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03 October 2008

For all you WOWheads [More:]I've been playing the beta for Wrath of the Lich King and let me tell you, Blizzard's outdone themselves. Graphics have been tweaked and the overall level of work that's been put into this newest expansion makes the work put into Burning Crusade pale in comparison.

For your delectation, please to enjoy this Flickrset of screenshots from the game, in hi-res 1680x1050 glory. And updated frequently.

This one is one of my favorites.
Just pre-ordered today. My guild is mostly dead, but I figure I'm still enjoying it, and don't know very many people in Portland yet, so why not?

Glad to hear you like it - I've been reading about it but you are the first person I know who's played it.
posted by Sil 04 October | 02:04
wow. Love the word WOWhead. I'm definitely one of those. Thanks for that WoldfDaddy.
posted by nickyskye 04 October | 08:28
My sister has a beta-key and they've been telling me how neat it is. She said they've screwed up druids though, that makes me sad. I'm pretty excited for a death knight though. She said they're way OP and groups of 5 DK can run an instance, the damage is so high.
posted by LunaticFringe 04 October | 09:53
Death Knights are getting nerfed pretty hard, LF. Over the last three days, two new builds have come up that have apparently reduced the amount of damage that DKs do. I haven't played that class beyond just the starting area (the questline for Death Knights is WAY COOL when you start one), so I can't tell you how much they've been nerfed. And since I usually just play a warrior I don't know much about the other classes either. I was totally excited when I discovered warriors could choose a talent that would allow them to dual wield two-handed weapons. Then a build came last week that added a 15% chance to miss to each weapon--most frustrating--so I'll probably go back to wielding just one 2 handed weapon once the game goes live. I do look tremendously cool holding two massive axes for the moment, though.

The thing that amazes me about this new expansion is how Blizzard has made the new continent of Northrend so varied in terrain. It's not all just "ice and snow". Quests are also organized much better. You find a "hub" area and all the quests that you can do there have objectives that slowly drive you to the next hub appropriate for your level. There are also quests that are far more thrilling than anything I've experienced in the game to date. Imagine clinging to the the back of a huge red dragon while she enters into a massive aerial assault with about a zillion other dragons. There's not much you can do as a puny mortal except marvel at the battle and hold on for dear life. It's really fun and amazing. If WotLK isn't up for game of the year, I'd be very surprised.
posted by WolfDaddy 04 October | 10:56
talk about timely, i just finished up a kara run with my guild. i wish i got the golden wonka ticket to play the beta, (/violin).

these picts are awesome, finally i get to see what everyone has been chatting about! ;P

my whole server (staghelm) is going to be solid death knights for the first two months when WotLK comes out. i heard a rumor that DK will be able to dual wield 2-handed weapons, which means my huntard is doomed comparative to other classes. i'm so in love with her though i'm totally not giving up. i just can't wait yo see how that talent tree pans out for huntards.

however, i'm very excited because it's going to make my normal farming grounds a lot more quiet. hehe.

kind of sad they didn't make new races. i want wings!
posted by eatdonuts 05 October | 22:18
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