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29 September 2008

Choogling Music For My Inner Daycare Kid? [More:]

Okay, so lately I'm doing this weird thing where I like to dance around like a little kid.

You know the one, the one we all did back innaday at Daycare or at parties.

The one where you kind of bend a little at the knees and flail your fists or hands around in little spastic circles? That one.

The Excitable Kid Dance. Sometimes punctuated by little gasps or outbursts.

C'mon, now - don't act like you don't know this one, or didn't do it. It's a great dance!

Anyway...I need some choogly little kid spazdance music, and I'll even sweeten the deal by making a little video for y'all if you play along.

How about some of that playing-with-a-parachute music, like "Popcorn" or "Up, Up and Away" or "Spinning Wheel?"
posted by chococat 29 September | 10:13
I'm thinking more Spinning Wheel, and less Up, Up and Away when I say choogling music here, Chococat.

Think Rod Stewart when he was with the Faces - like a song where the main rhythm is just a guitar going "a chunka-chunka, a chunka-chunka".

You know, chunka-choogle music that gets your inner kid all wound up and yet somehow unable to actually move.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 29 September | 10:18
Obvious, but what about Creedence's classic "Keep On Chooglin'" (YT link to a Brazilian cover version)? Come to think of it, CCR sang a lot of songs that might fit into this category.
posted by box 29 September | 11:00
That works nice, Box! I'm also definitely down with anything by Of Montreal or The Polyphonic Spree (especially the Spree!) when this mood hits.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 29 September | 11:09
Ahh, of course.
Then you might love Endless Boogie, a New York band whose sole mandate is chooglin'.
Check this link to Smokin Figs in the Yard and a review.
It's hard to listen to the whole album in one sitting as it is, as the name says, Endless Boogie. That's all there is. No choruses for the most part.
But there's a few great crank-it-up songs.
posted by chococat 29 September | 12:22
under the influence of my inner 3rd grader || my senile grandpappy told me about the time...