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06 October 2008

I feel like I should be handing out cigars ... ...but instead I'll post photos, which of course is another time-honored way of celebrating new additions to the household.[More:]

The gorgeous and loveable Nikita came home with me from the greyhound adoption-agency kennel on Saturday, and though I sort of knew my life would never be the same, I'm only starting to really understand what that means. I've never had a dog before, and it's an entirely different and much more intense experience than having cats. I'm utterly smitten, swoony with love, and yet in a constant state of uncertainty about whether I'm doing enough, or doing things right, or somehow messing her up. Probably very much like being a new parent, actually, though at least I'm getting enough sleep.

I know misskaz has a greyhound--the lovely and delightful Beans, immortalized on Flickr. Anyone else here?
Whoopsie -- sorry, mods, can you more-inside the second paragraph? Apologies!
posted by kat allison 06 October | 20:42

No greyhound here. Just... awwwwwwwwww!
posted by occhiblu 06 October | 20:50
Cutie-pie of goodness!
posted by Stewriffic 06 October | 20:59
Laying on her back and smiling. I think she likes her new home. Congratulations!!

posted by MonkeyButter 06 October | 21:14
OMG she is gorgeous!

I have a couple of friends with greyhounds, and I LOVE them. Such sweet, beautiful doggies. Congrats!!
posted by BoringPostcards 06 October | 21:23
I had a greyhound, Nick, for ten years from 1992-2002. Like the entire breed, he was simply a nice dog. Terrific disposition, laid back and gentle, very well behaved and mindful, a pure delight. Nick was a racing greyhound who broke a leg and had to be retired. He unfortunately died of cancer, but lived a happy, full, 14 years. There will always be a warm place in my heart for Nick, and for all greyhounds. Thanks for the pictures of yours.
posted by netbros 06 October | 21:34
I have half a greyhound (the other half is border collie). Loki was also a rescue/adopted dog and he is so smart, it's unreal. He learned half a dozen commands within three days (and we know he wasn't trained when we got him). He's very serious and pensive, but he is also very much part of our "pack." Within a day of adopting Loki, he was watching out for out other dog: seeing off dogs who were bullying her at the dog-park. Loki is on the left in this photo. The other dog is also a rescue (a full border collie, called Flicka). Nikita will probably take some time to learn that she can come up to be fussed, especially if she was a racing dog. Our dog has only just got the hang of this, after a year. Now he bullies you, patting you with his paw, or head-butting you constantly, to get attention .. :-)
posted by Susurration 06 October | 21:48 a constant state of uncertainty about whether I'm doing enough, or doing things right, or somehow messing her up...

With dogs, all you have to do is love. Well, and provide food and shelter and exercise, but those usually are automatically coupled with the love thing.
posted by mudpuppie 06 October | 21:57
oh, such a pretty girl! Give her lots of love, and you'll be fine.
posted by scody 06 October | 22:08
oh YAY love!
posted by nickyskye 06 October | 22:56
posted by casarkos 06 October | 23:34
Beautiful dog. Friends of mine have an adopted greyhound -- he's an awesome dog who needs big cushions to recline (his hips are gone and he can't quite lie down easy) but little incentive (Frisbee!) to become a blur -- they are smart, responsive, grateful dogs. Have fun, make him happy, and keep him off the disc golf courses...

posted by BitterOldPunk 06 October | 23:56
Oh, yay, kat! She's so beautiful!

I could have (or could) write every single thing you are saying, nearly. First time having a dog, swoony with love, constant state of uncertainty (this diminishes somewhat as you find that you don't, after all, quite manage to kill the dog through sheer ineptness).

Metachat people helped me to feel a little more secure, and in particular eekacat, who was kind enough to answer a lot of my questions and worries in email. So, you always have backup here - and feel free to email me, too. I'll share all my valuable insight as a dogmommy newb. :)

Lesson 1: No more dark chocolate for you! Or, if so, sneak a bite or two and stick the rest back in the fridge. I had been in the habit of having a bar of super dark chocolate by the bed and I would eat two or three squares while reading at night before going to sleep. After we got Sky, I got a plastic lidded container to keep it in so she couldn't get to it, but one night I fell asleep before putting it away... and the next thing I knew was - pounce, and two-thirds of a bar (all there was) was down her throat. We had to induce her to throw up by feeding her hydrogen peroxide (we mixed it with ice cream), and let me tell you that wasn't a fun thing. I felt like a monster. But she did throw it up, and no harm done ultimately. The good news is that I haven't poisoned her since then.
posted by taz 07 October | 00:24
Chupahija (who is the last person who should be able to have one) has a dark brindle called Scribble. If I'm EVER able to get my things out of storage I'll post my shot of her in her favorite sprawled on her back.
posted by brujita 07 October | 00:52
This has made me want to adopt a greyhound even more. What a love!
posted by Specklet 07 October | 01:29
OH, lucky you!! I love greyhounds. Friends of friends had adopted two of them (Calvin and Hobbes), and would bring them to parties where the dogs would lounge on the sofas and the people would be forced to stand. They were both so calm and graceful, gentle and laid-back. I want one, still. Congrats!!
posted by redvixen 07 October | 07:36
Congratulations to you both!
posted by rainbaby 07 October | 10:13
If I ever got a dog it would be a greyhound. They are wonderful dogs.
posted by essexjan 07 October | 11:05
Beautiful dog. She looks like a total sweetie.
posted by theora55 07 October | 16:39
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