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27 September 2008

Reminders #534 and 535 that you live in a college town: [More:]

#534: You're driving across town, near campus, and a gaggle of 50+ well-coiffed, well-dressed girls enters the crosswalk in front of you. They're headed toward an even larger gaggle across the street. The larger of the gaggles is outside a sorority house with a big banner that reads "Welcome Kappa Ladies!!" (The points on the bottom of the exclamations are -- you guessed it -- hearts.) The welcoming gaggle is reciting a chant and clapping their hands. I can't make out all the words, but it has something to do with rhyming "Kappa" and "You'll be happy all your life!!" (There's an implied "OMG" in there somewhere.)

#535: Meanwhile, on the side of the street just abandoned by the lesser gaggle, there's a temporary sign set up by the university, directing people to parking for various on-campus events. One of the events for which people might need to park: Body Donation Memorial Service.
I always thought it was a giggle of girls.

#536: Kids forget they're not on campus and step out on to busy streets without looking.
posted by lysdexic 27 September | 19:39
On my way up to said college town. I hope those gaggles/giggles better not get in my way.
posted by special-k 27 September | 20:31
gah. Mecha should have like a preview button or something.
posted by special-k 27 September | 20:32
This is why I'm glad that the building I lived in (with my old floor that I go visit for Homecoming) is on the completely other side of campus from the frat/sorority dorms. (Everyone lives in dorms at Lyco, unless you get a special exemption or pay a shitload more to live in one of the college's special apartments.)

I miss my floor sometimes.
posted by sperose 27 September | 20:59
#537: You find yourself wondering why on earth you don't own any tube tops or Uggs. They look so practical.
posted by occhiblu 27 September | 21:57
Uggs are practical. And warm. And comfy. They're the Crocs of winter.
posted by YouCanCallMeAl 27 September | 22:10
They're the Crocs of winter.

That does not explain their popularity in central and southern California... :-)
posted by occhiblu 27 September | 22:15
Hah, noted. I didn't even think of that. I just went and got my winter stuff from my grandmother's today and I'm so excited to wear my Uggs again. It's kind of sad, really.
posted by YouCanCallMeAl 27 September | 22:27
Yes, I probably should have made more explicit that it's the wearing of tube tops AND Uggs, simultaneously, that gets weird.
posted by occhiblu 27 September | 22:32
It's the ultimate combination of tube top, miniskirt, and Uggs that gets me.

And this from a woman who wears socks with Birks. But then, I'm on my feet all day.
posted by lilywing13 28 September | 02:29
Uggs are practical. And warm. And comfy. They're the Crocs of winter.

And, just like Crocs, should never leave the comfort of your home and its immediate environs.
posted by goo 28 September | 08:47
Bwahahaha, I love this.
Is it terrible of me to be annoyed by this stuff while actually attending said college of a college down? :P
posted by CitrusFreak12 28 September | 11:00
The weekend that wasn't: || Today's Alaskans for Truth Rally in Anchorage, Alaska via KOS