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22 September 2008

My favorite things. Season: Fall
Dressing: Blue Cheese
Melon: Honeydew
Ice Cream: Coffee
Beatle: George Harrison

What are your favorites? Use mine, then add a new one.
Season: Fall
Dressing: Blue Cheese
Melon: Cucumber (or Cantalope if cucumber is too far off the mark)
Ice Cream: French Vanilla
Beatle: Lennon
Dessert: Hot Apple Pie
posted by DarkForest 22 September | 08:24
Season: Endless summers
Dressing: Blue cheese as well, but I like to say 'bleu'
Melon: Again, same as you, but I am going to go ahead and venture forth that my favorite fruit is peaches (at least right now)
Beatle: That's tough. I'm gonna hafta say Lennon
posted by msali 22 September | 08:24
Oh crap, favorite ice cream: Strawberry
Favorite dessert: Apple Brown Betty is the BOMB
posted by msali 22 September | 08:26
Season: Spring
Dressing: Vinaigrette
Melon: Cantaloupe
Ice Cream: Chocolate
Beatle: Lennon
Dessert: Parfait
Deadly Sin: Sloth
posted by misteraitch 22 September | 08:31
Season: winter
Dressing: thousand island
Melon: watermelon
Ice Cream: wild cherry gelato
Beatle: McCartney
Dessert: grandma's lemon delicious pudding
Time of day: middle of the night
posted by jonathanstrange 22 September | 08:31
Season: autumn
Dressing: vinaigrette
Melon: canteloupe
Ice Cream: chocolate
Beatle: Lennon
Dessert: Summer pudding
Deadly sin: Pride
Time of day: early evening
Drink: gin and tonic
posted by altolinguistic 22 September | 08:41
Season: Fall
Dressing: Bleu Cheese
Melon: I don't care for melon.
Ice Cream: coffee
Beatle: I don't care for the beatles either, so I'll say Pete Best to be contrary.
Dessert: ice cream
Time of day: a summer night
Deadly Sins: Pride, Envy, Lust
Drink: Gin Gimlet
Office Supply: Label Maker

posted by rainbaby 22 September | 08:43
Season: Fall
Dressing: my homemade caesar
Melon: meh, can take it or leave it. I guess that means I haven't had good melon yet...
Ice Cream: B&J's cookies and cream (the one that looks like mashed up oreos)
Beatle: Not a fan
Dessert: creme brullee
Time of day: early, early morning when no one's awake yet (I don't see this often as I hate waking up - bit of a paradox, I know)
Deadly Sins: Envy, sloth
Drink: Pisco sour
Office Supply: Sharpies and Scotch Tape (they smell yummy!)
New obsession(s): Urban farming and Settler's of Catan
posted by LunaticFringe 22 September | 08:56
Whoops, I guess that's "Settlers", not "Settler's".
posted by LunaticFringe 22 September | 08:57
Season: Fall
Dressing: the dressing table in my sewing room
Melon: actual ripe honeydew
Ice Cream: gelato, hazelnut
Beatle: the young ones
Dessert: cajeta
Time of day: early, early morning when no one's awake yet
Deadly Sins: pride
Drink: whiskey in all iterations, except with coke.
Office Supply: tape flags
New obsession: my new house
flower: wild violets
posted by crush-onastick 22 September | 09:04
Season: Summer
Dressing: homemade balsamic vin
Melon: Cantaloupe
Ice Cream: Hard-dip chocolate chip mint, in a cone, with chocolate sprinkles
Beatle: I consider them an inseperable unit
Dessert: strawberry shortcake
Time of day: late afternoon
Deadly Sins: Sloth
Drink: Manhattan, IPA
Office Supply: binder clips
New obsession(s): Presidential election, nonprofit law
Ethnic cuisine: Indian
posted by Miko 22 September | 09:04
Season: Fall
Dressing: Just oil & vinegar
Melon: Very ripe cantaloupe with salt on it
Ice Cream: Strawberry (traditional) or caramel / espresso chip (fancy)
Beatle: Whichever one played bass, I guess. *shrug*
Dessert: Good fruit pie with strong black coffee. Strawberry-rhubarb may be tops.
Time of day: Entre chien et loup, of course.
Deadly Sins: Gluttony
Drink: Something strong brewed by monks OR something cold squeezed from cows.
Office Supply: Colored pens & pencils
New obsession(s): It's a secret
Ethnic cuisine: Classic Austro-Hungarian (this isn't fair, I just love everything from everywhere, only let there be large heaping platters of it.)
Song lyric: "I'd rather look around me, compose a better song, 'cause that's the honest measure of my worth."
posted by Wolfdog 22 September | 09:26
Season: Late spring
Dressing: Annie's Shiitake Sesame Vinaigrette
Melon: meh
Ice Cream: Breyer's coffee
Beatle: not my thing, luv
Dessert: see above, re: ice cream
Time of day: dawn
Deadly Sins: er, lust?
Drink Cocktail: mmm, mojito
Office Supply: tape flags
New obsession(s): finding nice pants
Ethnic cuisine: Thai
Beer: Avery White Rascal
posted by lonefrontranger 22 September | 09:29
damn you Wolfdog!
Song Lyric: can't think of one fast enough to not get jumped in line again
Wine: Western Slope Cabernet Franc (any)
posted by lonefrontranger 22 September | 09:30
"damn you Wolfdog!" is actually a pretty popular lyric; I hear people singing that tune all the time.
posted by Wolfdog 22 September | 09:41
Season: Fall
Dressing: balsamic vinegrette with basil
Melon: is about the only fruit I hate
Ice Cream: Mint chocolate chip
Beatle: I'm ambivalent
Dessert: guava cheesecake
Time of day: 9pm
Deadly Sins: sloth
Drink Cocktail: seabreeze
Office Supply: index cards
New obsession(s): etsy
Ethnic cuisine: Thai
Beer: abita restoration ale
song lyric: "I love you too much to take you to bed, why fuck you when I can fuck with your head"
posted by gaspode 22 September | 09:47
oh! and a new one...

City: Sydney
posted by gaspode 22 September | 09:48
Season: Fall
Dressing: olive oil, lemon, garlic
Melon: watermelon with feta
Ice Cream: sandwich!
Beatle: Bailey.
Dessert: homemade pie fresh from the oven, cherry, peach and apple, especially
Time of day: early morning, before the rest of the world wakes up.
Deadly Sins: Pride? Gluttony? it's a tossup.
Drink: Jameson
Office Supply: a really nicely weighted pen (let's assume it's a rich office,'k?)
New obsession(s): THE DOG. dogdogdogdogdog.
Ethnic cuisine: Indian
Song lyric: "It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it"
Beer: Wine. heh. Okay, just Heineken, then
City: London
Book genre: Science Fiction
posted by taz 22 September | 09:48
Season: Fall
Dressing: balsamic, black pepper, mustard, and olive oil
Melon: cantaloupe
Ice Cream: no thanks, it's too cold and too sweet
Beatle: Paul
Dessert: my mom's chocolate bomb
Time of day: 4 pm if I am not working, 8 pm if I am
Deadly Sins: lust
Drink: Jameson
Office Supply: very thin point mechanical pencil with clickable eraser
New obsession(s): yoghurt cake
Ethnic cuisine: Indian
Song lyric: "Put jelly on your shoulder"
Beer: doesn't exist anymore, but Orange Blossom Cream Ale
City: New York
Book genre: Short stories
Mammal: dik dik
posted by rmless2 22 September | 09:59
oops my drink should say White Russian
posted by rmless2 22 September | 10:00
Season: Fall
Dressing: I have to admit I'm a gross old creamy-dressing lover.
Melon: Water.
Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry's Half Baked
Beatle: Tough... going with Ringo 'cause he's the drummer. Creatively, probably George.
Dessert: Apple crisp.
Time of day: early morning, before the rest of the world wakes up... except I'm circadianally-challenged and rarely experience it. Realistically, after midnight because that's when my brain works the best.
Deadly Sins: Big on sloth.
Drink: Gin & tonic.
Office Supply: I enjoy binder clips and pens in pretty ink colours.
New obsession(s): Pastels de nata.
Ethnic cuisine: I'm gonna go with Mexican.
Song lyric: Oy. This one would take hours to think on.
Beer: Anything blanc or blanche because I'm a pussy, but I did have a Fat Tire once (at a Mefi meetup in LA) that was delicious.
City: Montreal, natch, but I also have an abiding affection for LA.
Book genre: Non-fiction, veering towards nerdy reference
Mammal: Squirrels!!!!!
Guilty pleasure TV: Yoinks, that's going to have to be Lost. I love to hate it.
posted by loiseau 22 September | 10:00
I can't see that anymore without hearing David Mitchell in my head, saying "...the dik-diks are bloody cowards and they're still hanging around, you know, posing for photos."
posted by Wolfdog 22 September | 10:06
oh, wait; sloth? I think I need to change my answer
posted by taz 22 September | 10:07
Season: Fall
Dressing:The one served at Lawry's Prime Rib
Melon: All
Ice Cream: McConnell's Swiss chocolate
Beatle: John
Dessert: Almost anything chocolate
Time of day: The wee hours
Deadly Sins: Lust
Drink: Absinthe
Office Supply: Crayons
New obsession(s): Figuring out how I'll be able to leave the states if McCain wins when my place isn't fit to sell
Ethnic cuisine: Ethiopian
Song lyric: "Then I ran across a monster who was sleeping by a tree, and I looked and frowned and the monster" Bowie's "Width of a Circle"
Beer: Pilsner
City: Boston
Book genre: I have catholic tastes
Mammal: Horses
Guilty pleasure TV: Sex and the City
Tree: Chestnut
posted by brujita 22 September | 10:25
Season: Winter
Dressing: roasted garlic with olive oil and parsley
Melon: slightly underripe watermelon
Ice Cream: matcha, the real stuff
Beatle: eh, I don't really have any opinions on them
Dessert: key lime pie
Time of day: late afternoon
Deadly Sins: wrath
Drink: cold jasmine tea with small amounts of honey and fresh orange juice
Office Supply: bottled ink
New obsession(s): makeup brushes
Ethnic cuisine: Vietnamese
Song lyric: my heart for a shipwreck
Beer: chocolate stout
City: San Francisco? Vancouver? Haven't spent enough time in actual cities yet. Vienna is nice too.
Book genre: historical adventure
Mammal: dogs
Guilty pleasure TV: NFL
Tree: Maple
Fabric: cotton jersey
posted by casarkos 22 September | 10:51
(wrath only because of firefly! since i am the personification of sloth.)
posted by casarkos 22 September | 10:54
Season: Spring
Dressing:Thousand island
Melon: Watermelon on a really hot day
Ice Cream: Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz
Beatle: Ringo
Dessert: Dark Chocolate Anything
Time of day: Lying in bed when you wake up but don't have to get up
Deadly Sins: Lust
Drink: A really good margarita
Office Supply: Technical drawing pencils
New obsession(s): What to do on vacation
Song lyric: "She was born in spring, but I was born too late. Blame it on a simple twist of fate."
Beer: Pilsner Urquell
City: New York
Book genre: Pulp detective
Mammal: Tree Sloth
Guilty pleasure TV: Kim Possible
Tree: Redwood
Temperature: 60s (f)
posted by doctor_negative 22 September | 10:57
Oops missed one:
Ethnic Cuisine: Indian
posted by doctor_negative 22 September | 10:59
Season: Fall
Dressing: oil & vinegar
Melon: honeydew
Ice Cream: cookie dough
Beatle: The Rolling Stones
Dessert: cookie dough blizzard
Time of day: late night
Deadly Sins: gluttony
Drink: Diet Coke
Office Supply: small binder clips
New obsession(s): I guess my MBA applications, but I don't think I 'obsess' in the manner implied here.
Ethnic cuisine: Mexican
Song lyric: Nothing comes to me. I listen to music constantly, but I don't retain lyrics.
Beer: Guinness
City: NYC
Book genre: whiny white yuppie dude fiction & economic/finance non-fiction
Mammal: dogs
Guilty pleasure TV: Entourage (though the new season is sucking, even by guilty pleasure standards)
Tree: shoe
Fabric: thick woven silk ties
Temperature: cool & dry
posted by mullacc 22 September | 11:25
Oh, a new one:
Sandwich: $10 turkey sandwich
posted by mullacc 22 September | 11:34
Season: Spring
Dressing: French or Italian
Melon: cantaloupe
Ice Cream: blech
Beatle: no
Dessert: oatmeal raisin cookie
Time of day: late night
Deadly Sins: lust
Drink: caffeine-free Diet Coke
Office Supply: note tablets
Ethnic cuisine: Polynesian
Beer: not allowed
City: Chicago
Book genre: historic fiction
Mammal: dogz rule
Guilty pleasure TV: sports
Tree: Aspen
Fabric: silk
Temperature: 70s
posted by netbros 22 September | 11:40
Season: Spring
Dressing: Ranch or Balsamic Vinagerette
Melon: Watermelon
Ice Cream: Italian Ice, plz, TIA
Beatle: Paul
Dessert: 16 Handles tart yogurt with lots of fruit
Time of day: 10 p.m.
Deadly Sins: Wrath
Drink: Water
Office Supply: Rollerball pens
New obsession(s): Algebra and geometry
Ethnic cuisine: "Chinese" (i.e. American Chinese)
Beer: No thank you.
City: NYC
Book genre: Ethnography
Mammal: Doggies
Guilty pleasure TV: Bride reality TV (Say Yes to the Dress, Bridezillas)
Tree: Christmas
Fabric: Jersey Cotton
Temperature: 70s
Sandwich: Turkey and cheddar
Potato Chip: Nacho Cheese Dorito
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 September | 11:48
Yay, this thread is fun. Here are the ones I didn't get to answer:
Dessert: carrot cake
Time of day: sundown
Deadly sin: gluttony
[Mixed] Drink: gin and tonic
Office supply: paper cutter
New obsession:
Ethnic cuisine: Vietnamese
Song lyric: "But I was so much older then/ I'm younger than that now."
Beer: imperial stout
City: Minneapolis is pretty nice.
Book genre: nonfiction, or hardboiled/noir/like that
Mammal: cat
Guilty Pleasure TV: Sons of Anarchy
Tree: hickory
Fabric: canvas
Temperature: cool
Sandwich: veggie melt
Potato Chip: Spicy Thai Kettle Chip
posted by box 22 September | 12:59
Season: Fall
Dressing: Ranch
Melon: Cantaloupe
Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch
Beatle: Dead
Dessert: Tiramisu
Time of day: midnight
Deadly Sins: sloth
Drink: Dr. Pepper
Office Supply: Post-It notes
New obsession(s): competitive sleeping, power napping
Ethnic cuisine: Thai
Beer: Yuengling
City: I dunno, but it ain't Atlanta
Book genre: SF
Mammal: Kitty!
Guilty pleasure TV: stupid low-budget movies on the Sci-Fi channel
Tree: Ent
Fabric: cotton
Temperature: 68 degrees
Sandwich: Reuben
Potato Chip: Zapp's Gator Taters
Mythological Creature: dryad
posted by BitterOldPunk 22 September | 13:21
Season: The few weeks where it's chilly enough to wear stockings but not so cold that you need to bundle up like you're going to die cold. (So between fall/winter)
Dressing: Ew. None.
Melon: cantelope.
Ice Cream: PARTY CAKE (Turkey Hill)/BIRTHDAY CAKE (Carvel)
Beatle: Meh. Can't remember the names.
Dessert: Rainbow sherbert.
Time of day: 9pm during the week, 3am on weekends
Deadly Sins: Sloth
Drink: Pepsi
Office Supply: Uniball Jetstream 1.0mm pens. In black. Not the retractable kind either.
New obsession(s): Rewatching old TV shows.
Ethnic cuisine: Italian.
Beer: I prefer "flavored malt beverages"
City: Amsterdam.
Book genre: Trashy, dirty, bodice-ripping fluff.
Mammal: Kittens.
Guilty pleasure TV: Music videos.
Tree: Pine.
Fabric: 100% cotton.
Temperature: 65-70F
Sandwich: Grilled cheese.
Potato Chip: Salt & Vinegar
Mythological Creature: dragon.
Personal Care item: Clean & Clear Astringent. (The pink one with the harsh chemicals, not that crap clear shit.)
posted by sperose 22 September | 13:25
"But I was so much older then/ I'm younger than that now."

How odd, I've had that running through my head all day!

Season: Fall
Dressing: Trader Joe's Champagne Pear
Melon: canteloupe
Ice Cream: coffe
Beatle: John
Dessert: creme brulee
Time of day: any time after the kids are in bed
Deadly Sins: Oh, don't make me pick just one!
Drink: rum and diet
Office Supply: those little reinforcement stickers
New obsession(s): Mad Men
Ethnic cuisine: Indian
Beer: Hoegaarden
City: Chicago
Book genre: literary fiction
Mammal: tamarins
Guilty pleasure TV: The View (don't judge me!)
Tree: dogwood
Fabric: velvet
Temperature: 60s
Sandwich: corned beef special
Potato Chip: Cracked Pepper Triscuit
Mythological Creature: Manticore (I get asked this question almost daily by my creature-obsessed kid. Manticore is #1. Basilisk is 2 and that buffalo with a head so big it can't raise it is 3)
Personal Care item: Body Shop Tea Tree Oil face wash
Brat Pack Member: Rob Lowe
posted by jrossi4r 22 September | 13:43
Season: Spring
Dressing: Real mayo
Melon: Ugh, no
Ice Cream: Lemon sorbet from the place at 2nd and Main
Beatle: John, if I had to choose
Dessert: Fresh ripe nectarines with a bit of honey and cinnamon
Time of day: Dawn chorus (though how often am I awake?)
Deadly Sins: I’ll get back to you on that (is procrastination a sin?)
Drink: Mojito
Office Supply: Those awesome white-out strip application devices
New obsession(s): Dubstep, Maya Deren, turning my son's now vacated bedroom into a perfect study/guestroom
Ethnic cuisine: Thai
Beer: Any BC microbrew
Song lyric: "Gravity always wins"
City: London
Book genre: Fiction/Cultural History/Poetry (you weren’t going to make me choose, right?)
Mammal: Zebra
Guilty pleasure TV: Coronation Street; also various real estate/house decorating shows on HGTV
Tree: Lilac (Technically a bush, I suppose, but…)
Fabric: raw silk
Temperature: 26
Sandwich: Tomato, basil, fresh mozarella
Potato Chip: Ugh no
Mythological Creature: Medusa
Personal Care item: Burt’s Bees Lemon Cuticle Balm
Brat Pack Member: No idea
Buffy character: Willow
posted by jokeefe 22 September | 16:02
Season: Oregano. No wait, fall!
Dressing: Balsamic + oil
Melon: Canteloupe with black pepper
Ice Cream: Not really a fan
Beetle: Dung
Dessert: Anything dark chocolate
Time of day: Beer time
Deadly sin: Sloth
Drink: Beer
Office Supply: Post-it flags
New Current obsession(s): NFL
Ethnic cuisine: Tie: Indian/Ethiopian
Beer: The microbrew that's currently on sale
Song lyric: Currently, the lyrics of Mushaboom
City: Monterey, CA
Book genre: Interesting, trivia-packed non-fiction
Mammal: Border collie
Guilty pleasure TV: Miss Lucy's Cajun Cooking
Tree: The big walnut tree on E St
Fabric: Soft cotton
Temperature: 68 (F)
Sandwich: Grilled cheese
Potato Chip: Cape Cod Golden Russets
Mythological Creature: Joan Fucking Jett
Personal Care item: Burt's Bees lip balm
Brat Pack Member: John Hughes
Buffy character: The one from 'Family Affair'
Smell: The pine forests of the Sierra
posted by mudpuppie 22 September | 16:26
Season: Either side of winter (just before or just after)
Dressing: Ranch
Melon: Fresh watermelon
Ice Cream: Peach Gelato
Beatle: Hendrix
Dessert: Fresh strawberries with whipped cream
Time of day: Quittin'
Deadly sin: Sloth
Drink: Diet Coke or water
Office Supply: Pilot G2 Gel Pens
New Current obsession(s): Christopher Buckley
Ethnic cuisine: Thai or Mexican
Beer: Depends on the weather. When it's hot, St. Arnold's Fancy Lawnmower. When it's not, Newcastle
Song lyric: Stars beginning to fade, and I leave the charade, just a-wishin' I'd stayed a little longer
City: Oh, lord. I have no idea.
Book genre: Quirky non-fiction that reveals more than I ever wanted to know about an obscure topic
Mammal: Border collie/Lab mix
Guilty pleasure TV: The Soup, although I rarely catch a full episode
Tree: Magnolia
Fabric: Denim
Temperature: Anywhere between 45 and 65 (F)
Sandwich: Burrito
Potato Chip: Sweet Potato
Mythological Creature: Jack LaLanne
Personal Care item: Burt's Bees lip balm (YES, mudpup!!)
Brat Pack Member: Anthony Michael Hall
Buffy character: Xena?
Smell: Freshly mowed grass in Spring
Marx Brother/Stooge: Harpo
posted by ufez 22 September | 16:37
Season: autumn
Dressing: mine, it’s homemade
Melon: watermelong
Ice Cream: French vanilla
Beetle: those little metallic green/gold/blue ones
Dessert: crème brulee
Time of day: dusk
Deadly sin: sloth
Drink: tea
Office Supply: pens (but I love ALL office supplies)
Current obsession(s): mp3s
Ethnic cuisine: Italian
Beer: Shaftebury Cream Ale
Song lyric: Too many; “…helicopter lands on the Pan-Am roof like a dragonfly on a tomb…”
City: Anchorage
Book genre: fiction
Mammal: dog
Guilty pleasure TV: America’s Funniest Home Videos (for the dogs!)
Tree: just one? Arbutus
Fabric: wool
Temperature: 22 C
Sandwich: brown bread, pastrami, cheese, Dijon, mayo
Potato Chip: any brand, plain
Mythological Creature: The perfect man
Personal Care item: hairbrush/toothbrush
Brat Pack Member: coming up blank
Buffy character: Giles
Smell: roasting turkey/roses (tie)
Marx Brother: Harpo
Decade: 1960s
posted by Savannah 22 September | 16:41
Seasons: autumn and spring
Dressing: blegh, no thanks
Melon: honeydew
Ice Cream: vanilla Cream of Cornish
Beatle: John
Dessert: tartufo - raspberry and chocolate or espresso and chocolate
Time of day: 3-5pm
Deadly sin: deadly, deadly sloth
Drink: Stone's Mac with tropical juice, soda water and ice
Office Supply: watercolour pencils
Current obsession: the Sydney Push
Ethnic cuisine: Thai
Beer: Coopers Dark Ale
Song lyric: "I spent my last ten dollars on birth control and beer..."
City: Oh, too hard
Book genre: fiction
Mammal: tapir
Guilty pleasure TV: All flavours of Top Model and Project Runway, Beverly Hills 90210
Tree: The Magic Faraway Tree at Boombana National Park, Mt Nebo, Queensland - a strangler fig
Fabric: silk
Temperature: 19C
Sandwich: my egg mayo and salad on a baguette
Potato Chip: cheese and onion
Mythological Creature: tree dryad
Personal Care item: lavender oil
Brat Pack Member: does Matt Dillon count? He was on the periphery at least
Buffy character: Willow
Smell: my boyfriend's soft skin
Marx Brother: Harpo
Decade: 1800 or so
Nut: pistachio
posted by goo 22 September | 17:15
Season: Football. I like curling up with my wife under a blanket in the crisp cool air, eating popcorn and cheering. Team doesn't really matter.
Dressing: Garlic Expressions, the lightest, most wonderful vinaigrette you can find in a bottle. I went through four (!) bottles this summer.
Melon: Watermelon with kosher salt
Ice Cream: Phish Food or anything from Amy's Ice Cream (Texas only--try the Mexican Vanilla)
Beatle: Nigel Tufnel
Dessert: Banana Pudding made with lots of bananas and NOT banana pudding, but vanilla...that's the secret.
Time of day: early in the morning when you've been up all night.
Deadly sin: Gluttony
Drink: Central Market Blood Orange Italian Soda
Office Supply: Custom printed index cards
Current obsession(s): British television comedies
Ethnic cuisine: currently Lebanese
Beer: Shiner Bock
Song lyric: Me & Bobby McGee "I'd trade all of my tomorrows for one single yesterday" (Did you know that Kris Kristofferson wrote that song?)
City: Austin, Texas
Book genre: Southern Fiction
Mammal: monkeys that masturbate in front of you
Guilty pleasure TV: COPS or any show that has car chases that end in horrible crashes. I know.
Tree: Magnolia
Fabric: Cotton
Temperature: 98.6
Sandwich: Shrimp Poboy
Potato Chip: Zapp's Crawtators
Mythological Creature: Zaphod Beeblebrox
Personal Care item: shoehorn
Brat Pack Member: Robert Downey, Jr.
Buffy character: Never saw it. Does that make me a bad person?
Smell: new baby smell
Marx Brother: Karl
Decade: 1987-1997
Nut: Pecan
Something I've stolen: A brass sign from a state capital that said "Legislators and Staff Only". Currently over my guest toilet.
posted by ColdChef 22 September | 17:24
Season: autumn
Dressing: blue cheese
Melon: honeydew
Ice Cream: strawberry
Beatle: Lennon
Dessert: peach cobbler (ala mode)
Time of day: bedtime
Deadly sin: sloth and gluttony (it's a tie)
Drink: coffee (nonalcoholic)/white russian
Office Supply: pens
Current obsession(s): TV (always)
Ethnic cuisine: Chinese
Beer: Peach Lambic
Song lyric: Oh-blah-dee, Oh-blah-dah, Life goes on, Oh, La-la-la-la life goes on...
City: Bridgeport, CT (memories, good and bad)
Book genre: literary fiction
Mammal: giraffes
Guilty pleasure TV: Deal or No Deal/House Hunters
Tree: Cherry Blossoms
Fabric: Cotton
Temperature: 62
Sandwich: Katz's pastrami
Potato Chip: Pringles
Mythological Creature: mermaid
Personal Care item: hair dryer
Brat Pack Member: Sammy Davis Jr.
Buffy character: Willow (so pretty)
Smell: pizza, my mom's kitchen, jon's shirts
Marx Brother: Groucho
Decade: 1970s (the decade of Taxi Driver & Koolats)
Nut: pistachios
Something I've stolen: a glass elephant from my mom's collection
Favorite sexual position: doggie style
posted by Pips 22 September | 18:07
Season: spring
Dressing: remoulade
Melon: honeydew
Ice Cream: mint chocolate chip
Beatle: John
Dessert: pecan
Time of day: happy hour
Deadly sin: sloth & lust
Drink: beer
Office Supply: correction fluid
Current obsession(s): porn
Ethnic cuisine: Italian
Beer: Abita Pecan Ale
Song lyric: I used to be disgusted, Now I try to be amused
City: Noo Yawk, Noo Yawk
Book genre: Fiction
Mammal: New York cockroach
Guilty pleasure TV: Beverly Hillbillies
Tree: Money
Fabric: Cotton
Temperature: 98.6
Sandwich: Katz's pastrami
Potato Chip: Utz Carolina BBQ
Mythological Creature: satyr
Personal Care item: bottle opener
Brat Pack Member: Dean Martin
Buffy character: Willow (so HAWT!)
Smell: pizza, whiskey, pralines
Marx Brother: Groucho
Decade: 1970s
Nut: pecans
Something I've stolen: cigarettes, books, music
Favorite sexual position: north
erogoneous zone: buttocks
posted by jonmc 22 September | 18:25
Season: Fall Television Season
Dressing: Bleu Cheese
Melon: Watermelon heart
Ice Cream: Caramel Almond Cluster French Vanilla from Braum’s
Beatle: Paul
Dessert: Turtle Cheesecake
Time of day: Naptime
Deadly sin: Sloth (see above answer)
Drink: Sonic Rt. 44 Sweet Tea
Office Supply: Post-Its
Current obsession(s): Beauty/Skincare products
Ethnic cuisine: The burrito from the Mexican truck that comes to the building at break
Beer: Not a beer drinker, but Woodchuck Cider can pass for it.
Song lyric: “Hey ramblin’ boy why don’t you settle down? Boston ain’t your kind of town. There ain’t no gold and there ain’t nobody like me. I’m the number one fan of the man from Tennessee.”
City: Sydney, Australia
Book genre: Trashy Fiction, but not the Harlequin Romance kind
Mammal: Koala Bear
Guilty pleasure TV: It’s a tie between trashy fiction and campy reality shows. Of course, sometimes they are one and the same.
Tree: Weeping willow
Fabric: Satin
Temperature: 83
Sandwich: Roast beef and provolone on white with mayo or miracle whip
Potato Chip: Santito’s White Corn Chips
Mythological Creature: ManBearPig
Personal Care item: Mascara
Brat Pack Member: Molly Ringwald
Buffy character: Anya
Smell: Vanilla
Marx Brother: Zeppo
Decade: 80’s!
Nut: Brazilian nut
Something I've stolen: Test Scores
Favorite sexual position: yes, please
erogoneous zone: On my back between my shoulder blades
Favorite cartoon character: Killface
posted by tog 22 September | 18:44
i'm not good at this but i'll try.
(? denotes subject to change at any given moment)

Season: autumn
Dressing: fresh?
Melon: cantaloupe?
Ice Cream: with chunks?
Beatle: dung?
Dessert: eclairs or-- stuff that's labor intensive i wouldn't make?
Time of day: the body seems too gravitate to 2-4am
Deadly sin: sloth/lust
Drink: water?
Office Supply: pens?
Current obsession(s): intersecting aspects of arts
Ethnic cuisine: thai/indian/japanese/?
Beer: this clean, light, almost fruity, nutty one i can't remember the name of
Song lyric: And the moon's never seen me before/But I'm reflecting light (just because it's been going through my head)?
City: NYC
Book genre: fictions
Mammal: cuddly killing machines
Guilty pleasure TV: Ugly Betty?
Tree: giving
Fabric: microfiber/washable silk?
Temperature: 65ºF
Sandwich: reuben?
Potato Chip: fresh
Mythological Creature: kirin, Alan Cumming
Personal Care item: penknife
Brat Pack Member: Dean/Sammy
Buffy character: Spike, and, in the end, surprisingly, Buffy. SMG will never find such an amazing role again.
Smell: fresh wind on a hilltop/stupid perfume i will never find again?
Marx Brother: Groucho
Decade: 60s/90s/1880?
Nut: pistachios/pine?
Something I've stolen: the still beating heart of a cabbie
All kinds of stuff, man…
Favorite sexual position: the Hawkeye Pierce with a BJ Honeycutt after the Hot Lips but before the Radar O Rly
Erogenous zone: Upper back and neck/gspot
Favorite cartoon character: Lucy, Daughter of the Devil/David Ducovney/that pink haired girl/?
Tool: sharpened blade/6 foot shovel handle
posted by ethylene 22 September | 18:58
Inspired by eth, I will also try:

Season: autumn
Dressing: olive oil and balsamic - a bit of oregano
Melon: watermelon
Ice Cream: anything coffee
Beatle: George
Dessert: Gobi. Oh wait. Key Lime Pie.
Time of day: When it's 9:00pm and I realize I still have a couple hours to myself.
Deadly sin: sloth
Drink: Perry, or Soda with real lemon juice.
Office Supply: pencils, I like how they scratch on the paper.
Current obsession(s): None. Wait. This one photographer I know.
Ethnic cuisine: In this city? Hmmm. I'll say Italian.
Beer: Harp
Song lyric: I'll write you a letter tomorrow; Tonight, I can't hold a pen.
City: Toronto, when my kid brother is living on Bathurst.
Book genre: Biographies I guess.
Mammal: lemurs
Guilty pleasure TV: Nothing lately.
Tree: The giant old maple in my back yard. Or my sumac.
Fabric: old cotton t-shirts.
Temperature: 23C, with a light breeze
Sandwich: BLT with fresh tomatoes and too much crispy bacon.
Potato Chip: Lays, plain.
Mythological Creature: Iggy Pop
Personal Care item: my towel. I like my towel.
Brat Pack Member: Robert Downey Jr (I think he was right?)
Buffy character: Not sure. NOT ANGEL.
Smell: coffee
Marx Brother: Carlo
Decade: All of them. I like being alive.
Nut: I really like pecans.
Something I've stolen: Moments, baby. Lots of 'em.
Favorite sexual position: Nope. Not answering.
Erogenous zone: Is that like a no-fly zone?
Favorite cartoon character: Hannalore
Tool: I really like a hammer.
Way to sleep outside: In a tent on a night so clear you leave the fly off and see the stars.
posted by richat 22 September | 20:10
Oh, Brat pack. i go for Downey, too.
posted by ethylene 22 September | 20:37
We all know you go for the Four Handed Cincinnati Flip Flop ("stilts" optional).
posted by ethylene 22 September | 20:41
Season: autumn
Dressing: bleu cheese
Ice Cream: chocolate
Beatle: dear sweet wonderful GEORGE
Dessert: too many to consider, but I will almost always say yes to a very dense chocolate cake with whipped cream.
Time of day: whatever time I drift off to sleep while snuggling with the boyfriend (yes, sappy)
Deadly sin: sloth
Drink: non-alcoholic: limeade; alcoholic: vodka/cran, Maker's Mark, or wine
Office Supply: post-it flags.
Current obsession(s): um, PAUL WELLER
Ethnic cuisine: sushi or Indian
Beer: Boddington's
Song lyric: "Golden rain will bring you riches / All the good things you deserve now / Climbing, forever trying / Find your way out of the wild, wild wood"
City: Chicago (though I fell in love with Portland recently) or London
Book genre: creative nonfiction.
Mammal: dogs, esp. terriers
Guilty pleasure TV: a slew of reality shows: Project Runway, Amazing Race, Top Chef, etc.
Tree: groves of aspen trees in the fall in the mountains of Colorado.
Fabric: super-soft cotton.
Temperature: 70s
Sandwich: anything involving bacon and avocado
Potato Chip: don't care for American chips; love English chips with vinegar!!
Mythological Creature: Ziggy Stardust
Personal Care item: toothbrush.
Brat Pack Member: Robert Downey Jr
Buffy character: Never watched a single episode. I know! I should!
Smell: lilac
Marx Brother: Karl
Decade: one that I lived through: the '80s; one that I wished I was there for: the '20s.
Nut: almond
Something I've stolen: a pregnancy test (oh, the '80s!)
Favorite sexual position: *smiles enigmatically*
Erogenous zone: *continues to smile enigmatically*
Favorite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Tool: whichever one my boyfriend is wielding whilst fixing something and wearing a torn white t-shirt
Way to sleep outside: uh, is sleeping in a cabin with a window open listening to creek close enough?
Item of apparel: my cherry-red patent leather wedges
posted by scody 22 September | 21:01
Season: autumn
Dressing: creamy parm
Melon: watermelon
Ice Cream: Breyer's coffee
Beatle: John Winston Ono Lennon
Dessert: cheesecake
Time of day: 'Round midnight
Deadly sin: gluttony
Drink: cabernet
Office Supply: little post-its
Current obsession(s): uses for yellow dock root
Ethnic cuisine: Indian
Beer: Asahi
Song lyric: My name is Calypso/my garden overflows
City: Buffalo, or NYC.
Book genre: Poetry.
Mammal: dog
Guilty pleasure TV: Sportsnight on DVD.
Tree: Lilac
Fabric: cashmere.
Temperature: 71 and breezy
Sandwich: BLT with fresh tomatoes and too much crispy bacon, extra mayo.
Potato Chip: Wegman's sea salt and cracked pepper.
Mythological Creature: centaur
Personal Care item: hairbrush
Brat Pack Member: Ally Sheedy
Buffy character: Don't have one.
Smell: decaying leaves
Marx Brother: Groucho
Decade: 20's
Nut: almonds.
Something I've stolen: books, wine glasses.
Favorite sexual position: Crushed.
Erogenous zone: Back of neck
Favorite cartoon character: Marlys
Tool: Swiss Army Knife
Way to sleep outside: On a deck with a sweetie, on piles of sleeping bag.
Favorite piece of technology: laptop.
posted by Riverine 22 September | 21:09
[fill in corrector]
Way to sleep outside: In a silk lined, padded, pillowed barge of hardwood supported by muscular men when not floating on a still lake
Item of apparel: a well fitting bra
Favorite piece of technology: laptop
posted by ethylene 22 September | 21:17
This is what happens when you're always late...

Season: Summer
Dressing: garlic mayonnaise
Melon: none. Melons are ick.
Ice Cream: Fried.
Beatle: John
Dessert: Chocolate pudding
Time of day: dusk
Deadly sin: sloth
Drink: lager or black russians.
Office Supply: blank cds
Current obsession(s): Toots and the Maytals
Ethnic cuisine: Malaysian
Beer: Hoegaarden
Song lyric:
"The guy behind the counter says 'have a nice day',
let me tell you that guy's a prophet.
Never has such a simple phrase
seemed so profound,
But life's so short that the long and the short of it is:
I'm glad I'm still around"

City: London
Book genre: scifi
Mammal: Felis Domesticus
Guilty pleasure TV: Friends
Tree: Lemon
Fabric: Wool
Temperature: about 30 (centigrade)
Sandwich: Smoked salmon and cream cheese
Potato Chip: Kettle plain
Mythological Creature:
Personal Care item: safety razor
Brat Pack Member: Molly Ringwald
Buffy character: Buffy.
Smell: Rain evapourating from warm concrete
Marx Brother: n/a
Decade: 90s
Nut: hazelnut
Something I've stolen: Tom's Diner, on cassingle.
Favorite sexual position: at home
Erogenous zone: man bits
Favorite cartoon character: Jane Lane
Tool: Cordless drill
Way to sleep outside: near a fire, at a party.
Favorite piece of technology: Tough, but I'm going with the amplifier.
Grape: Cabernet
posted by pompomtom 23 September | 00:26
Season: Autumn
Dressing: Honey Mustard
Ice Cream: Vanilla Fudge
Beatle: Paul McCartney
Dessert: Pumpkin Pie
Time of Day: Early morning, when I don't have to work.
Deadly Sin: Lust
Drink: Watermelon Margarita; Amaretto and Orange Juice
Office Supply: Fresh,clean notebooks
Current Obsession: Donna Karens' Cashmere Mist perfume/body lotion
Ethnic Cuisine: Italian, Thai
Beer: Harps
Song lyrics: Staring at the blank page before you, Open up the dirty window, let the sun illuminate the words that you can not find....
City: Red Bank. Heck, it's my hometown, and still the city I like best.
Book Genre: Fiction/non-fiction/biography/fantasy - everything!
Mammal: Horses
Guilty Pleasure TV: Miami Ink; LA Ink; many (but not all) judge shows
Tree: Oak
Fabric: Soft micro fleece
Temperature: Upper 70s
Sandwich: BLT or Grilled cheese
Potato Chips: SunChips
Personal Care Item: Toothbrush!
Smell: Laundry that hung outside to dry
Decade: The 80s
Nut: Honey Roasted Peanut
Something I've Stolen: Tiny, cheap, "gemstone" earrings.
Favorite Sexual Position: Am I expected to only choose one?
Erogenous Zone: See above answer
Favorite Cartoon Character: Bugs Bunny
Tool: Whatever my husband needs to fix things with
Way to Sleep Outside: Hammock
Favorite piece of Technology: The radio. Sounds corny, I know.
Item of Apparel: Jeans
Grape: Seedless red
Childhood story: "Brighty of the Grand Canyon" by Marguerite Henry

posted by redvixen 23 September | 08:03
Season: Summer
Dressing: Ranch
Ice Cream: Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch
Beatle: Ringo
Dessert: Cheesecake
Time of Day: Late Morning
Deadly Sin: Lust
Drink: Alcoholic: Beer, Non-alcoholic: Vitamin Water
Office Supply: Paperclips
Current Obsession: Guitar
Ethnic Cuisine: Italian
Beer: Sam Adams
Song lyrics: Oh, there are cracks In the road we lay From when the devil fell The secrets have gone mad This is nothing new But would we kill it all Fate was all we had...

City: Montreal
Book Genre: Don't really have one
Mammal: Dog
Guilty Pleasure TV: Dr. Phil
Tree: Money
Fabric: Kevlar
Temperature: 70's
Sandwich: Meatball Sub
Potato Chips: Lays
Personal Care Item: Soap
Smell: My girlfriend's hair after a shower
Decade: This one
Nut: Cashew
Something I've Stolen: Gum when I was little
Favorite Sexual Position: Doggy
Erogenous Zone: My ears
Favorite Cartoon Character: Peter Griffin
Tool: Mel Gibson
Way to Sleep Outside: Tent
Favorite piece of Technology: LIDAR
Item of Apparel: T-shirt
Grape: None
Childhood story: The Giving Tree
Car: Shelby GT500
posted by C17H19NO3 23 September | 13:28
Season: Autumn
Dressing: Down
Ice Cream: Coffee (well, almost anything non-crunchy, really)
Beatle: Ringo
Dessert: Cheesecake
Time of Day: Early morning
Deadly Sin: Lust
Drink: Alcoholic: Cider (Strongbow Original), Non-alcoholic: milk
Office Supply: Those magic clip things that replace fold-back clips and paper clips
Current Obsession: Finishing my house
Ethnic Cuisine: Italian
Beer: Never touch the stuff
Song lyrics: Ticking away the moments that make up the dull day, you fritter and waste the hours in an off-hand way, digging around on a piece of ground in your home town ...
City: Townsville
Book Genre: Murder mysteries/thrillers
Mammal: I don't like mammals
Guilty Pleasure TV: Cheaters
Tree: Oak
Fabric: Denim
Temperature: 24c
Sandwich: Meatball Sub
Potato Chips: Salt 'n' Vinegar
Personal Care Item: Hair trimmer
Smell: Burning methanol
Decade: The '80s
Nut: Cashew
Something I've Stolen: The souls of small children
Favorite Sexual Position: I've forgotten, it's been so long
Erogenous Zone: See above
Favorite Cartoon Character: Peter Griffin
Tool: Hammer
Way to Sleep Outside: Tent
Favorite piece of Technology: iPhone
Item of Apparel: Jeans
Grape: None
Childhood story: Too long ago to remember
Car: Ariel Atom
Summer activity: fishing and general beach-hanging.
posted by dg 23 September | 15:49
I am changing really fast these days. || Meanwhile, sales of Maruchan Ramen noodles are up across the board.