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24 September 2008

Hostilities Does everyone seem a little extra-angry on the ol' internets this week, or am I imagining things?
Well, I'm on the internet, and I'm extra-happy this week. Apart from that, I can't say I've really noticed.

That said, there's a lot to be angry about, these days.
posted by box 24 September | 09:38
Yeah, I wonder if everyone's been checking their retirement accounts a bit too often.

I'm glad at least someone is in a good mood.
posted by divka 24 September | 09:43
Yes, a very lot to be angry about.

I'm helping my mom reinstall windows and drivers and internet on a PC that crashed via phone and email. I expect it to be a several day long process. They are not at all computer savvy ("I put the CD in label up, right?"). I am a bit tense over this.
posted by DarkForest 24 September | 09:49
Yes- it's an election year.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 24 September | 10:09
It seems like the election "year" hostility has been percolating for two or three years now, though...
posted by divka 24 September | 10:13
I'm feeling extra mellow! and I've been closely following the threads on politics and economics so..... nope.
posted by Wilder 24 September | 11:15
posted by scrump 24 September | 11:17
I'm helping my mom reinstall windows

ah yes, the old "fighting fire with gasoline" routine.
posted by quonsar 24 September | 11:26

*sobs quietly*
posted by divka 24 September | 12:16
yeah I'm pretty mellow too

maybe it's the full moon or something, it messes with some people?
posted by matteo 24 September | 12:50
Election years. They've become bloodbaths. So. Very. Tense. If we could figure out a way to get teeth-grinding, jaw-clenching, and anus-constricting to power vehicles, the U.S. would possibly never have to worry about the price/availability of gasoline again.

We're planning on visiting the U.S. right after the election... I have no idea what we're going to be flying into. Either everyone's going to be out shooting wolves and democrats from planes, or sighs of relief from the rest of the world will waft us gently into port, and nobody will strip-search us.

*bites fingernails*
posted by taz 24 September | 13:03
I'm helping my mom reinstall windows

ah yes, the old "fighting fire with gasoline" routine.

Well, they're old people. I don't think Linux is going to work for them. People say Macs are better, but I don't know anything about them, and there'd be no one to help but me. Besides, we don't want to buy a new computer.

Oh, and as you can see from my threads I've posted here and at askme, I've also been dealing with peoplepc trying to cancel his account. Oh, the words that came out of my mouth on that call. Tsk, tsk.
posted by DarkForest 24 September | 13:32
Definitely. Validating your perception, divka. I've noticed that all week. Fear maybe? Dread? It's been a tough couple of weeks. Lots of agitating stuff in the news.

posted by nickyskye 24 September | 13:44
Oh man, just googled the news and read this new Bay of Pigs thing happening. What is up with the planet just now? yikes.

Russia engages in 'gangland' diplomacy as it sends warship to the Caribbean.

This hostility thing seems to be catching. Maybe we all better send out peace vibes or something?

posted by nickyskye 24 September | 14:08
Well, if one were hostile to US interests, one couldn't pick a better time to get one's licks in.

The next few weeks are gonna SUCK. Batten the hatches.

Didja ever see children fighting over a toy and then one of them deliberately smashes the thing and smugly hands it over to the other, like, here, I don't want this now?

That's what's happening to the USA as we speak. The porcelain doll is falling to the floor. And in November the GOP, the folks who broke the damn thing, will smugly hand it off to the other child, who won't be able to fix it.

I dunno. Maybe that's a bad analogy. Maybe it's more like the US is a drunk bottoming out -- if he or she survives, recovery is possible with honesty and commitment to a better plan. Hope so.

Sorry for the rant. There's a murky vibration resonating today, and I'm attuned to the darker end of the spectrum.

That was almost word salad. I think I'll go lie down.
posted by BitterOldPunk 24 September | 16:58
I've been a little extra angry in RL, not so much on the internets. Monday my husband feared for the world due to my mood - not helped by uncontrollable two year olds at the restaurant we dined at, or five year olds who kicked my seat or hung over the back of my booth.
posted by redvixen 24 September | 19:33
That'll teach you to take your kids out to dinner ;-)

I must admit that I've been a little testy lately, but that's just due to the stress of starting a new job (had to sub for my boss in a management meeting today where $2.5M budget line items were being bandied about - what the fuck have I got myself into?) and nothing to do with the big wide world. The little world of me has enough in it to stress me for now, thanks. The rest of you can look after yourselves for a while.
posted by dg 25 September | 05:20
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