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30 September 2008

Happy birthday wendell! [More:]This post WILL wendell! Yyayayayayy!
Happy Birthday Wendell!
posted by danf 30 September | 09:55
Happy birth of the Day of Wen!
posted by Lipstick Thespian 30 September | 09:55
Happy birthday, wendell!
posted by box 30 September | 10:12
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Nearly naked Homer for you, EndWell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPPY BIDET!!!
posted by taz 30 September | 10:16
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Happy Birthday

posted by doctor_negative 30 September | 10:31
Happy Happy!
posted by brujita 30 September | 10:36
This WILL Wendell! Woo!
posted by scody 30 September | 11:01
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posted by essexjan 30 September | 11:28
Happy Birthday, Wendell!
posted by rainbaby 30 September | 11:45
Wendell half-rhymes with Yentl. Which I could then rhyme with gentle and get-bent'l. Otherwise, I got nothin' here. But here's to another year of good cheer and endless beer.
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 30 September | 12:19
Best wishes for a super happy day and YEAR!
posted by mightshould 30 September | 13:04
Happy birthday!
posted by jrossi4r 30 September | 13:19
Thank you all for remembering. I've only dropped hints 137 times this year.

You would be disturbed how much the half-naked Homer actually resembled me when I saw it. Ol' Homey and I wear the same brand of briefs, Fruit of the Looney. But I go with black socks.

My most awful discovery of recent weeks is that there is a character with my name on one of Adult Swim's more pathetic shows "Frisky Dingo" (and Wendell Stamps does also somewhat resemble me in my mid-20s when I discovered polo shirts and windbreakers). But I'll get over it.
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I'll be spending the rest of the day working on my body image.
posted by wendell 30 September | 13:39
Happy birthday, wendell!
posted by LoriFLA 30 September | 13:46
Happy Birthday!
posted by small_ruminant 30 September | 13:58
happy birthday!
posted by Firas 30 September | 14:47
Can I tell you happy birthday without getting my head bitten off?
posted by bunnyfire 30 September | 15:30
Happy birthing day anniversary!
posted by Atom Eyes 30 September | 16:47
1. i like Frisky Dingo.
2. Don't kill any RV salesmen.
3. Happy birthday, Mr. Wendell.
4. No more domain names without planning to use them, mook.
posted by ethylene 30 September | 17:43
Happy Anniversary!!!!
posted by redvixen 30 September | 18:42
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Remember That Night When You Turned 21...
posted by quonsar 30 September | 19:15
Happy birthday!
posted by Stewriffic 30 September | 19:25
That Night When... Dooood, that was YOU, q-ball? Man, the years have been harder on you than on me!

No head biting today, not even head butting. You're still one of the people who, when you tell me to "have a happy birthday", I think "Hmmm... maybe it's not such a good idea". But then, a couple other people in this thread are too. So, I am rethinking a plate of beans on the subject.

I am very happy to say I have never done anything Wendell Stamps in "Frisky Dingo" has been depicted (in extremely limited animation) as doing. And I continue to take pride that at least I'm keeping out of the hands of someone who could really do harm with it.

One more thing:
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I really don't want to meet the other 176, do you?
posted by wendell 30 September | 20:17
Happy Burphday, yo crazy ol' coot, from me & pips.
posted by jonmc 30 September | 20:48
Would you like a brownie? We have brownies in the oven.
posted by Pips 30 September | 21:19
YAYYY you!
Happy Birthday dear Wendell!
posted by nickyskye 30 September | 21:31
Happy Birthday!
posted by gomichild 30 September | 21:44
Happy birthday!! Whoohoo!
posted by Sil 01 October | 01:05
No Idea Whether This Is a Double . . . . || Olive oil prices. WTF????