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29 September 2008

my senile grandpappy told me about the time... FDR invented television during the Great Depression so he could explain the stock market crash to the people he wasn't President of.
Double. I already tested this website's ability to handle the gaffes of the Democrat ticket. And I declare us completely neutral and unbiased.
posted by mullacc 29 September | 10:47
Joe Biden even calls himself a gaffe machine.

I hope he looks straight into the camera on Thursday, answers the questions in a direct, informed manner, and doesn't say something stupid --such as calling Governor Palin more attractive than he is.
posted by LoriFLA 29 September | 10:55
15 Minutes In, Thursday Evening, VP Debate:

MODERATOR: Senator Biden, Governor Palin - the United States is facing the most ardent economic crisis in a generation. Recently, Congress moved to go forward with the $700 Billion Bailout Plan. Are you in agreement with what it entails for the American people?

BIDEN: Well, you know, I think Paul Simon said it best when he said, "Ask you what your country did that you didn't, but what your country and you did together that one time...."

MODERATOR: Thank you, Senator. Governor - your rebuttal...

PALIN: I personally believe that country is jobs with evildoers that are hellbent on hockey and my son who has Pig Syndrome and I feel that Putin is a trade partner with my librarian who is hellbent on Charlie.

MODERATOR: 2 minutes to respond, Senator Biden...
posted by Lipstick Thespian 29 September | 11:05
In defence of Biden, he probably meant newsreels, but yes, it does sound stupid.
posted by essexjan 29 September | 11:12
FDR was in fact the first President to appear on television. But he certainly reassured the country via the radio during the height of the Depression. His first Fireside Chat was about the bank crisis -- one week after his inauguration (still March 4 back then).

And the bigger error is really that the stock market crashed during his Republican predecessor's term. That's money in the bank, he should have (remembered enough to have) used it.
posted by stilicho 29 September | 11:49
And it's so nice of the Republican Truth Squads to remind us that The Great Depression started while the GOP was in power and they had over two years to fix it before America told them to shove off...
posted by wendell 29 September | 12:01
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