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28 September 2008

Can't sleep. Need bunnies.
Have you tried counting bunnies?
posted by gomichild 28 September | 03:22
Go to sleep. Listen. This is not your time. The night time is around you, a muttered susserence of contentment. The deep and regular breath of dreams dreamt deeply. Take the thoughts that keep you awake and place them gently in a small velvet lined cot. They will be ok. They will still be there in the morning. The night is a long exposure photograph. A neon streak that circles your town humming softly. Take that drifted stillness and make it a lullaby. Whisper it back into the night. Close your eyes and be still. This is not your time.
posted by seanyboy 28 September | 03:37
I'm awake too.
posted by IndigoRain 28 September | 04:16
Ack...I am so groggy this morning. I lay awake last night past two-thirty.

I blame PMS.

Thanks, guys.
posted by bunnyfire 28 September | 07:36
Mosquitoes kept me up Saturday night. I love our porch, but the mosquitoes are a blight. Last night, we kept the light on and I got some blessed, blessed sleep. We've got more bug spray for the door now, which helps, and Jon agreed to come in at dusk. One or two bites are no big deal, but I've got over a dozen bites! I can't stand it no more, I tells ya, can't stand it.

May I recommend a long, long afternoon nap. Naps are the best.
posted by Pips 28 September | 11:57
We went to my folks' house today after church (dad turns 70! tomorrow) and I conked out on their couch right after dinner, later reviving to cake and ice cream. Hopefully tonight I'll sleep just fine.

I have heard that when one heads into perimenopause that this sort of thing happens. Ugh.

(the wideawakeness, not cake and ice cream. Altho cake and ice cream as a sign of menopause would surely make things much more pleasant.)
posted by bunnyfire 28 September | 20:30
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