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04 October 2008

My dad just died. I can't think and I'm in outer space. mgl, I'm with you, girl.
I'm so sorry. What happened? How are you?
posted by occhiblu 04 October | 16:53
Sorry dear :-(
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 October | 16:53
I'm very sorry for your loss, chewie.
posted by box 04 October | 16:55
I'm so sorry, chew.
posted by LoriFLA 04 October | 16:55
I'm so sorry...
posted by bunnyfire 04 October | 17:00
:( *huggles*
posted by sperose 04 October | 17:00
Oh chewie. Take care of you.
posted by goo 04 October | 17:02
Oh no, chewie. Big hugs. I'm so very sorry.
posted by mudpuppie 04 October | 17:06
Oh chewie, I am so so sorry. Is there anything I can bring you? Seriously, just let me know, and I'll pop over your way.
posted by Stewriffic 04 October | 17:15
I'm so sorry, chewie.
posted by essexjan 04 October | 17:15
Oh chewie, I'm so sorry for your loss.
posted by typewriter 04 October | 17:18
I'm so sorry.
posted by scody 04 October | 17:23
Ohhhh chewie! *hugs*
posted by brujita 04 October | 17:27
Oh, I am so sorry to hear this!!!
posted by redvixen 04 October | 17:28
i am so sorry...*hugs*
posted by By the Grace of God 04 October | 17:31
Oh no, I am so sorry. Please take care of yourself. Sending soooo many good thoughts your way.
posted by Sil 04 October | 17:33
Oh, chewie, I'm so sorry. Be sweet to yourself, okay?
posted by Elsa 04 October | 17:58
Oh, jeez...I'm sorry. Positive vibes your way.
posted by dismas 04 October | 18:00
thanks guys. he had serious complications from the latest of many, many strokes, large and small. he had a good life, he was active in theatre, music, small airplane pilot, and had a long career as an electrical engineer. he taught me to think ahead and look to see what needs to be done, to leave things as I find them, and take care of what I own. he told terrible jokes (Occassionally a funny one), and was extremely sensitive. I inherited the last one. i'm glad he's in a better place, and I hope he can find mom up there. he was a good guy.
posted by chewatadistance 04 October | 18:14
I'm sorry chewy.

posted by Doohickie 04 October | 18:17
I'm so sorry to hear it, chewie. I'll keep you in my thoughts.
posted by Miko 04 October | 18:22
I'm sorry for your loss chewatadistance.
posted by gomichild 04 October | 18:49
I'm so sorry. (((you)))
posted by loiseau 04 October | 18:52
I am so very sorry.
posted by rhapsodie 04 October | 18:55
My father died suddenly in March 2005. I was in outer space for weeks. I'm different, now, having lost a parent.

Be gentle with yourself, things may be weird and hard and intense for a while.
posted by Claudia_SF 04 October | 19:12
Oh, I'm so SO sorry, chewie. *HUG*
posted by BoringPostcards 04 October | 19:19
So sorry to hear, chewie. Condolences to you and your family.
posted by Pips 04 October | 19:25
Chewie, you have my deepest condolences. *hugs* I will keep you in my thoughts.
posted by Luminous Phenomena 04 October | 19:26
I'm sorry, pal. Condolences.
posted by jonmc 04 October | 19:36
Oh jeez, Chewie. I'm so sorry. Big hugs to you.
posted by jrossi4r 04 October | 19:39
aww, so sorry for your loss chewie. ((((chewie))))

The first year is a big shock, so many memories and thoughts, the holidays, birthday. The second year feels like forgetting is a betrayal but the memories fade. After the burden of the loss lifts, in my experience, the memory of one's father, his companionship, intelligence, funny side, all that was good in him, keeps one company in life.

I found that even when my dad died the relationship with him didn't stop, it evolved. That seems to be the way love is.

Hugs to you.

May he rest in peace.
posted by nickyskye 04 October | 19:41

My deepest condolences.
posted by msali 04 October | 19:46
I'm so sorry to hear it. What a nightmare for you. Hope you're doing ok.

*Big Big Big Hugs*
posted by jonathanstrange 04 October | 19:53
Oh chewie. I'm so sorry.
posted by tangerine 04 October | 20:21

posted by MonkeyButter 04 October | 20:27
I'm so sorry, chewie :(
posted by wens 04 October | 20:41
So sorry chewie.
posted by rainbaby 04 October | 21:12
ah sugar. I'll email you tomorrow when I'm all here. Love you. It's a rough time and isn't, I'm afraid, going to get better fast. Just love. Just time.
posted by mygothlaundry 04 October | 21:42
I'm so sorry
posted by kellydamnit 04 October | 22:34
I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I'm sure he knew he was loved.
posted by TrishaLynn 04 October | 22:35
Space is the place. Have as much as you need.
posted by ethylene 05 October | 00:05
::hugs chewie:: Am so sorry to hear it. Take care.
posted by casarkos 05 October | 00:14
I'm so very sorry, chewie. We've got you in a huge global hug, sweetheart.
posted by taz 05 October | 03:19
posted by -t 05 October | 06:34
:( very sorry for your loss.
posted by eatdonuts 05 October | 22:08
I'm very sorry for your loss, chewie. This thing that nickyskye wrote is very true: I found that even when my dad died the relationship with him didn't stop, it evolved. That seems to be the way love is.
posted by Atom Eyes 06 October | 10:52
I'm so sorry.
posted by jason's_planet 06 October | 16:25
You've lost your WHAT? || My description of my workday got me a shot of JD on the house.