(also, I reject the whole concept of 'guilty pleasures.' If something gets you, it gets you. No shame involved, unless you're unhealthily worried about the opinions of others)
posted by jonmc 11 October | 20:13
Wal-Mart. Damn me to hell, but I like shopping at Wal-Mart.

A videogame, Dr. Pepper, cold beer, cigarettes, a ham sandwich, and a set of Allen wrenches. And socks, because you always need socks. All at the same store. I can't get over that, and think it's kinda awesome, except for all those reasons that it's not.
posted by BitterOldPunk 11 October | 20:23
Oh, and Blind Guardian. They're the sonic equivalent of a wizard-head bong.
posted by BitterOldPunk 11 October | 21:03
The Working Hour
posted by everichon 11 October | 23:59
And Current 93. Like Timecube sung really badly, to sometimes ok folk music, when it's not droning industrial.

You never really get over your high school preoccupations, I guess.
posted by everichon 12 October | 00:03
The HBO show Entourage. Though the new season has been horrible and has kind of put me off the whole thing.

Fake boobs.
posted by mullacc 12 October | 00:26
If loving Blind Guardian or Hammerfall is wrong, than I don't want to be right.
posted by cmonkey 12 October | 00:31
And Current 93. Like Timecube sung really badly, to sometimes ok folk music, when it's not droning industrial.

Yes. I love Current 93. Black Ships Ate The Sky is weird and gorgeous. I've heard a few of their older songs since they travel in the same orbits as Coil (one of my favorite bands ever), but that's really the only album of theirs I know.
posted by BoringPostcards 12 October | 01:46
BOP, I was about to say "shopping for groceries at Wal-Mart" too, but it took you saying it for me to finally admit it... which means I must have been really ashamed of it!

I also shop for groceries at Kmart sometimes, too. Again, I suspect this is rooted in my childhood, where when my dad was the assistant manager of one and my mom hadn't learned how to drive yet, we would walk to the Kmart all the time and go shopping. Since we were the assistant manager's kids, we got treated like royalty!
posted by TrishaLynn 12 October | 07:14
When i first went to a truly epic megastore, and i do mean epic, the size of a strip mall with a bar at the end, shoved into the base of a mountain, i loved that i could throw a basketball from one end and hear and find it landing in automotives, each section like an entire store of in itself worth of stuff. Deserted at 3am, it was the place to be. Like literally just be, and gawk at the stuff. i was 20 but i feel like i was shorter then.

Some people have no real choice in the matter about Walmart, except to go to the other megastore.
posted by ethylene 12 October | 07:30
Crime dramas. I'm completely hooked on the damned things. Criminal Minds, CSI (but only the original, and fuck you David Caruso. Okay, sometimes the NY one.), Law & Order: Elevator Inspectors Unit...and lucky me, there's at least one of 'em on at any time, day or night.
posted by elizard 12 October | 10:08
Fantasy Basketball? || Interspecies snorgling! OMG!