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30 September 2008

If you could pose one question to Barack Obama... and he'd answer you in complete honesty, what would you ask?[More:]I'd ask him whether his enthusiasm has dwindled in the last few weeks, given the sudden (?) financial instability/crisis in the US. Whether deep down in his heart at this moment he *really* still wanted to be president, and how he manages his stress. Cause I don't envy whoever is next, but I still hope it will be he.
What will you do if you don't win?
posted by chewatadistance 30 September | 19:36
Why do you want this job?
posted by crush-onastick 30 September | 19:39
If you win, which job are you going to give meeee?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 30 September | 19:44
Why didn't you pick Hillary?
posted by LoriFLA 30 September | 19:51
So, did you quit smoking just to look good for the campaign?
posted by Doohickie 30 September | 19:52
I would repeat chewatadistance's question, more in a "are you out of your freaking mind?!?" tone.

Or "why didn't you take the easy way and change your name to Barry? Maybe go all the whole nine yards with Barry Harrison O'Boomer?"
posted by wendell 30 September | 20:05

You just play up the Christian thing all the time because you know there's no way the US will elect an agnostic or atheist, right?


Why don't you oppose gay-marriage bans? I don't think for one second you're the type who truly believes homosexuals shouldn't have all the rights of heterosexuals... so what gives?
posted by loiseau 30 September | 20:21
Why don't you oppose gay-marriage bans?

He is against gay-marriage bans, at least in California.
posted by Jaltcoh 30 September | 20:27
(once he's in office)

Who killed JFK? And what's up with the aliens?
posted by ColdChef 30 September | 20:39
Who cuts your hair?
posted by richat 30 September | 21:22
When does Michelle get to run?
posted by muddgirl 30 September | 21:45
Why don't you oppose gay-marriage bans?

He is against gay-marriage bans, at least in California.

Fair enough, so he opposes bans, but he still does not support gay marriage.

So my question should be: "Why don't you support gay marriage?"
posted by loiseau 30 September | 22:19
Are you seriously going to stick to the Milton Friedman/Chicago School of Economics "free market" that puts pure monetary profit above workers' rights and environmental considerations? Because I'm not too impressed with how that worked out under the Reagan Administration.
posted by small_ruminant 30 September | 22:32
Is this whole "he's secretly a Muslim" really a misdirection to keep people from realizing you're secretly a KLINGON?
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Did I just kill this thread? Who, me?
posted by wendell 30 September | 22:54
'To what extent do the Democratic and Republican parties collude to prevent electoral reform, and how can that be stopped?'
posted by pompomtom 30 September | 23:49
If not something about his religious conversion... it'd be, "why did you vote for the FISA bill in June?"

That one really mystifies me.
posted by ibmcginty 01 October | 00:31
When does Michelle get to run?

Damn right!

You have a section about women on your campaign page, but you told your wife to shut up and smile the other day...just WHAT does the word " feminist" mean to you?
posted by brujita 01 October | 07:23
1. Do Me?

2. Is there any history of Marfan's Syndrome in your family?

I'd intend to ask #2, but might blurt out #1 when my turn came.
posted by rainbaby 01 October | 07:36
Will you sick the Justice Department on the crimes of BushCo?
posted by danostuporstar 01 October | 08:14
Cold Jesus microwave a burrito that was so hot that not even he could eat it?
posted by ROU Xenophobe 01 October | 09:50
What's the deal with airline food?

And who designed the seats in coach—the Marquis de Sade?

Also, pilots—why the running commentary? If I wanted to listen to an incomprehensible stream of boring technical babble, I'd strike up a conversation with the insurance salesman sitting next to me.

Plus, fat people—is a cramped, crowded airplane really your optimal mode of conveyance? Wouldn't you be more comfortable in a zeppelin or blimp or dirigible of some kind? Perhaps a hot air balloon, with the summer breeze blowing through your hair and no jack-booted stewardess there to tell you it's time to stop snacking.

Don't even get me started on screaming babies! I mean, is there a rubber shortage in this country, or something? The Brady Bunch was just a show, people, not a how-to manual for your life!

And if the black box is so indestructible, why don't they make the whole plane out of the black box?

Who ARE these people?!
posted by Atom Eyes 01 October | 11:17
What can I expect at a Mary Kay *thingie*? || i agree with this statement.