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04 October 2008

I found a Scotch bar I went to the Daily Pint, which has, like, a goddamn million kinda Scotch, but some of it is really expensive, but it also had great beer. And the guy who directed Lucky Number Sleven (which sucked) started talking to me about the My Bloody Valentine show that just happened (and I missed).

Anyway, when you get drunk in the afternoon, how do you restore your vigor? Or is the only option more booze?[More:]

I think the next meetup I call for will be there.
"is the only option more booze?" - Try it and let us know.
posted by Ardiril 04 October | 20:26
The only thing that works for me for afternoon drunkness is a nice long nap.

Then again, I think naps are the cure for most ills.
posted by sperose 04 October | 20:40
I'm with sperose on this one.
posted by puke & cry 04 October | 21:02
If I had any vigor to be restored, I wouldn't be getting drunk in the afternoons.
posted by box 04 October | 21:33
Nap. Then a good meal. Then more booze.
posted by middleclasstool 04 October | 22:39
Nap. Then good sex. Then a good meal. Then more booze.
posted by arse_hat 04 October | 23:06
Oh, no...there's no recovering from the afternoon buzz. When I take the long nap, even when I wake up, the best I can do is make a bowl of pasta and watch a cozy movie on the couch.

No, afternoon drinking, for me, is a total sign that I'm on vacation. When you can cruise from post-lunch through the sunny early evening hours with a shiny sunset buzz, you're on vacation. Any other time, afternoon drinking means a shot rest of the day. For me.
posted by Miko 04 October | 23:07
Restore functionality? Sure.
Incite vigor? There are ways.
Restore vigor? Not to a pre-drunken state.
posted by ethylene 05 October | 00:13
I struggled on heroically, making three art shows, before being ditched because two of our party were going to a shindig at um that guy who played the emo hobbit? his sister, her house. They were "on the list."

Scion Gallery had decent, if magnificently silly and Japanese art; crummy wine, everyone filmed everyone else.

Then Cory Helford gallery, paintings of nouveau girls in cod expressionist styleŚlotsa "Get the sense she dumped him?"/"Oh, but we should totally bone becuz your feelings are so unique to me" stuff. Absolutely great bar with snacks also, like those peanut-butter filled pretzels. Ultimate answer to prior question: filling pockets with chocolate-covered espresso beans (every snack was hyphenated) and more booze seems to work until about midnight.
posted by klangklangston 05 October | 02:17
1) food (SPICY and/or FATTY!)
2) coffee
3) More drinks but easy on the alco content because you'll get hammered fast.

Only tried this when I've gotten drunk on Caipirhinas in Cannes. It kept me going until the sun came up but I was pretty much hammed for twelve hours.
posted by dabitch 05 October | 04:41
My description of my workday got me a shot of JD on the house. || kitteh naptime