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23 September 2008

Have you guys seen those insane ads for high-fructose corn syrup? [More:]
"It's got vitamins! It's made from corn!"


Y'alls corn lobby must be strong!
Methinks they're trying to ram one right up the ol' corn lobby, if you know what I mean. (I don't.)
posted by Atom Eyes 23 September | 11:46
posted by special-k 23 September | 11:49
Funny how this has made me become more aware to avoid the stuff.
posted by Hellbient 23 September | 11:50
yeah, these are annoying and misleading. they completely forget to mention that companies use it mostly because it's cheap, not a 'good alternative source for sugar.'

pretty sure no body was meant to metabolize highly concentrated syrup from any source natural and unnatural and therein lies the trouble... that is except maple syrup - i needs it, it's ma precious.
posted by eatdonuts 23 September | 12:04
Seriously -- it may be having a paradoxical effect. Just like those Microsoft commercials where they trick people into using Vista.
posted by loiseau 23 September | 12:05
they completely forget to mention that companies use it mostly because it's cheap, not a 'good alternative source for sugar.'

And that the reason it's cheaper than sugar is because of corn subsidies and the embargo on Cuba.
posted by muddgirl 23 September | 12:13
*lolling @ Atom Eyes lol*
posted by taz 23 September | 12:28
But... corn's got what hyperactive kids crave. HFCS!

You want us to eat normal sugar? Like from the packets?
posted by SpiffyRob 23 September | 13:54
I wonder if the new advertising is related to fuel made from corn, in some way. As if they are pushing, pushing corn production to further justify subsidies. I don't know. I'm not very smart in this area.

Also I hate those commercials. They make the concerned parent sound bad for caring about what goes in their kid's stomach.
posted by MonkeyButter 23 September | 14:55
I liked the uncomfortable racial subtext. The lady should have been serving purple drink.
posted by Meatbomb 23 September | 14:57
I've only see them on -- get this -- the Food Network.
posted by mudpuppie 23 September | 15:23
Carbon Dioxide: "they call it pollution. we call it life."
posted by Firas 23 September | 17:19
They sound like the ads Garrison Keillor does for The Ketchup Advisory Board.
posted by Doohickie 25 September | 21:20
Ketchup Advisory Board.


"Ketchup has natural mellowing agents!"
posted by Miko 25 September | 22:07
happy Tuesday! 3-point update || Kids selling things == EVIL HORRIBLE