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22 September 2008

Guess who has teh internet at teh house in teh Poland!
posted by BitterOldPunk 22 September | 13:04
Yay, Poland! I've never been, but always wanted to. They have the COOLEST history, imo.
posted by small_ruminant 22 September | 13:42
Nie zawracaj mi głowy, nie widzisz, że jestem zajęta?
posted by taz 22 September | 13:50
Co to jest, Taz? I've only been here for two weeks... :)
posted by mdonley 22 September | 13:59
Good to see they didn't Poland
posted by chillmost 22 September | 14:43
It means "don't disturb me, don't you see I'm busy?"

And why do I know this?

I just find it amusing that this is considered a "useful expression" ... Like how frequently do you have to tell someone to fuck off?
posted by taz 22 September | 14:52
Kurwa, slicny jestes!
posted by Daniel Charms 22 September | 15:38
posted by chewatadistance 22 September | 15:56
Daniel Charms, if I catch any of my younger students saying the k-word, it's, like, over. OVER. Apparently it's way, way worse than dropping the f-bomb. Eep!

And hi everyone!
posted by mdonley 22 September | 17:05
Apparently it's way, way worse than dropping the f-bomb.

I live in an area with lots of Poles, and I hear it a lot. I had to tell a shopkeeper off last week for saying it to an employee in earshot of the customers. Nasty. I've also told a cafe owner off for calling his (Polish) barista a malaka - swearing at your employees is not cool, in whatever language.

Having internet is grand - hi mdonley!
posted by goo 22 September | 17:30
Nigdy nie wydziałem ze taz mowi po Polsku?! Jak to wogule możliwe? Pani jest Polką? Gratuluje, mdonley, jesteś w codowny kraju.
posted by Meatbomb 22 September | 18:27
Ah, didn't read down, taz. If you ever experience the Polish commercial sector, you'll see that it is indeed a common and useful expression.

"Nie ma," (We don't have it) is also a typical shop expression, and a true Pole is able to use special powers of disdain to make it have the functional equivalence of "fuck off".
posted by Meatbomb 22 September | 18:30
Hm, I had a really nice "nie ma" experience yesterday when I asked for pierogi ruski (omg pierogi!) at a milk bar and was told by the, in the words of my British co-lunch-eater, "manageress" that all they had were pierogi serem! It was like a giant bomb of sugar landed on my face. I am still full 13 hours later.
posted by mdonley 23 September | 01:56
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