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29 September 2008

Do people still say "doggone" unironically? To my uneducated, barbarian ears it sounds very 1950s, like "hot diggity", I mean, do people really say that in real life while not kidding?
(Why I ask)
posted by matteo 29 September | 13:02
Oh gosh, yes.

There is a woman in my bowling league, a very sweet woman, who says, "Oh, fooey!" when she misses a spare.
posted by muddgirl 29 September | 13:04
I do!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 29 September | 13:04
yes, around young ears or employers, indeed I do. see also: "darn it, rats, shoot and great googly-moogly!".

my invective is typically filtered for its audience.

also sometimes I'm just so pissed off that nothing else will do. maybe that's an ironical use? I don't think so. more like cortex's

posted by lonefrontranger 29 September | 13:05
Oh yes I do, especially around children. In my normal speech, I have a tendency to say 'goddammit' a lot, and I replace it with 'dawgonnit' (sp?) when surrounded by ankle biters. Completely non-ironic usage, especially since I live in the south. My friend's father still says 'dadgum' for goddamn. I love that.
posted by msali 29 September | 13:08
Sure. I like to think there's room in my vocabulary for both profanity and profanity-lite.
posted by box 29 September | 13:08
I no longer know which parts of my speech is ironic and what is not. So, no idea.
posted by seanyboy 29 September | 13:15
I use the "daggone" varient.
posted by bunnyfire 29 September | 13:17
Well paint my taint, for some reason I never realized "doggone" was a spoonerism of "goddamnit".
posted by Hellbient 29 September | 13:46
Yep, I do. I have a lot of Grandpa-Simpson type expletives developed during my years working with children.

Doggone, hoo doggie, rats, oh my goodness, good night, good grief, holy cow, holy cannoli, shee-yah, etc. I still enjoy their innocent nerdiness.
posted by Miko 29 September | 14:31
Well thanks everybody. Doggone it I was wrong about this!
posted by matteo 29 September | 14:47
hells bells
posted by StickyCarpet 29 September | 14:48
that should be: "doggonnit" was a spoonerism of "goddamnit".
posted by Hellbient 29 September | 14:52
If they don't, they should. It's a great word.

(what did the little boy say when his dog jumped of a cliff? "Doggone!")
posted by jonmc 29 September | 15:42
posted by seanyboy 29 September | 15:43
Yup, I use dagnabbit a lot. It offsets the bad karma calling so many people nut-bag.
posted by MonkeyButter 29 September | 16:41
I use fooey, dagnamnit, Good Grief, fip, and GoodGodAGravy a lot. Not so much at work, where I have a potty mouth. Or when I'm driving, where my potty mouth becomes latrine mouth.
posted by redvixen 29 September | 18:44
*enthusiastically adds "hot diggety" to rotation*
posted by loiseau 29 September | 19:22
seconding dagnabit. adding gee willikers and drat.
posted by nickyskye 29 September | 20:09
No, but i do say "poop' without irony, to the great delight of mothers and swear happy drunks.
i do love a genuine "Gosh" from someone.
i've really curbed my swearing since my foul mouthed days of naive arcade induced filth.

i like my swearing to have meaning and the gravity of rarity.

Unless i've got a case of the fuckity fucks.
posted by ethylene 29 September | 20:36
Someone just tried to scam me on Craigslist! || Sea Turtles are back in Calif!