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01 October 2008

Twenty-three years later, where do you think the members of The Breakfast Club would be?
The Jock is selling cars and was doing well until the recent downturn. Still married, three kids, pretty happy, has a beer gut, but still-twinkly eyes.

The Geek died of a brain tumor at age 29. It was very sad and he had a huge turn out at his service. He touched many people in college and beyond.

The Rebel made a .com fortune, got out in time, and is retired in Vanuatu going totally native. So I hear.

The Popular Girl lives close to home, is twice divorced, works at a boutique and is caring for her aging Father. She's doing too much coke.

The Basket Case is a metafilterebrity.
posted by rainbaby 01 October | 15:32
Dead, I would imagine.

Sorry, I've been depressed lately.
posted by Daniel Charms 01 October | 15:41
Up, back, and right on track, obviously. Why would you even need to ask that?
posted by Eideteker 01 October | 15:59
Thanks, I guess, Eide. I totally forgot about that one.
posted by Hellbient 01 October | 16:25
Forgotten about.
posted by matthewr 01 October | 18:31
That song was the soundtrack to my seventh birthday.
posted by Eideteker 01 October | 18:32
"The Basket Case is a metafilterebrity."


The Breakfast Club: Where Are They Now?

Released in 1985, "The Breakfast Club" was a film about five teenagers who seemingly had nothing in common spending a Saturday morning together in detention at high school.

The athelete, Andrew Clark, was played by Emilio Estevez who had already appeared in a number of films such as "The Outsiders" and "Repo Man".

The rich girl, Claire Standish, was played by Molly Ringwald who had appeared in a number of episodes of the TV comedy "Different Strokes" and in the hit film "Sixteen Candles".

The high school rebel, John Bender, was played by Judd Nelson.

The basket case, Allison Reynolds, was played by Ally Sheedy who had appeared in the film "War Games" in 1983.

The nerd, Brian Ralph Johnson, was played by Anthony Michael Hall.
posted by nickyskye 01 October | 18:43
Yeah, uh, but I wasn't talking about the actors, y'know?
posted by mudpuppie 01 October | 18:48
Molly Ringwald who had appeared in a number of episodes of the TV comedy "Facts Of Life"

i was going to do a version, but it got complex and i'm experiencing coffee crash. Maybe later.
posted by ethylene 01 October | 22:11
Someone posited in the mid-90's that the Ally Sheedy character would prefer girls if it had been remade then.
posted by brujita 02 October | 00:06
I can't believe I'm the only one who took this bait. I thought it was a fine, fine question. What's your version, mudpuppie?
posted by rainbaby 02 October | 07:41
If we're thinking of the same person, brujita (I believe it was the authors of Generation Ecch!), they also posited that Tony Mike Hall would be played by B.D. Wong, Judd Nelson would be played by Tupac, and Senor Estevez' character wouldn't exist.
posted by box 02 October | 07:45
The Nerd got swooped by a grad student at Northwestern and after a decade in the defense industry they now own a small contracting firm, specializing in commercial solutions to private space flight.

The Princess has been teaching feminist lit. at a teaching college on the eastern seaboard for a few years - her parents are angry that she doesn't live closer to home and lives a man she's not married to.

The Basketcase sells vegan burritos outside the shows of Phish-lite jam band.

Maybe I'll do the other two later.
posted by muddgirl 02 October | 08:11
Based on experience:

The Rebel became a cop--a really nasty one.

The Brain has a middle-management position at some widget manufacturer. Though he's smarter than all his superiors, he'll never have the charisma and ambition necessary to rise any higher.

The Princess is a teacher at a well-known university, despite being stone cold stupid.

The Jock married the Basket Case. He does the business guy thing while she takes care of their two kids and spends too much time hanging out with the freaks on Metachat.
posted by jrossi4r 02 October | 18:21
1920's 1930's Russian zoo photographs || You'll never forget ... maybe NSFW