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20 September 2008

Weekend 3-point update [More:]

1. I am still without a fridge, which can't be fitted until Wednesday, and I'm really starting to miss my breakfast yoghurt. I bought some today which I kept in a bowl of cold water until I was ready to eat it this evening, but my weekend breakfasts are sadly lacking without yoghurt.

2. I just watched 'Atonement' and, although I'd read the book and knew what happened, I had tears pouring down my face as Vanessa Redgrave gave the closing monologue. So, so sad, and beautifully acted.

3. Tomorrow is clear-out day. I had a leaflet through the door saying that Age Concern (a charity) will be collecting old clothes, books, household items, bric-a-brac, etc. on Wednesday, so this is my chance to get rid of a ton of old rubbish before my decorating is done. I have a cabinet full of glassware and, whilst I will keep the lovely crystal goblets, I really don't need to keep all those beer glasses any more. I am also not an 'ornament' person, so most of the ornaments people have given me (with the exception of a couple of cat pieces) will also go to charity. There will also be many clothes I no longer wear that I'll be ruthless about removing from my wardrobe.
1. I am all panicky about jobs again so I am sulking in a coffee shop, writing, and people watching.
2. Good friend is back in town from NY. Going drinking later, hopefully that will cheer me up.
3. See 1
posted by special-k 20 September | 16:22
1. Went apple picking in NJ today. Came back with two big bags full of apples. I sense apples in my future!
2. Standby jury summons for October. I kinda want to get picked, just to see how it goes.
3. Not sure what to do for dinner tonight (apples, apples, I know, but I still need some real food!)
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 September | 16:26
1. Had lunch with our friend Todd, which is always cool. Had "red velvet cake" ice cream for dessert, and it was OMG FANTASTIC.

2. Went for a ride in the convertible- we just got it back from having the engine rebuilt, and it runs like a dream. Previous to that, it hadn't run in almost a year, so it's fun to have it back in commission. And the weather this weekend is AWESOME convertible weather.

3. Am now about to play Spore for a few hours.
posted by BoringPostcards 20 September | 16:30
1. FURminating
2. vacuuming
3. long hot showering
~very necessarily in that order
posted by krix 20 September | 16:45
1. Almost recovered from the weirdest flu ever. It didn't really have any respectable symptoms, but consisted mostly of serious muscle aches, extreme fatigue, and a very slight fever. The GF had some nausea along with it, but I managed to escape that. Today feels better, but I can't stop sweating.

2. The bug, and the GF's catering gig in SF, give me the perfect excuses to do what I would have done today anyway: Sit on the couch with the Longhorns game and a frozen pizza.

3. There is much garden/yardwork that needs to get done this weekend, but I'm fairly certain it won't.

BoPo, that is one beautiful car.
posted by mudpuppie 20 September | 17:06
1. My back still hurts, and my canker sore hasn't gone away. After a week for each. WTF?

2. Going shoe shopping tomorrow. Not much of a shopper, but sometimes these things are necessary--current shoes make my already big feet look bigger.

3. Am very glad to be done catsitting. The cats are one-person cats and love mom and no one else, and they responded by going outside the box and just generally glaring at me the whole time.
posted by Melismata 20 September | 17:17
1. Just had my daily trip out of the apartment, with child in stroller. Walked for about 2 miles around the neighborhood.

2. Have strained my wrist from holding her in a weird position. Now can hardly pick her up at all.

3. Still about a week behind in catching up with emails.
posted by gaspode 20 September | 17:28
1. I have done very little in terms of productivity this weekend, which isn't surprising, considering I'm at the end of a pack and therefore will be prone to crying for the next week (goddamnit, I really need to remember to talk to my doctor about handling this by just increasing the number of packs I get per year because I'm tired of these shenanigans.)

2. I think I'm going to return to Nanowrimo this year. (I skipped on last year because I was doing my "dissertation" for Trinity.) I'm nervous, because I haven't written anything other than a few lines of really shitty poetry, schoolwork, and self-indulgent whining journal entries since I stopped. But I feel the story has a place where it should be going. I'm just not quite sure where that place is. But it keeps a sense of hope that I'm not giving up going.

3. I'm going to try and get some real work done tonight, because I've done little but sleep today and read LJ.
posted by sperose 20 September | 17:28
1. Took half the day off, hoping to get out in the beautiful weather. Mr. V is unfortunately not feeling up to it today, so I went shopping. YeeHa, retail therapy!

2. Considering decorating the yard tomorrow for Halloween, after one of the pups here mows the lawn.

3. Hoping to get out early tomorrow, and DO SOMETHING.
posted by redvixen 20 September | 17:58
1. omg i really need a furminator. i hoped to find one at the store but ended up with just a crappy brush neither one of us is happy with. She did get huge containers of food and litter, though. Running errands with me mum trumped laundry and organizing today, but at least i finally got a bunch of lighters and padded envelopes.

2. i haven't watched Atonement, nor the two netflix disc i've been sitting on forever (Dedication and Wristcutters) or so many other things but apparently my brother left me a good quality bootleg dvd of TDK at the 'rents. (Pray dad hasn't lost it.)

3. Trying to rekilter, from being incapacitated and slack more than usual, or so it seems to be. DFW has effected me more than i expected, which i attributed to this or that, but i started to get choked up explaining it to someone today. It's hard not to think of when the adult swim bump of his name and dates pops up when you least expect it.

Despite too sunny a day, it really is fall.
posted by ethylene 20 September | 18:26
1. I start a week of vacation today, woot!
2. I got two big bottles of banana beer.
3. We found a place that has crab rangoons. I'm gonna get a triple order.
posted by jonmc 20 September | 19:06
1. Farmer's market this morning, where there was a long presentation on how to can things. Now I'm all gung-ho about canning my own veggies.

2. Stressed out. Work started last week, classes start this Wednesday, and I feel woefully stupid and underprepared. I have no idea what made me think I could handle this.

3. Rain, rain, rain. There's a non-zero chance I will go completely starkers by the time the sun breaks through again.
posted by Fuzzbean 20 September | 19:12
1. Slept 'til 2:15 pm. Have slept most of the last two days.

2. Ordered a delicious broccoli & mushroom pizza. (Broccoli on pizza is a frequent craving of mine.)

3. Can't decide whether to see Mudhoney tonight or just take a pass.
posted by loiseau 20 September | 19:38
BP, I swear I worked with someone that had that EXACT same car, but a 4 door version. Is that possible?

ethylene, I have a furminator, and it does indeed work great if you keep up with it. Though a shorthair cat wouldn't be as bad as a monster Aussie like I have. Saffron is awesome about shedding, so I'm happy about that.

1. Today was my third day of my 4 day workweek, and I was mean and moved the person whose job I took's workbench out of the shop. Dude won't come and get his crap, and I need to organize myself there. Glad to finally be settling down in my new job after 3 months. Got my laptop this week too.

2. The next couple of weeks look like spectacular Colorado fall weather, and I'm super excited. Bummed though that this week I have to work 2 extra days, but the money will be nice.

3. I am strangely happy, though still quite discontent. Not sure what to do about that.
posted by eekacat 20 September | 20:00
1. Boring

2. Monotonous

3. Uneventful
posted by LoriFLA 20 September | 20:06
BP, I swear I worked with someone that had that EXACT same car, but a 4 door version. Is that possible?

I was about to say no, Eeks, but apparently there were some 4-door convertibles out there in 1965 and 1966... I had no idea.
posted by BoringPostcards 20 September | 20:59
BP, it was big and red and had an automatic white top. From your link, it looks like I was right. I want to say the owner was quite happy to have the 4 door since it was more unusual, but I think the 2 door is so much more cool...
posted by eekacat 20 September | 21:03
Couldn't make myself get out for most of the day yesterday and I did want to see the Louise Bourgeois. Was finally able to function (albeit with stomach cramps) and go to an event where a friend was reading. Joined him for dinner with some of his other friends at a place where I thought I might not be let in--the last time I was there, I yelled at a woman who added her piss to someone else's on the toilet seat..for fucks sake wipe up after yourself or use the seatcovers and/or paper provided!--nothing happened.

Today, went to two other readings, but the second one was ending when I came in. Red beans and rice for dinner.

New York is Book Country is tomorrow and I want to pop in.
posted by brujita 21 September | 00:10
1) helped a friend write a very short speech.

2) did a short, easy hike with 2 friends and a badly behaved dog

3) did 5 hours of bookkeeping (catching up)
posted by small_ruminant 21 September | 00:40
1. TPS made me buy Domino's pizza yesterday via Twitter, thus making me realize that I really don't like non-NY style pizza anymore. I mean, I never really liked crusts before I started living in New York City, and to finally come to the conclusion that all I need to do is add a bit more sauce to a NY pie and I'm fine is a revelation.

2. Birthday yesterday was uneventful, save the part where I got called a fat cow and cursed out because the guy I had originally made plans to see but canceled via voicemail because I was having serious reservations about seeing him--dudes and dudettes, he said after the very first phone call that he thought he was falling in love with me and wouldn't respect my saying that I wasn't emotionally ready for a relationship--wouldn't let me just end things the way they were and wanted to get some sort of closure and back into my pants. So I did what I had to do and was very rude to him by saying that other online conversations I was having were more important to me than him. Cue string of invectives, and me hanging up on him.

3. Everyone who lives in NYC needs to check out [title of show], and go see it right pronto so that they don't close the show on Oct. 12.
posted by TrishaLynn 21 September | 09:59
1. It's football all weekend here, so no yoga for me (as the TV is claimed), though I did manage some zombie-killin' last night.

2. Thinking about making eggs bennie today. 'Cause the only thing better than no exercise is no exercise plus a big, yummy, fat-filled proteiny neutron bomb followed by a nap. Mmmmmmm.

3. Raining. This makes 2 seem even more inviting.
posted by elizard 21 September | 11:32
Of course, I could be doing yoga right now, but I don't do nuthin' without having had my 2 pots of tea and umpteen cigarettes, dammit. Plus I don't want to make god angry. Uh, yeah. That really is the best I can come up with.
posted by elizard 21 September | 11:40
Happy belated birthday, TrishaLynn! And nice car, BoPo - looks like a lot of fun. I toured the southern US in a (58 or 59, can't remember) Plymouth convertible with my dad when I was a kid. We had an absolute ball.

1. Slept a lot. It's been a lovely sunny weekend so spent some of yesterday reading and dozing in the sun, in the park.

2. Watched quite a lot of Beverly Hills 90210. It's ridiculous and cheesy, but I would never have watched when I was in the target demographic and now I'm actually rather enjoying it, 15 years' later.

3. My wrist has improved markedly, and I feel mostly normal again. Yippee!
posted by goo 21 September | 11:59
I did phonebanking for Obama today. || Chess variants.