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06 October 2008

Fellow daughters of the late 70s/early 80s: Remember these? Memories! I'm so tempted to buy (or make) a pair.
I had two pairs I remember well. One was royal blue and kelly green (to go with my whale-embroidered green corduroys), and the other was navy and red (matched my monogrammed wool sweater.)

Hrm. Very very cute.
posted by Stewriffic 06 October | 20:58
Wow. I hadn't thought about those in forever. What an odd repressed memory.
posted by divka 06 October | 21:24
*has seizures, represses*
posted by mudpuppie 06 October | 21:28
Oh, absolutely! I loved those, and didn't have nearly enough of them. Didn't know how to make them, so I only had a beige-and-brown pair that my best friend made me. And beige and brown were definitely not the cutest colors.

Those are just fantastic. Good find!
posted by Miko 06 October | 21:28
Wow, I'd forgotten all about those!

Just yesterday I was thinking about the friendship bracelets we used to make out of embroidery thread. I remember making one that was really wide with a chevron pattern and everyone thought it was the bomb.
posted by Specklet 07 October | 01:24
Yes! These were all the rage in my Brownie troop.
posted by Fuzzbean 07 October | 01:50
I missed out! How does one wear them? I want some now!
posted by dabitch 07 October | 03:33
I think I made them - I certainly had them - and how hard can it be? Oh wait, wait. I had some, but then also I would just put slim colored ribbons in the bottom of my barrettes, so it would be like unwrapped barrettes but with the ribbon tails. Changeable!

I repressed those too.
posted by rainbaby 07 October | 07:34
Oh good lord, we used to make those on the bus (it was about an hour ride). I used to be so sad because nothing would make them stay in my hair.
posted by crush-onastick 07 October | 08:14
I totally forgot about those! I can still make a friendship bracelet, though - as in, I still have the embroidery thread around somewhere. In fact, it was thinking about friendship bracelets the other day that got me thinking I wanted to start knitting. So I bought some yarn and needles this weekend and I'm trying! It's hard, I suck at it.
posted by misskaz 07 October | 08:19
Here are directions for how to make them, including a photo so dabitch can see how they are worn.
posted by amro 07 October | 08:23
amro wins! I remember them worn with the streamers facing in and framing the face - the opposite of the picture in amro's link. Either way.
posted by rainbaby 07 October | 08:45
I remember them worn with the streamers facing in and framing the face.

Ditto. The streamers should come out at the bottom of the barrette, not the top.
posted by Stewriffic 07 October | 12:11
Yeah...that girl is wearing that barrette all wrong. And for extra oomph, the ribbons should have beads at the ends. My grandmother made me a pair of green and white ones. Go Eagles!

I was always awful about making friendship bracelets. But I was great at friendship pins, which were essentially just safety pins with beads on them. The trick was to loosen the coil so you could pass the beads up near the latch so they wouldn't come off when you opened the pin.
posted by jrossi4r 07 October | 12:54
the ribbons should have beads at the ends.

Totally. Because that goes really good with the t-shirt that you cut into thin ribbons and threaded pony beads onto, and spatter-painted Keds.
posted by Miko 07 October | 16:01
I defs had friendship pins (on shoelaces!) and bracelets, but I'm not remembering the barrettes as a huge phenomenon. I definitely knew people who had them, but I can't remember if I had them or not. Perhaps a regional thing.
posted by loiseau 07 October | 23:48
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