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09 October 2008

Armegeddon sic adis pupus. Dear internet, please ban me for the next few months. Even a whiff of news now gives me bad chest pains, so it's time to call it quits for awhile. kthxbye [More:] I found a nice isolated place here in SC. Empty cabins in the area were torched over the last months and the owner wanted a sitter. I pay only for electricity over the usual "sitting empty" bill.

So, have fun y'all, and vote the Republicans out of existence.
god speed Ardiril. I hope you make the best of some alone time.
posted by special-k 09 October | 15:50
Enjoy your alone time. :)
posted by sperose 09 October | 15:51
I'll miss your contributions. Have a happy.
posted by danostuporstar 09 October | 15:52
Have a nice time! See you soon!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 October | 15:53
Yippee! Sounds like a wonderful soulution to your problems. Amazing things can happen - take care of yourself!
posted by mightshould 09 October | 16:01
I am jealous.
posted by Atom Eyes 09 October | 16:13
Wow, sounds great, man... enjoy your sojourn. :)
posted by BoringPostcards 09 October | 16:18
Hope you'll enjoy it. I envy you the peace. Do some writing/drawing/playing guitar or whatever you've always wanted time to do.
posted by DarkForest 09 October | 16:30
Ah, just read your other thread. Damn that reverse chronology. Hope you're doing OK.
posted by DarkForest 09 October | 16:34
You will be missed, sir... enjoy your time, though. Watch out for bears. I'll continue to yell at the TV for both of us.

(I didn't realize you were in SC... sounds nice.)
posted by Pips 09 October | 16:37
Stay quiet and stay safe. Hope you early or absentee vote before you go incommunicado.

I try not to be overconfident. I feel that the Democrats will win and win big this time, but I also fear that the seeds have been sown for another generation of cultural warfare where any kind of "community" organization is going to be suspect. It's that ugly.
posted by stilicho 09 October | 16:45
i stuck it in the other thread, but again, please take care to make sure you are completely safe and taken care of in case of emergency.
i don't care if you need a walkie talkie, radio rig, escape plan or medical alert bracelet.
Be prepared!
posted by ethylene 09 October | 16:50
Hope all is well - enjoy your quiet!
posted by By the Grace of God 09 October | 17:03
This is a great idea. Be well.
posted by MonkeyButter 09 October | 17:18
Be safe. Enjoy your time alone and I hope that it does what you want it to do. Peace.
posted by typewriter 09 October | 17:31
Release a note on a balloon telling us how you're doing. Fall will be beautiful, I'm sure. Winter will too. Feed some birds.
posted by StickyCarpet 09 October | 17:32
Ardiril, I hope you have a peaceful time. Take good care.
posted by LoriFLA 09 October | 17:38
What ethylene says cannot be stressed enough. Have a fully charged, fully operational device that permits you to call someone in an emergency.

Otherwise, I hope very much that it's the balm you need. I envy you.
posted by crush-onastick 09 October | 17:39
I'm pretty jealous too, I think. I've never taken more than a week off work at a time in my adult life. I'm not sure if a month or two in the woods by myself would cure me or kill me. I'd like to get a chance to try, though.
posted by octothorpe 09 October | 17:44
Good for you for getting away, if it's what you need. Have a wonderful time, and a peaceful one. Take a camera, too!
posted by redvixen 09 October | 17:47
posted by mdonley 09 October | 18:36
Have fun writing your manifesto!

...and yes, be safe.
posted by Hellbient 09 October | 18:42
Thanks, guys, and no, I will not be completely cut off from emergency services. My cardiologist recommended a few years ago that I stop paying any attention to the news, but that's a hard thing to give up.

Anyway, if anything of quality comes out of this, this will be the first place I post it.

C ya!
posted by Ardiril 09 October | 22:17
Best wishes dude. Wish I could join you.
posted by arse_hat 09 October | 23:14
I Have A Noteworthy Post on Metafilter! OMG! || Has anyone else been