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28 September 2008

Last night, while going through an old cardboard box in the kitchen, Pips found an old half-gallon beer growler-filled with mixed change! When the bank opens at 11, I'm going to go pour it down that change counting machine. Also, yesterday, when i went to buy bugspray at the drugstore, I found a cool coffee mug. It has a picture of the Triborough on it and says "Triborough bridge, Astoria, Queens, New York." I'm sipping java from it now.
I hope it doesn't have that shirtless jogger dude on it.
posted by box 28 September | 08:29
"I Can See The Triborough From My House!"
posted by jonmc 28 September | 08:29
Thankfully, it dosen't, my geometric friend. I'm wondering how much the change will add up to. I poured it into two smaller cans. A week ago, I took one of the cans (filled with change) to the bank and got around $72. Looks like quite a bit more this time.
posted by jonmc 28 September | 08:31
Finding money is the best.

I have a few flower pots around the house that I put change in. Sometimes my kids throw pennies all over the floor for the fun of it. Then I want to strangle them.

I don't have any local coffee mugs. The last time I was in the Keys I bought four coffee mugs for family. I broke all but three before I got back to the cottage. I wasn't even that drunk.
posted by LoriFLA 28 September | 08:47
We have a bunch of change that we need to take in. We usually take it to the fancy CoinStar machines that give out gift certificates to Amazon and the like. And unlike last time we had change like that, this time it has quarters in it because we don't need quarters for laundry in this apartment.
posted by misskaz 28 September | 08:59
I've been putting my change in a 5-gallon water-cooler jug for a while now. It's only got, oh, maybe two inches in there now. When it's full, I wonder if I'll be able to lift it.
posted by box 28 September | 09:09
box, this jug was heavy enough. invest in a little red wagon or something.
posted by jonmc 28 September | 09:10
A 5-gallon water-cooler jug filled with coins will weigh in around 300 pounds.
posted by Wolfdog 28 September | 09:35
I'd better reinforce the axles on that wagon.
posted by box 28 September | 10:01
I killed a centipede this morning.
posted by C17H19NO3 28 September | 10:03
Turns out it was a little over $130, for those of you keeping score at home.
posted by jonmc 28 September | 10:26
Dinosaur! Ribs, shrimp boil, fried green tomatoes, deviled eggs, mac & cheese....

(I think we'll have to wait till next weekend, though. Feeling a bit under the weather today. :(
posted by Pips 28 September | 11:48
Hey, I'm ready for Dinosaur, keep us posted.

I was at Commerce bank the other day, and they have a change counting machine where first you guess the amount and if you're close you get a prize. Like a T-shirt or something.

This little kid comes in and puts in one quarter and claims his prize.
posted by StickyCarpet 28 September | 14:12
Heh, I've got one of those five gallon water jugs filling with change, too. And I'll pick up any change I find, too. When times were tough, that water jug bought groceries. Last year it pitched in for Christmas gifts. Next year? Vacation spending money!

Oh, does anyone believe in those "pennies from Heaven" stories? I've been believing in dimes from Heaven; they've been showing up in unexplained ways. I'm saving those, too, to maybe buy a lottery ticket with them. What the heck? It'd make a great story!
posted by redvixen 28 September | 16:57
I have been robbing quarters from our change jar for powerball tickets. I didn't win.

Also, I actually felt sorry for the giant wolf spider trapped in the bathroom of the rest area somewhere on I-95 yesterday.
posted by chewatadistance 28 September | 19:41
Wow, I wonder what a wolf spider looks like...
posted by Pips 28 September | 22:23
The Battle of Cute gets ugly || "Was there ever such a pretty wart?