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01 October 2008

This has to be a personal record. I just finished up a customer phone call that clocked in at more than six hours.[More:] It really wasn't that bad - I was performing some support duties, and going over the project we had built for a client piece by piece, detail by detail, and the client is really not bad to work with at all, but I am just not used to being on the phone that long. Oh well, at least we took thirty minutes to grab some lunch.
I barely talk on the phone six hours a MONTH. That's trazy!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 01 October | 15:37
That's amazing. I used to be a help-desker and 30mins was my max. But once, years earlier, I had a 1hour call with a VERY toxic person. I just could not get off the line with him. The next day I woke up with a HUGE nasty carbuncle on the side of my forehead next to where the phone's ear piece was. I quit that job soon after.
posted by MonkeyButter 01 October | 16:04
Dell did a 4 hour call with me, trying to boot from a raid in 64 bit XP. We gave up, and re-loaded 32-bit. Real nice guy, though.
posted by StickyCarpet 01 October | 16:18
When I was still getting work as a network tech, we did a five-and-change call with Microsoft premier support to deal with what turned out to be a software updating issue in the third party virus scanner. They duplicated our setup "live" as it were.

Nice if you can pay for it (this was the old, maybe that's partly why they went broke ...).
posted by stilicho 01 October | 18:16
Oh, man. I had one of those, from six in the evening until midnight. I got the guy right as he came on shift. We were rebuilding the public and private data stores on an Exchange 5.5 server. My tape backup had died two days before and I was still waiting for a replacement.

I got my $250 worth of support though.
posted by lysdexic 03 October | 12:04
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