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06 October 2008

I put brandy in a whisky glass Now every time I take a sip it FREAKS ME OUT![More:]I swear it tastes like whisky now. A kind of grapey whisky.

I'm sure this is the kind of thing Leviticus says you go to hell for.
Amatoor. Real transgressors pour 7UP into a Sprite bottle then drink out of that.

*makes Dio-hands*
posted by jonmc 06 October | 16:43
Drinking game - every time you get freaked out, take a drink.
posted by Hellbient 06 October | 16:45
Thanks to your post TE, I now feel normal. The mind plays tricks in the simplest of ways. Actually, come to think of it, I am drinking red wine out of a whiskey glass, but it does in fact taste like red wine. I however, am a Philistine.
posted by haunted by Leonard Cohen 06 October | 18:51
It's not my tastebuds that are susceptible to the shape of a drinking vessel, but my mind. If I pour, say, root beer into a coffee mug and sit down with it, I'll jump with surprise two minutes later when I take a sip... and two minutes after that.

And two minutes after that. Though I chose root beer, and poured root beer, and tasted root beer previously, my brain sees the coffee mug and thinks "Ooo, coffee!" every time.

I might not be too bright.
posted by Elsa 06 October | 19:49
if you aren't too bright, you're in good company here, because the same thing happens to me. Stupid lizard-brain.
posted by dg 06 October | 20:24
On the other hand, alcohol glasses are designed to enhance certain distinct qualities of the spirit they were meant to hold, so there may be a very sound scientific basis to the difference in taste that has nothing to do with being an evolutionary throwback.
posted by Frisbee Girl 06 October | 20:43
Frisbee Girl! Seeing you, declaiming about glassware, is a very pleasant surprise.
posted by box 06 October | 21:02
Sure, it's evolutionary psychology, dg; our lizard brains evolved to recognize coffee mugs.

Yup. Like the coffee mugs that stalked the veldt.

And I agree, Frisbee Girl (hey, hi!), that the right glass makes a downright startling difference, at least with wine.
posted by Elsa 06 October | 21:59
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