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10 October 2008

It was too painful to discuss last night. [More:]
Yesterday afternoon I rode my bike to the YMCA. I worked up a sweat, looked out the window, and saw a huge storm coming.

I called hubby to come pick me up.

He lifted my bike into the bed of his truck and we headed for home. When we pulled in the driveway it was pouring and the wind was whipping. In the confusion I dropped my iPod on the ground and didn't even know it.

Later that day, husband backed over it. It still works but the glass screen is broken. I felt like crying. Husband was slightly peeved. Sigh.
Gah, that's awful! :-(
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 10 October | 12:45
Oh, damn, that sucks Lori!! So sorry.
posted by BoringPostcards 10 October | 12:50
I would have an aneurysm if that happened to me.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 10 October | 13:00
iPod? I'm merrily uninformed on the new Apple stuff but isn't that an iPhone? anyway, if it survived being crushed by a big car, why don't you tell Apple? maybe you can do a blog like "my iPod survived a SUV attack" and they'll send you a replacement or something? it sounds like great publicity for them, if anything it makes ME more willing to buy one, that's sturdy equipment!
posted by matteo 10 October | 13:02
or a YouTube video or something? seriously, it's great publicity.
posted by matteo 10 October | 13:03
(I mean, "I saw a video where a SUV crushed an iPod and now it's dead" it's not a good story, but "I saw a video where a SUV crushed an iPod and it still works" is water cooler conversation)
posted by matteo 10 October | 13:04
It's an iPod Touch, matteo. My husband drives a Toyota Tundra. It is amazing it survived.

It's funny, because another person reported a pickup truck mishap. There are many stupid people our there that drop and drive over their iPods. I'm not the only one! Of course, husband could not see iPod under tire on passenger side. It was completely my fault. Why did I do that? It kills me.

It's going to cost me about $120 for a refurbished replacement. Or you can buy the tool and glass screen on Ebay for 37 bucks and do it yourself.
posted by LoriFLA 10 October | 13:09
You can get a refurbished Ipod Touch for $137? That is a great price! Linky?
posted by craniac 10 October | 14:59
It's through Apple. The price to fix a damaged screen on my model is 119 dollars. You send in your damaged piece to Apple. Instead of repairing your actual iPod they replace it. If it weren't an accident it would probably be replaced with a new model under warranty.

So, you must send a piece in, and have the appropriate damage to get this price. I don't know if my particular model is 2nd generation or not. It may be $149. Apple Repair Price List.
posted by LoriFLA 10 October | 15:12
You might be able to pick up a used one at a gaming store. . .my last iPod was purchased that way and I am happy with it.
posted by danf 10 October | 15:32
oh, OK I totally missed out on the new iPods, I thought they simply made them with color screens and bigger hard disks -- I own two, one 1st generation and one 3rd generation then I called it quits, and my cell phone is quite old and Sony. I suppose the iPod is now 23rd generation or something. it really sucks, I'm sorry. snd by the way that's a bigass truck! you have one tough mp3 player there!!! (for a 122 dollar difference, Id buy the screen on eBay instead of the refurbished iPod, for the record)
posted by matteo 10 October | 15:36
I would cry if that happened. Seriously. I get annoyed at every tiny scratch in either my iPod (4 years old) or my iPhone, but I'm like that with all my toys. I have a helmet that is something like 15 years old and it has one small scratch on the side and the visor is the original one that came with it.
posted by dg 10 October | 19:18
That is the reason people install back-up cameras in their cars.
posted by qvantamon 10 October | 22:34
i still need to get myself to an Apple store so they will hopefully swapped the peeling casing of my laptop gratis (and maybe check and fix stuff under extended warranty.)

In the very beginning, i was afraid if i had an ipod i'd put everything in there and then it would all get lost in a freak accident. And it did happen to people i know just the way i feared.
That it survived being run over is impressive.

i'd like the massive storage and portability of an ipod even though i usually don't like having to pump music straight into my headholes without having to, but i heard you can't transfer music off it without a lot of hassles, but i always found them nifty, esp. when i thought they were basically suppose to be functional portable storage units.
None of it matters since i can't justify getting one over other things i need way more.

It's hard for me to shake the gripping fear of data disappearing into thin air.
posted by ethylene 11 October | 09:12
Mine just goes "click click click" when I turn it on. And I don't even remember running it over.

posted by StickyCarpet 11 October | 10:05
Huh, Leanne from Project Runway was a seller on Etsy || sad...