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23 September 2008

What a scam [More:]This was after less than 24 hours. And after refreshing my search, those bastards at Air Astana were still advertising ~900USD fares, a variety of flights and dates... but actually try to purchase, and every single one suddenly "oops, sorry, not 900, but 3,300". Fuckers.
The fuel market's so all over the place at the moment, it's no wonder that the websites aren't keeping up. I'm tempted to lay the blame here at the feet of the computer systems they use to provide this data. I don't think it's malicious.

I'm wondering now about how long it's going to take for airlines to offer prices without fuel included. You pay your money, then just before you take your flight, they weigh you and charge you for the Gallons you're going to use at current fuel rates.
posted by seanyboy 23 September | 04:33
posted by dabitch 23 September | 05:35
Yikes. That does hurt.
posted by chewatadistance 23 September | 06:39
Wow! That's ridiculous.
posted by redvixen 23 September | 07:10
Yow! If that indicates a trend, looks like I'll be walking back to Canada.
posted by elizard 23 September | 07:51
This has happened to me from time to time. Sometimes if I go directly to the website of the airline, I can still reserve at the lower rate.
posted by muddgirl 23 September | 09:02
Elizard's new single, "Walking Back To Canada", marks a decided turn in the direction of the band.

Gone are the feedback-laden 3-minute blasts of Northern anger - replaced by a longer, looser feel. Instead of effects pedals, found noises like screen doors and cars moving over gravel roads are heard.

Lead singer Elizabeth Schmoop sums it up this way:

"There's only so much ferocity you can bring to your sound before it breaks through into exhaustion. With Walking, we had hit that point and just needed to create an album where the band could heal, and yet still be creative and vital.

It's been an insane year for everyone in the country, and this album reflects that, I think."

posted by Lipstick Thespian 23 September | 09:06
Did you just hit the 14-day window? That's sometimes the issue.
posted by occhiblu 23 September | 10:49
Also, no peanuts.
posted by stilicho 23 September | 11:06
What the fugging fug?!
Apparently you have made Mr. Expedia angry somehow.

This is my go-to site now. Just fares, no bull. [You have to create a (free) account.]
posted by loiseau 23 September | 11:40
Oh, and the Canadian airline WestJet just announced a few days ago they're not going to charge the "fuel surcharge" anymore... for what that's worth.
posted by loiseau 23 September | 11:43
Can you get to Kazakhstan any other way? Turkish and Austrian have Central Asia covered well; I think Air Arabia flies there via Sharjah in the Emirates, too, which may be crazy out of the way, but might be worth it?

Perhaps a local Bulgarian travel agent might be good, too.

Here's everyone who flies to Astana and Almaty.
posted by mdonley 23 September | 12:28
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