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06 October 2008

Catch the Thief./ — When a Portland Oregon family... [More:]had their Obama sign stolen two too many times, their son hooked up a camera with a live feed and chat. So began CHAOS, Citizens Hanging Around the Obama Sign.
*NOTE: Very addictive. You will get sucked in.

The sign hasn't been stolen again yet, but the camera caught 2 girls stealing O'Merckley the gnome. They have yet to be identified. [Gnome's name combines their local representative's and Obama's names]
The family was also featured on the late news at KATU 2.[divshare]
[Thanks to mudflats]
One lasso coming up!
posted by Ardiril 06 October | 03:36
Yay!!! Grass roots (as in "lawn") community (as in "global") organizing! :)

Love this: "It's not that boring really," says Elena Johansson, a 26-year-old law student in Turku, Finland. "There are squirrels moving around."
posted by taz 06 October | 05:04
This is really fucking amazing, especially how the kid who set this up is protective of his McCain-supporting friend who didn't believe the feed was really his. That shows some character, right there.

Reminds me of how crazy the fundraising got for the Desert Bus for Hope, and how people from around the world were watching.
posted by TrishaLynn 06 October | 08:11
omg, What a great feelgood story! I love it. aww. A lovely sense of people caring.

Thanks for the big smile alicesshoe.
posted by nickyskye 06 October | 09:24
posted by Atom Eyes 06 October | 10:34
Uttery silly, yet quite wonderful. Can anyone get the ustream video though? It says I need a password when I try to view it.

(what's with the drawing of the guy who set the whole thing up though? Some kind of law not allowing pictures of minors?)
posted by Quentin 06 October | 11:10
the drawing is just the WSJ style. I don't think they've ever published photos in that rag. tis tradition. or something.
posted by lonefrontranger 06 October | 11:44

Quentin, I think that only applies to minor's charged in a criminal offense. After all, once you're interviewed on tv... I guess the illustration was an editorial choice.
I haven't any problems getting the upstream video, one only needs to register if you want to join the live chat.
Here is the link again:

Interestingly, just by their doing this, turns out to be a bigger contribution to the Obama campaign than a mere sign on a lawn.
Love the moose bird bath and the 'Obama' rocks, too funny.
posted by alicesshoe 06 October | 11:50
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. My new "home page" on Facebook.
posted by mdonley 06 October | 15:22
The WSJ portrait style has its own name -- hedcut, or more generically, stipple portrait.

The WSJ does use photography, but sparingly. The hedcuts themselves only go back a couple of decades. recently added a photo blog modeled on the Boston Globe's.
posted by stilicho 06 October | 15:59
Another strategy.
posted by wendell 06 October | 17:24
Lonefrontranger, Alicesshoe: Thanks for the info. That's kind of classy really. I wish I could get the same for passport photographs.

This is what I'm getting from the stream, not sure what's going on there (the "password protected channel" bit):
≡ Click to see image ≡

That's just me then?
posted by Quentin 07 October | 01:18
Quentin, seems you're either in China or you have an ISP/Browser setting issue regarding streaming. Just a guess though, because I'm having no problem from Canada and there are chatters from Europe, Australia etc., there. AskMefiż

As for passport pictures, you aren't allowed to even crack a smile.
posted by alicesshoe 07 October | 12:21
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