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06 October 2008

Giftfilter - halp! [More:]

So it turns out Friday is my anniversary. The tenth one. Ten Ten Ten. I notoriously remember the date wrong, and now I have a time crunch for procuring a gift. He doesn't wear and I can't afford jewelry. I thought of a custom NFL jersey with our last name and the number 10, but there isn't time to turn that around, so that becomes a birthday idea (with his how old he is number, which is a Famous Redskins Player of the Past #). Yeah, that's this month too. We don't even know if we'll have time to go out to dinner or anything, as his Friday is booked and Saturday is "carpet call" (don't ask, but trust me, it's for his work). So I need something tangible.

Any ideas?
A picture of the Tin Man!
posted by brujita 06 October | 14:04
How about cooking an awesome dinner and writing him a long letter about how he's made the last ten years of your life worth living?
posted by small_ruminant 06 October | 14:05
Okay, after reading small_ruminant's idea, I'm a lot less eager to ask what kind of books and music and gadgets and whatnot he likes, or to suggest a really nice bottle of booze.
posted by box 06 October | 14:10
Happy Anniversary! My 12th is this weekend.! I'm getting him nothing and he will get me the absolute cheesiest card the store sells, because that's what we always do. So...I have no ideas really. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary.
posted by jrossi4r 06 October | 14:16
Yeah, jrossi4r, we don't do anything, as a rule, cheesy cards are the norm. Happy Anniversary to you too! But dammit, this one is speshul. brujita, an antique tin toy would be really really cool, but I am fresh out of time to go antique tin toy shopping! Eeep.

box, he likes tools. He uses tools. Power tools. But I think he has plenty and if he doesn't, he knows what's needed and can get them at his jobs.

s_r, I don't cook, and he doesn't read much.
posted by rainbaby 06 October | 14:30
he likes tools
Tin snips! It's appropriate and also fun to say!
posted by jrossi4r 06 October | 14:34
If he likes tools, he might appreciate a nice Leatherman or pocketknife or something along those lines, and you could probably get it engraved at one of those quickie engraving places.

I want to fall in love with somebody who really likes wine, so I can buy them a really snazzy, will-last-for-the-rest-of-our-lives corkscrew. I don't suppose he likes wine? Wait, that might not've come out right.
posted by box 06 October | 14:34
A one-piece bathing suit and corn rows?
posted by danostuporstar 06 October | 14:39
Happy anniversary, rainbaby and jrossi!

I was going to suggest a Leatherman as well.

How about tickets to a future sporting event or show? You can check Ticketmaster and see if anything is coming to your town that he would enjoy. Wrap the E-tickets up, set a romantic table, and order take-out from a good restaurant. I was going to suggest to also clean the house before setting you romantic table, but that sounded all Fifties wife. :-)
posted by LoriFLA 06 October | 14:44
Aw! We forgot our anniversary this year. A few days later my parents called and mentioned it... oopsie! We mostly (but not always) remember each other's birthdays (or our own), but aside from that we are notorious for forgetting everything.

10 is tin. Funny. Maybe you could find a cool vintage tin lunchbox and pack it with yummies, whatever his favorite treats are - chocolates, cheeses, etc. Or get two and pack them for a romantic picnic... even if it's a couch picnic with videos. :) Seeing your comment about time problems - you could also order a tin lunchbox from Amazon

Also, I was thinking of a leatherman, too... This one comes in a gift tin. Gift TIN. heh.
posted by taz 06 October | 14:47
I love you guys. I got him a leatherman a few Xmases ago, and he does like it. Hrm. lunchbox. . .browsing.
posted by rainbaby 06 October | 14:51
A Bo Derek lunchbox would rawk.
posted by rainbaby 06 October | 14:51
A lunchbox has been ordered. Not Bo Derek, but hey. Yay!
posted by rainbaby 06 October | 15:42
Excellent, rainbaby! I love the tin lunchbox idea. (Thanks, taz.) My tenth is this December. I think I'll copy you and buy my hubby a NE Patriots tin lunchbox and stuff it with his favorite candy: Reeses PB cups.
posted by LoriFLA 06 October | 15:46
I just came by to favourite box's last comment.

Oh, and wish mr and mrs RB a happy 10th!
posted by richat 06 October | 17:02
Oh, the packed lunchbox such a great gift idea that I had to stick this comment in (placeholder! hi!) so I could find it again later.
posted by Elsa 06 October | 20:20
I have nothing to add other than wishing you a happy next 10 years or whatever. He's lucky, but then I have a feeling you are also.
posted by danf 06 October | 20:41
Gas prices are low. What happens if they shoot back up? || For those of you who don't live in California,