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29 September 2008

The wish quonsar a happy birthday thread - eleventh hour, but better late than never! happy birthday, meepzorp boy!
Happy Birthday, quonsar!
posted by small_ruminant 29 September | 22:00
It's party time in California -- cheers!
posted by Claudia_SF 29 September | 22:07
I was thinking about you just the other day when "Funk My Wagnalls" came on on my MP3 player and rocked my morning. Happy Birthday, quonsar!
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 29 September | 22:12
Hope it's been a good one, Q!
posted by jrossi4r 29 September | 22:15
Happy Birthday
posted by Ardiril 29 September | 22:34
Happy Birthday Q!
posted by MonkeyButter 29 September | 22:52
Whee! *throws confetti*

Happy birthday, my friend....
posted by bunnyfire 29 September | 23:02
Happy happy!
posted by gaspode 29 September | 23:02
May you foon until you're 140 because...
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by wendell 29 September | 23:36
Aw fuck I'm late.

Happy birthday though!!
posted by CitrusFreak12 29 September | 23:52
Get well soon.
posted by trondant 30 September | 01:13
≡ Click to see image ≡

John Lydon wishes quonsar a happy birthday... plus, something about 1876, which you can ignore, because the Q is old, but he's not that old. Really.
posted by taz 30 September | 01:28
Happy birthday dude. Plus, where the fuck are you?
posted by dg 30 September | 02:22
Hopefully enjoying himself.
Glad tidings and all that.
posted by ethylene 30 September | 03:03
Well, go on then and have a Happy Year! Hope it's starting w/ a beautiful morning that's full of nice little events that make you smile.
posted by mightshould 30 September | 07:21
Happily belated birthday, q.
posted by box 30 September | 09:06
Am I too late for the fish toss?
posted by danf 30 September | 10:07
awww, happy birthday honeybun!!! Yes, you can. Big hugs to you Quonsar! Wishing you joy, success, fun, loving, feeling loved, fulfillment, excellent health, prosperity and everything good. Love and more love, nicky
posted by nickyskye 30 September | 11:18
Happy belated!!
posted by LoriFLA 30 September | 13:47
Happily berated!
posted by Atom Eyes 30 September | 16:50
Nuts, late again. Hope it was a great birthday!
posted by redvixen 30 September | 18:45
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