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03 October 2008

Photo Friday: Broken Thing, suggested by ethylene
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Poor dolly.
posted by gomichild 03 October | 06:52
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My globe is broken. It leans too far to the right.
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or the left, if you prefer.
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A small glass dolphin with a broken tail. My daughter picked it up at a yard sale. Being broken glass, it's not kid-friendly, so it's sat forgotten on a high shelf till now.

These were shot with an old connectix quickcam, 320x240 with 64 shades of grainy gray in it's hi-res mode.
posted by DarkForest 03 October | 06:52
Trash in my neighborhood:
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Old rusty pipes:
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Cemetery in Indiana:
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posted by These Premises Are Alarmed 03 October | 07:49
The parking garage where I used to park.

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posted by tommasz 03 October | 07:50
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A trio of damaged dog-toys.
posted by misteraitch 03 October | 08:13
Good stuff here!

Broken electrical box:
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A chair with 2.5 legs:
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And the breaking of my camera and lens in progress:
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posted by rhapsodie 03 October | 10:02
i had/have one planned but in the meantime and for timing and posterity's sake:
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It's really all about the notes, but i couldn't remember what seanyboy had for each of the sidebar pics. They were cute and completely misleading.
posted by ethylene 05 October | 22:32
They were like "photo NOT by gaspode" when I saw them.
posted by dg 05 October | 22:42
Yeah, but it was like "photo not by goatdog" but the photo not only wasn't by goatdog but was linked to a completely different picture when you clicked on it.
i'm sure it was just a few sidebar versions off or something, but it seemed like an extra layer of wacky.
posted by ethylene 05 October | 22:53
A bit late, but better late than never:

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The photo was taken in Voronezh, Russia in early 2007, with an old Zenit camera. I got a printer/scanner/copier device today and used this photo to test its scanning abilities. The result was, unfortunately, rather crappy. The image has been scaled down about 10 times, but you can still see the lines...
posted by Daniel Charms 06 October | 10:45
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