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23 September 2008

ICE CREAM!!!! [More:]I was given a really nice countertop ice cream maker for my birthday. What is the most awesome or outrageous ice cream flavor/ingredient/idea you can dream up??

I honestly want to try making chocolate, peanut butter, and bacon ice cream. Seriously!
ooooh, can I haz some, pleeeez?!

Reeses peanut butter cups mixed in

pecans, oh yes!

heath bar crunched up

kulfi, Oh YUM!
posted by nickyskye 23 September | 20:03
i hear apple is good. One of the best handmade ice creams i ever had was with good peppermint chunks in some super fat creamery.
Try salty things that set off the sweet and fresh to balance the super fat.
posted by ethylene 23 September | 20:15
Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream

Yeah, baby! Yeah!
posted by LoriFLA 23 September | 20:25
Chai spice! Pumpkin spice! Ginger!

(I really like warm-flavored ice cream...)
posted by Fuzzbean 23 September | 20:27
Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream

Oh holy crap, if there was such a thing as a desert-gasm, I am having one now.

nickyskye: I MUST try kulfi! That sounds amazing.

ethylene & Fuzzbean: Oh yeah, peppermint & egg nog for xmas, pumpkin pie & maple syrup for Thanksgiving! :D

posted by evilcupcakes 23 September | 20:58
oh yes, kulfi. Delectable richness. mmmmm. Seriously sinful.

nthing the delectable sound of Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream. omg.Looks a lot like Dulce de Leche.

man am I jonesing for pecans tonight.
posted by nickyskye 23 September | 22:02
This is my favorite kulfi recipe, the one negative review notwithstanding. That reviewer is an idiot, imo.

It's quick and you don't have to cook anything though you do have to chill the ingredients ahead of time- I just keep them in the fridge year round just in case.

I skip the strawberries.

You can use the same base recipe for cinnamon ice cream, too, which I like with apple pie and things like that.
posted by small_ruminant 23 September | 22:49
Also, you can use non-fat sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk and I haven't really noticed the difference. Probably because of the half quart of whipped cream :)
posted by small_ruminant 23 September | 22:50
Something with cheese and berries... mascarpone or ricotta, maybe, and mixed berries... like strawberry, blueberry, rasberry?
posted by taz 24 September | 00:09
We make mexican hot chocolate ice cream in the fall with plenty of cayenne. It's awesome. If I remember, I'll post the recipe when I get home tomorrow.
posted by eamondaly 24 September | 00:43
Honest to god, five minutes earlier I came across this slightly squicky CNN poll. On the front page. In the middle of the largest financial upheaval of my life. OMGWTFCNN
posted by stilicho 24 September | 00:46
posted by dg 24 September | 02:44
Awesome post, we just received the ice cream maker attachment for our Kitchen Aid from our registry. Mexican hot chocolate ice cream, here we come!!!
posted by misskaz 24 September | 08:36
ooh small_ruminant, thanks for that.
posted by nickyskye 24 September | 08:52
I've got one of those, and I'll tell ya it's hard to beat just fresh squeezed orange juice.
posted by StickyCarpet 24 September | 10:17
Was it a competition with fresh squeezed orange juice? Kind of apples and pears there. Yeah, fresh squeezed is totally delish.

But kulfi!!! oooooh!
posted by nickyskye 24 September | 13:41
At the place I work, my boss (a chef who worked at MANY big restaurants and hotels) picks things off the shelf to make ice creams, sorbets and gelatos. Olive Oil sorbet is surprisingly good. Green Tea ice cream was yummy. Espresso even better. Blueberry gelato was delicious. Creme brule was decadent. etc, etc, etc.

Go freakin nuts
posted by terrapin 24 September | 14:11
ooh, really pretty and soothing photographs of Scotland || MixTube! (from the blue....)