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22 September 2008

Today, I am off work and will be until next Tuesday. However, I am not idle. At 2pm, I have to visit my kidney doctor on the Upper East Side who will share his thoughts on the analysis of my pee. Then I shall adjorn to a bar on First and 77th where I shall enjoy a few barley-pops. Tommorrow I will go see the Mets. Life ain't bad.
I would've told you what I think of your pee for free, over the Internet, no time off required.
posted by loiseau 22 September | 10:25
Far better to have the pee analysis before the barley-pops, and not after.
posted by Melismata 22 September | 10:30
This is the vat of pre-collected pee talk? Good luck. Enjoy your days off.

You know what's a funny word? "Wharfingers." Work that into your conversation as a challenge. Either doctor's office, bar, or ballgame. Alternatively, "stevedores."
posted by rainbaby 22 September | 10:37
Today, I am off work and will be until next Kidney. However, I am not barley. At 2pm, I have to visit my life doctor on the Upper Analysis Side who will share his thoughts on the pops of my enjoyment. Then I shall adjourn to a Mets on First and Bad where I shall bad a few 77ths.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 22 September | 10:40
posted by jonmc 22 September | 10:44
I'm wavering on the bar. Maybe I should go downtown instead.
posted by jonmc 22 September | 10:52
or just over to the Subway Inn. ehh, to hell with it, I'll go to the one I said I'd go to.
posted by jonmc 22 September | 10:52
I thought beer was good for kidneys?
posted by bunnyfire 22 September | 11:08
I'm making occhiblu's broccoli, and I just dumped the canned tomato in - and they are teeny-weeny tiny little whole tomatoes... I thought they were cherries there for a second. I wonder what silly I price I paid for that? I thought it was just regular canned tomato. But Occhi's broccoli! Yum!

Also? It's raining and storming! With real thunder and lightning and everything! And it's cool! I wish I had some Jameson to sip all cosy at home, now - but I'd have to go get it. Too much sloth.
posted by taz 22 September | 11:47
bunnyfire, I don't know about "good for kidneys" but I was assured by people in the the know that having only one kidney would in no way need to interfere with my alcohol consumption, (so it can't be bad for them).
posted by small_ruminant 22 September | 12:39
Mets tomorrow! For our 2nd anniversary. :)

Love the boo-pie.
posted by Pips 22 September | 17:20
Crafty folks! Need a decent fall-themed craft for kids. || Project Runway Australia (probably basically one giant spoiler)