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05 October 2008

The Rock Deaths List is old but still on of my very most favorite pages on the web. [More:] Here's another version, sorted by cause of death. You can click through at the bottom to read a helpful history of Rock, too (key points: (1) The Eagles, Cyndi Lauper, and the Grateful Dead belong together in the Theatrical Satan Rock genre, and (2) You, personally, were apparently not going to the right discos.)

I find this fascinating.
Kind of curious why you like this list.
posted by nickyskye 05 October | 12:24
It's not the list itself so much as the framing of the list, nicky. I think it's fair to say that the intended message is clearly "That rock'n'roll garbage'll kill ya" but to the best of my experience the wages of life is, universally, death, uncorrelated to profession or musical preferences. So the (to my mind) hand-rubbing perversity of compiling a list like this (complete with little summary tally table) is just naturally going to be a source of bemusement and fascination of a sort. My logical mind raises all sorts of rather specific questions about the whole thing, but then that doesn't really signify much in this regard.

And besides, I live in most regards a rather square and "clean" kind of life. So I always enjoy the opportunity to be told how I'm totally wicked, you know, it's kind of delicious in a way. "Look at me," I can think, "I am a thoroughly dangerous and evil hellion. Mu ah ah."
posted by Wolfdog 05 October | 12:59
Well, they should take out all those deaths that are not directly lifestyle-related, because those people's numbers were coming up at that time anyway, so their deaths were not premature as such, just young. Not everyone is destined to live to 100.

There are plenty of people who die of all the causes listed every day and nobody tries to draw a parallel to rock music (or anything else). It would be just as easy to draw up a similar list for accountants and draw the conclusion that working with spreadsheets is a health hazard. Not quite as sexy from the pulpit, I guess.
posted by dg 05 October | 15:48
Accidental death ≠ suicide

This whole "facts don't matter" as a lifestyle choice is grating, to say the least.
posted by ethylene 05 October | 15:57
related: Hollywood Babylon
posted by nickyskye 06 October | 15:37
A poem learned by heart is a friend for life. || Defending the Indefensible Again, British Division.