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08 October 2008

tripartite bunnicular briefing i sent in a proposal yesterday and haven't heard back and in new grown-up role am NOT allowed to be pesteriferous about it[More:]

a lunch date got cancelled with a fellow plotter-ess and i would really like to have had a chat with her

am overly full of words
that means three point status update btw. :D
posted by By the Grace of God 08 October | 11:48
1. It's been a gorgeous day today, with clear sunny skies. so at lunchtime I drove to Chingford and bought some splendid fruit and vegetables from the Turkish greengrocer. He had beautiful tiny little sweet strawberries, fragrant lemons, perfectly ripe mangoes, golden plums that are almost the size of peaches and fabulous garlic. I bought a chicken the other day that's in the freezer, so I'll make Ina Garten's lemon and garlic roast chicken at the weekend (omitting the wine from the sauce)

2. Tonight's dinner is lemon pepper turkey fillet, with mushroom gravy, broccoli, bright purple cauliflower, carrots and dark green cabbage, followed by mango with my new favourite yoghurt - Morrison's date, fig and grain low-fat yoghurt.

3. I learned this afternoon that my manager is out of the office until Monday. Although I still work hard, whether in the office or working from home (as today), the atmosphere is always different when he's not in. I don't feel as if I'm being checked up on all the time.
posted by essexjan 08 October | 12:04
1. Supervisor's out of town for a week, time to party! Actually, time to appreciate how much he filters from us on a daily basis. Yikes.

2. I appear to have lost my brand new 10-ride train ticket. If it is anywhere, it's in the car, so I'll find out tonight, but I suspect it is gone and I'll have to pony up another 20 bucks.

3. Old friend/former co-worker has tipped me off that there may be some pretty serious changes afoot at the old place of employment. Essentially, the reversal of the things that drove me out in the first place. Not about to pick up and move back, but an intriguing development, for sure.

posted by SpiffyRob 08 October | 12:17
essexjan: I feel the same way. The boss is currently out of the office until next Tuesday and it's nice to not feel bad about screwing around on the internet. (We do real work too, but a large portion of our days is spent...screwing around on the internet.)

1. I feel like I've made some headway on the loading dock project here. Of course, there's still a SHITLOAD of stuff still to be done, but I can only handle my back being all twitchy for a short while at a time. Plus, there's still real work to be done every so often.

2. This weekend is Homecoming. I'm driving up super-late Thursday night after what is pretty sure to be a completely hellacious class and not coming back until Sunday afternoon. Will be spending most of weekend in a drunken stupor, which is completely fine with me. (I can never drink or do anything except sit in my room pilled up when I'm down here. Argh.)

3. I've been running the emotional gamut this week and I'm exhausted, which probably isn't the best way to head into a heavy drinking weekend. I also woke up this morning with a slightly stuffy head. (If I get sick this weekend, I'm going to be pissed. I was sick last year too!)
posted by sperose 08 October | 12:19
1. Woke up today and it's RAINING! For the first time in a month. Maybe longer. So, this is good.

2. Started a new project at work this week, on a very creepy and depressing though fascinating subject (and one which, oddly enough, nickyskye just made reference to in a comment on another thread!).

3. Going to get a flu shot today after work. Even if it IS pouring rain out.
posted by BoringPostcards 08 October | 12:24
I can't screw around on the internet at work. At least, not in any interesting way. I can access news sites, but no MeCha, MeFi or anything that's vaguely entertaining. Reading the law reports on loses its attraction after a while.
posted by essexjan 08 October | 12:41
1. Picked up daughter from courthouse-after a second day of sitting around and then being questioned, they decided she didn't need to be a juror. We then went to lunch at a cool little coffee spot downtown-they have a tiny little courtyard in the back that is just. too. cute. The whole place is artsyfartsy.

2. Still need to clean house and give the yard what is possibly its last mowing of the year. I'd rather put it off but it's supposed to rain the rest of the week.

3. Have FINALLY decided to simply get my hair trimmed instead of whacked off. It's been so easy to take care of lately-I am going to a haircutting fundraiser (friends are adopting a baby and they are raising money for the considerable expenses) and had toyed with the idea of a totally new do. But I realized that if one has hair that grows rapidly and one does not have unlimited funding for having said hair whacked every six weeks, long is good. Even at my age.

At least I think that's what I decided. ;-)
posted by bunnyfire 08 October | 12:46
ooooh! let the tripartite bunnicular filibuster commence:

1) i'm tired. my puggy pal had an upset tummy at 4am. then he went back to a sound sleep while i tossed and turned.

2) it is a slow day at work. the day is agonizingly long. this makes me want a cig. i haven't had a cig in 3 months, 21 days and change. this too shall pass.

3) only abject fear of poverty is keeping me from stabbing a button on the phone and paging "Jack Mehoff to the Receptionist" throughout the entire facility.
posted by quonsar 08 October | 12:55
Holy shit that sucks jan. We can access pretty much everything here, except for torrent sites. (How the boys figured that one out, I don't want to know.) Even YT!
posted by sperose 08 October | 13:01
1. Had to redeem some shares in a mutual fund due to tuition costs for daughter. . .it was VERY painful to do, and I thought about a VISA cash advance instead, rather than selling those shares at this low a market but bit the bullet and did it. But the fund IS for college costs.

2. Early morning volleyball is becoming a highlight of my week. The MWF games are well attended and most players are at my level or higher, so it's a good workout and pretty good Vball.

3. Have a training to do on Friday, and too much to get ready for, and I have been dragging my feet on it. I need to spend the rest of today and all of tomorrow preparing. . .and then Friday morning stand in front of ALL custodians for half a day offering hopefully interesting safety training. .they are the toughest audience I ever speak to.
posted by danf 08 October | 13:21
1. About to slingify the babby and go for a walk. Haven't left the apartment in 3 or so days.

2. Made Cooking Light version of baked ziti for dinner last night and can't imagine how a more fatty version would taste better.

3. Watching season 1 of Friday Night Lights while couch-bound with baby on boob. Am enjoying it very much.
posted by gaspode 08 October | 13:33
1. Experiencing amusement tinged with… shadenfraude? i'm not too familiar with the feeling, but it's a somewhat embarrassing situation involving people i use to know that-- oh, i just gotta do some digging around on the internet now, because it's too funny and i want to know the scope of it.

2. It was raining here, too, but has cleared. While i've made it clear i'm not fan of the flaming sky ball, it's warmed up a bit, which is nice because it's been a bit too chilly and the whole going from 80s to 30s in a snap has me wardrobe disabled. Gotta sort that out, pronto, but i feel bad for the nice cropped pants that never got to get untagged. i got a pants problem and i'll admit it. Can't even think about every other clothing category yet and how badly i need Clinton Kelly and his magic credit card or a goddamn sewing machine.

3. Not sure what to pick for my third. Should i go for the heart warming or heart wrenching, comedy, observational think piece, personal embarrassment or public finger pointy hahas?
Compromising only myself, i'll say that today is the birthday of people and Yom Kippur at sundown and how fucked is it that people have been vandalizing the page about the Day of Atonement? that completely derailed what i was gonna write, which is probably a good thing.
posted by ethylene 08 October | 13:53
1. Attended sheriff's sale auction at courthouse for property that caused us all that trouble back in 2007. The California investor is no doubt kicking it back poolside, having financed the whole deal on a HELOC, without risking his own actual money. Or maybe ... It was taken back by the bank. Of eighteen properties auctioned, 15 went back to the banks. We never really had a bubble here but sales have slowed down dramatically.

2. While using the shredder over at my dad's office, I pushed it into the floor receptacle, unplugging the computer &c. wholesale. The plastic was long ago shot and it had been loose for a long time. So I just spent an hour on my middle-aged knees trying not to bang my head on the desk while changing out the receptacle. I was even extra-special careful and put electrical tape over the connections before squeezing the wires back into the box.

3. The air intake right next to this receptacle gave off a horrid rumbling noise, which turned out to be from the furnace itself. I suspect the blower may be rattling itself loose or something comparably ugly. Have to get the furnace guys out soon.
posted by dhartung 08 October | 14:19
leaving for LA in a few minutes

do not want to fly with a sinus infection.

am looking forward to the meetup and curious about how much the Sportsmen's lodge has changed

posted by brujita 08 October | 14:30
1. boss is waiting for comcast (a 10am to 12noon window) so i'll have all day to work on these fracking spreadsheets.

2. sun! in PDX! in september! *swoons*

3. made an appointment with a new waxist. hoping for the best.
posted by oreonax 08 October | 15:22
1. Must get a client web site completed ASAP. I am so lazy!
2. Going to have turkey and stuffing for dinner. YUM!
3. It's just so beautiful out today.
posted by MonkeyButter 08 October | 15:26
1. Quiet work day. Much being accomplished, since there isn't much to accomplish.
2. Tonight- gym and grocery store. Haven't had a good shopping trip in awhile. Making a list now, hmm, what am I forgetting...
3. My fridge smells. Need to do something about that.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 08 October | 15:28
1. Trying to set up AirPort so's I can has my own intarwebs but for some reason the damned thing isn't connecting to the internet and I don't know why and don't want to bug himself about it 'cause he's had a crappy crappy day and I thought it would be pretty easy but it's not and I just want a wireless connection, dammit! Two web junkies + one point of entry = massive PIA. My laptop languishes in the basement, feeling ignored.

2. Birthday tomorrow, and I'm being taken here for dinner! Drooling with anticipation. Mmmmmmm. Got new outfit and sex-ay shoes for the occasion. Feeling very spoiled.

3. Got my step-mother's xmas cake recipe. Yay! Yeah, I know, xmas cake bleah, but this one is really good, and the advantage of making your own is that you can nix the glace/wax fruit & peel and go with chopped dried pears/cherries/blueberries/whatever. Plus it gets aged properly (with the requisite weekly drizzling of booze), resulting in a wonder of yum. Should be fun getting it into Canada--apparently the stuff looks exactly like semtex in an xray.
posted by elizard 08 October | 15:42
1) just made arrangements to house- and dog- and cat- sit for a married couple of teammates who I enjoy and adore for 2 weekends from now. yay, mini-holiday!

2) the digging has morphed into shovelling (think: big yellow bulldozers required) in re: files reorganisation project at work. opened a new, as yet unexplored drawer just this morning and went "OH HOLY CRAP!!" hold me :s

3) Annoying Chemist Guy seems to think that limping/shuffling into my office like an 800-year-old man (as I am hotly engaged in aforementioned shovelling) and then blathering on for half an hour about which PT / massage therapist I recommend for the back sprain he sustained whilst acting the fool on his new downhill bike will win him sympathy and admiration in some regard. Protip: no, it doesnt.
posted by lonefrontranger 08 October | 16:00
1) I just finished making some chicken stock, which has been driving the doggo mad all evening. When I was straining the chunks out, he snarfed up a boiling hot cooked carrot I dropped on the floor.
2) Work's been kind of pissy, and someone made me cry on Monday. Awesome.
3) I want french fries.
posted by Stewriffic 08 October | 21:46
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