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30 September 2008

Three Point Status Update, please!
1. My house smells like butter. I'm not sure why. Maybe I'm just hungry.
2. Finally, an evening with nothing planned, after a few jam-packed weeks. Schedule for the evening: one round of campaign calling, Gossip Girl season 2 marathon.
3. Woke up feeling tickly this morning. DO NOT WANT to get sick.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 30 September | 14:25
1. Work has wound down to really slow after finally kicking the latest version out the door
2. Planning my vacation in Oct/Nov, going to drive to New Mexico and see the sights
3. Heroes episode 2 on the DVR tonight
posted by doctor_negative 30 September | 14:35
1. I found the flight that I will potentially be taking to leave this shithell of an area for a year. It just sucks that it's flying out of Dulles. But so very cheap!

2. I hope AskMe has some good advice for me. Otherwise I'll probably end up crying at some point, heh.

3. I really, really, really am feeling super unmotivated to do the loading dock project at work. As in, it was probably a mistake for me to start it when I'm already feeling low.
posted by sperose 30 September | 14:37
1. I'm about to get off my ass to help with homework and start chopping vegetables for dinner.

2. I volunteered and went to Blockbuster, Barnes and Noble and Best Buy today. Woo! The three Bs. It's been raining and drizzly all day, so no bike ride.

3. Today my hair is elaborately twisted and wrapped up in a Greek Goddess style. I like it.
posted by LoriFLA 30 September | 14:43
1. Feeling lightheaded because of what I assume is a minor concussion sustained Sunday. I got hit in the back of the head with a foam sword in the heat of battle. I really hope it's nothing serious.

2. I'm making a flash game, and browsing the lowest-rated games on to see what NOT to do when making a flash game. I'm calling it "Armored Distraction" and if I ever get a working game set up, I'll make a post about it.

3. Now I'm just being lazy, waiting for 4 o'clock to roll around. The kids with the nintendo Wii are getting together at students center, they constitute my Posse at the moment. After a month of loneliness, it's good to have friends.
posted by hellojed 30 September | 14:45
1. I had a good day at work today.

2. It's turned cold, and I put the heating on for a short while this evening, but the radiator in my living room isn't heating up. I think the valve's stuck.

3. A friend of mine is making a stopover in London on Thursday whilst en route between Boca Raton and Shanghai (he's a baseball cap wholesaler and they're all made in China) so we're making plans for dinner. He's staying at the Waldorf Astoria in London, and I'll try to persuade him to let us eat there. He's paying - it's all on expenses.
posted by essexjan 30 September | 14:50
1. Just got my new cassette/CD deck. This one. Checking it out now. I realize I'm a luddite for buying old-fashioned stereo components.
2. Really need to reformat and reinstall windows on my main PC. It's screwed in various ways. I want to get it set up this way with 2 separate windows installations, but I'm hesitating. STOP HESITATING DAMMIT.
3. I can't believe summer's over and winter's on its way. It seems like winter only just ended few weeks ago...
posted by DarkForest 30 September | 14:54
1. Romantic life got complicated all of a sudden: I have one reciprocated crush on a guy in my school and a guy in my apartment building has an unreciprocated cursh on me. And the fact that he lives down the hall is probably going to be awkward.

2. A friend invited me to a Mary Kay thing tonight. I'm going, but I hope I don't have to fend the smiley women off with a stick. Anyone have any suggestions? I already told her that I'm very unlikely to buy anything and she's cool with that.

3. Cleaning and doing laundry. And debating walking to campus to donate blood, which is somewhere between therapy and self-flagellation because I hate needles and doctors and am terrified of same. I wonder if I could dump enough adrenaline into my blood to screw with the recipient.
posted by Fuzzbean 30 September | 14:55
1. I won tickets to go see Joan Osbourne tonight. I'm not a fan, but I'm excited to visit the venue, which is awesome. Will report back if the question is now "What if God was an Annoying Houseguest?" or something. I won them after giving to the indie radio's fund drive, for which I also got two cds - The Black Keys, and Vampire Weekend. And a tee-shirt.

2. The Husband bagged on going with me just this afternoon.

3. Luckily, I found a free friend who will be fun to go with.

posted by rainbaby 30 September | 14:56
1. Finally am getting over my Metafilter shyness and am contributing to posts. I seem to have an as-yet truly untapped reservoir of Snark.

2. Am making good strides for the Obama campaign - I was great on the phones last night and convinced a few Undecideds to consider the NH Democratic candidate for US Senate.

3. After being unemployed for four months, I got three offers from three different IT agencies to go back to work for Liberty Mutual. Hopefully I can get in with my old agency - they got me serious pay and great benefits.

4. BONUS ITEM: Joan Osborne is fantastic live, go see her! She's definitely one of those people who's metier is the unfettered live setting, instead of being strait-jacketed by studio production/A & R hacks.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 30 September | 15:12
1. I am so excited about the leaves starting to change. The yellows are AMAZING! God, I have to start painting again.

2. I am almost done with a project for YouCanCallMeAl. I still have to mail her for the diameter of her cats' head - below the ears. Completed.

3. I hope to climb a local mountain with the dogs this weekend for a pick nick and a swim.
posted by MonkeyButter 30 September | 15:14
1. Work has been uneventful in an office nearly empty for the holiday.
2. I hate my outfit today and feel like a frumpy housewife.
3. Those dishes still aren't washing themselves damn it!
posted by eatdonuts 30 September | 15:19
2. I am almost done with a project for YouCanCallMeAl. I still have to mail her for the diameter of her cats' head - below the ears.

Ok, you cannot leave it like that. Tell us what this is all about or I will get seanyboy to give create a code that'll bloke you from looking at the cute animal pics I post on here.
posted by essexjan 30 September | 15:20
Bloke you fer lookin' at me animoles! Bloke you inna dustbin, yah!
posted by Lipstick Thespian 30 September | 15:26
*Puts a ticker-lock on lips*
posted by MonkeyButter 30 September | 15:27
1. Have been debatingdebatingdebating what to do with my hair. In a week and a half I am going to a fundraising haircutting event at a rather trendy salon. I FINALLY almost got my hair grown out and like it long BUT I am almost fifty and suspect shorter hair might be kinder to me. I keep going round and round...

2. Still mad that someone stole our McCain sign out of our yard-but since a ton of campaign signs have been stolen all over the city-our paper even had an article!-I have company.

3. If the apocalypse happens this week, will someone send me an email? Kthanx.
posted by bunnyfire 30 September | 15:29
1. No dog class tonight, so SpiffyLady and I can actually relax for a night, which is rare this early in the week.
2. Supervisor announced he'd be going on vacation next week, which will likely delay my performance review/raise by at least another week. I'd be more upset, but perhaps a little bit of time to let what's going on with the economy sink in could be helpful.
3. Meanwhile, chugging along at work.
4. BONUS ITEM: On Sunday, my bartender friend and I were watching the Bears/Eagles game at the bar after his shift. A waitress came and got him somewhat urgently, and he came back lugging a drunk dude who couldn't even get his feet under him. He plunked the dude down next to me, saying they just wanted to keep him safe long enough for him to be able to get himself from the door of a taxi to his bed. (A courtesy afforded to him because he was a "good tipper." (Side parenthesis: Worth it?)) That moment didn't actually happen, because soon he collapsed flat on his face, knocking over two full pints and pissing himself in the process, and they decided it was time to call a family member and have them take care of him. It occurred to me, at that moment, that people with jobs different from mine face different challenges. A drunk dude has never passed out face down and peed in my cubicle, leaving me with the difficult decision of what to do with him.
posted by SpiffyRob 30 September | 15:29
1) the idiot box in the orifice is now finally (almost) back to normal. it only took six days plus the IT manager stepping in to take over for Surly IT Boy.

2) The mister and I rode the Kenosha-Georgia Pass sector of the Colorado Trail on Sunday and the aspens were PHENOMENAL. will have pictures posted to flickr hopefully tonight. We took along a 21-year-old friend of the mister's tho, I think we might have accidentally broken him, oops. Poor kid instantaneously passed out in the jeep on the way back to Denver, and hasn't yet responded to our queries about this weekend's epic (which he was previously very gung ho about).

3) About to call the bike shop in preparation for shelling out some loot in maintenance fundage to prevent my main ride from becoming a Fixed Gear Death Trap.
posted by lonefrontranger 30 September | 15:44
!)there's some sketchy mofo's out in my parking lot, possibly waiting for a dope deal
@)my friend's dad was a total hot-rodder back in the day, I'm working on a website for the book he wrote about it
#)I hate my phone so much
posted by krix 30 September | 16:00
1. Tired.

2. Putting together a database-searching class for freshman Expository Writing. Not difficult but a bit tedious.

3. Got my front tooth fixed today (it chipped last week when I bit into an extra-crisp apple in the apple-picking field). It looks better now than it did before the chip!
posted by initapplette 30 September | 16:01
1. decided to grow hair out. In the "hating it" stage
2. new see-through birdfeeder quite awesome at reminding me to go do something besides type
3. billed enough in the past three weeks to pay rent for half the year. Tired, but feeling like it was worth it.
posted by jessamyn 30 September | 16:08
1. I need a haircut, badly. I've just suddenly realised this.

2. My editor at my new job wants me to make changes to a master Excel file individually, manually, rather than use Track Changes... I suspect he actually doesn't know what Track Changes is like he says he does, because he said several times that it would be "easier" for me to make the changes every day one by one. I felt a little bit of hair-pulling coming on.

3. On Wednesday I will be seeing a boy I've pined over in a most unrequited manner for more than a year, who I haven't seen in months, and suddenly all my feeling have come back, front and centre.
posted by loiseau 30 September | 17:30
1. Oh my god, the screaming.

2. Seriously, the screaming.

3. Argh.
posted by gaspode 30 September | 17:41
1. I got funded! I put a grant proposal up on, which matches donors with teacher proposals for supplies, etc., in August, and this week I got funded. I'll be getting a class set of Elie Wiesel's Night, which I really wanted to teach. Such an important book. The donor left me a nice note, too, about how the book had meant so much to her when she was in high school. I have another proposal up for SAT books. *fingers crossed*

2. I had a visitor in my classroom -- a pretty little green parakeet. He flew in my room just after my last class left for the day. The principal, assistant principal, and maintenance manager helped me free him. It took awhile, but we got all the windows open and he finally flew out. The principal waved his arms and said, "Fly, be free!", while the maintenance manager hung his head and said, "He's gonna die, he's gonna die." It was like a Goethe play.

3. I have brisket in the oven. It smells yummy. (My homage to the Jewish new year. I miss my mom's matzo ball soup.)
posted by Pips 30 September | 17:46
1. Dad in hospital. not good.
2. people around here want a lot of Ikea stuff.
3. ready for fall.
posted by chewatadistance 30 September | 17:49
How could a face this cute scream?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 30 September | 17:54
Yeah, she sucks you in with the cuteness and all, TPS. It's all part of her master plan for world domination.
posted by gaspode 30 September | 18:01
I'm on board!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 30 September | 18:07
Pips: ossem.
gaspode: oh, how i warned you.

1. Slept snuggly in a blanket and currently wearing pants. It's fall.
2. Another adventure in mystery meat is about to commence. Far too pricey beef looked unwell, having waited too long letting them defrost. Have i killed what might kill me, or merely reduced the severity of sick?
3. He's screaming in the rain, just screaming in the rain, i don't know whatthefucking-- it made the Bees need extra snuggling and it's over now. Eh, the Bees is just hooked on snuggling lately.
posted by ethylene 30 September | 18:09
bunnyfire: totally go for the short hair! I did recently (I was always afraid that too-short hair would make me look like a tick) and I've got nothing but rave reviews on it. It's been over a month, and now I want it trimmed up to look like Diane Lanes' hair in "Nights in Rodanthe".

Pips: Hooray!!

Gaspode: Hang in there honey. It will get easier. By the way, the photo from TPS: your kid is gorgeous!!

1. Therapy appointment ended up being mostly about my stepdaughter. The therapist thinks a session with Mr. V, The Daughter, and myself may be helpful.

2. Tried going pumpkin picking with the only two kids who wanted to go. The first place had all the field pumpkins covered with bugs. The second was closed. Hit the jackpot on the third, though.

3. I've got to take my contacts out - they're making my eyes tired.
posted by redvixen 30 September | 18:32
1. Oh my god, the screaming.

2. Seriously, the screaming.

3. Argh.
posted by gaspode 30 September | 17:41

NOW you know why babies are cute.

Heheheheheh.....(seriously, my sympathies. I assume you are swaddling, rocking, burping, etc. and so forth. Sometimes a kid's just gotta yell.)
posted by bunnyfire 30 September | 19:09
1. I've decided enough is enough, I am so sick of having no computer, I'm going to look into leasing a laptop or something along those lines. I'm looking at getting a macbook - but am waiting until they release the new ones before getting one. I don't like having contracts to give money regularly, hate being tied down, but there are some good deals out at the moment.

2. Driving home last night my mum and I were at a set of traffic lights when the car next to us wouldn't go at the green light. When we drove past, we noticed he was sitting there with his head back, he didn't respond to repeated honks from the car behind. We pulled over in the next street which we were turning down, and ran over, pulling out our mobile phones to call the police and or ambulance. Mum tried to dial "999" - which is the wrong number, over here it's "000". She ran onto the road and tried to open the door, which was locked, and banged on his window. He woke up - was obviously very very very stoned, and sped off super quickly.

3. We have a publication going to the printers at the end of the month, and I can start to see things are drawing to a close with that. I'm going to be very busy until then, but the booking deadlines for organisations are closed, and not many more forms will be coming in, which means I can get that side up to date, and I can begin to tackle the mountains of other work which has been piling up over the last few weeks which I just haven't had a chance to look at. After this, I'm planning on taking a few days off, as I haven't had any time off since I started here, and I'm getting really worn down and weary.
posted by jonathanstrange 30 September | 19:16
1. back at work. I got more welcome backs from the homeless guys than my coworkers.
2. The Mets are done and it's depressing. I think it may have affected my hormones.
3. I have some blood red beer.
posted by jonmc 30 September | 19:22
1) With an office full of women (ok, one guy half-time), at least 2/3 of us are wearing the same color palate every day. Today it was soft brown and cream.

2) My Thanksgiving flight, purchased early last spring, keeps changing. This time, they randomly decided to rebook my return TWO MONTHS after I was supposed to go. WTF? I told them if they wanted to put me up and pay my salary that I'd be happy to stay, but otherwise, they needed to fix that.

3) Counting the days until I get a big crater in my tooth filled. I've been stuck digging junk out of a hole that was left in my crown LAST FALL after a root canal. There were some intermediate complications that delayed the filling, so I am glad to get it over with.

Parakeet: They do escape captivity and survive, somehow. They're even in the field guides!
Haircuts: I am roundly sick of my hair as well. It needs a cut, and it's never ever on my priority list.

Hugs to those having a crappy time right now...
posted by Stewriffic 30 September | 19:23
1. I am doing no head biting today, not even head butting. Still, birthday presents from people on a certain list will be checked out by the bomb squad before opening... dang, that list is a lot longer than I thought it was.

2. I had to leave the sanctity of the WendelLair today for the beach for a few hours because today is the warmest it's been here since July and I do live W/O A/C. But as I was about to leave, the mailperson arrived with something I'd bought from - of course, since both and myself are on that list, the bomb squad checked it, and it was the Mr. Spork T-Shirt! So I was able to go out today with Maximum Nerd Cred.

3. My father called today to wish me Happy Birthday and to ask me to look something up on the Internet about the L.A. bus service. He doesn't like to call the bus people - says I have one of the few voices he can understand over the phone. His 88th birthday is in two weeks and he has better mobility than I have and has the "cranky old man thing" perfected. I should be worrying more about him, but when he snaps "DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME" at me, I can only say "YES SIR!" Sometimes a cranky old man's just gotta yell too.
posted by wendell 30 September | 19:58
1. Ran my first 5K this weekend, 18 min 44 seconds. Not great but respectable.

2. Still campaigning for Obama

3. Started an interesting project at work, hopefully I'm not over my head.
posted by octothorpe 30 September | 21:19
1. octothorpe, that is an amazing time for a first road race, only just respecatble if you're an under 24 year old male, which even if true, is still, like you said, respecatble. Congratulations.

2. LT was right! Joan Osborne rocked the (small, she is totally never coming here again) house! But I got to see her! And my friend VA came with! And the lighting designer from my just finished show ran lights! And funky independent sixteen year old younger wife of my good friend JR was there. So cool.

3. Thunder Bumpers.
posted by rainbaby 30 September | 22:36
1. I had a miscommunication with one of my friends upstate which I pray doesn't lead to a falling out.
2.Saw another friend and her family on Sunday which further cemented that I want to be Auntie Brujita to her kids.
3. Desperately want to flee the bullshit in my building and this country.
posted by brujita 01 October | 00:25
The moral mind || interview with Cheyenne Jackson,