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27 September 2008

John McCain said he was pulling his commercials as part of his campaign halt pending resolution of the economic crisis by Congress. So then why did I just see a McCain commercial on TV?
'cause he lied?
posted by octothorpe 27 September | 07:58
Didn't you hear, amro? He's "confident that they'll reach a resolution soon", so the campaign is back on.
posted by muddgirl 27 September | 08:16
I suppose it's possible that these commercials were funded by 527s or something. Or what octothorpe said.
posted by box 27 September | 08:24
Sorry for giving such a flip answer but I get so pissed off at the way that McCain is running his campaign. He's treating it like a big game, constantly trying to score points.
posted by octothorpe 27 September | 09:08
He's treating it like a big game, constantly trying to score points.

Unfortunately, that's what works for a large segment of the population.
posted by DarkForest 27 September | 09:15
It was a completely asinine stunt all around, but it turns out that his ads would not have been off the air until the end of Thursday in any case, and his aides restarted ads before the debate started -- so at best a 24-hour suspension.
posted by stilicho 27 September | 13:02
Clearly, you were hallucinating.
posted by Daniel Charms 27 September | 15:18
This commercial is exactly the kind of thing that McCain (or his campaign) does that drives me nuts. It's got such a snickering Beevus and Buthead vibe, "look Obama said I was right, huh, huh", that it makes McCain seem like a jerk. It's like it was written after reading the or Hotair comment sections. I guess that plays well to the converted but it's probably going to piss off anyone undecided.
posted by octothorpe 27 September | 15:46
Octothorpe, the McCain campaign didn't think that ad through. Throughout the whole thing you have Obama saying John McCain is right-THEN saying he's not ready to lead.

So is he not ready to lead BECAUSE he agrees with McCain?

Yep, poorly thought out.
posted by bunnyfire 27 September | 17:26
Compare and contrast.
posted by eamondaly 27 September | 17:39
Why? Because he's a whack-a-doodle pre-Alzheimer's fuckwit with a nasty case of bloodlust and a blatant disregard for the facts. Because the simple act of cynically picking Mrs. Mooseburger for veep is tantamount to treason - not even Quayle worried me *that* much, but perhaps that's because everyone knows the Bushes pick veeps like they're pulling a human shield out of a crowd: "Kill me, and things will get even worse."

If he wins, the actuarial tables give us a 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 chance of a President Palin, and that's just his first term. I mean, fuck me. I can not remember the last time a major party candidate "suspended" his campaign. The closest I can think of is '68, which featured a sitting president demurring and a change of nominees, and that was with two major fucking assassinations, riots in Chicago, a big fucking war going on, *AND* a draft all at the same time.

You could be a naked clown rollerskating backwards and bent at the waist, with a hunk of rawbluefin tuna superglued to your taint, coming around a sharp downhill curve with a roman candle shoved up your asshole shooting fireballs out ahead of you, and windchimes padlocked to the ampallangs in your nipples and not even come fucking close to topping this one when it comes to "How fucked up is this?" Even if your orange fright wig caught fire, you'd still come up short.

So that's why.
posted by trondant 27 September | 22:49
"1 in 3 or 1 in 4 chance of a President Palin" - The chaotic evil lich in me finds that small detail a deliciously wicked prospect.
posted by Ardiril 28 September | 02:12
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