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19 September 2008

Were you like me? Did you listen to a LOT of country-ish pop from the late 70s/early 80s when you were a kid?[More:]

If so, you'll probably remember some of these (whether with nostalgic fondness or embarrassment is entirely up to you):

Islands in the Stream

I Love a Rainy Night

Say That You Love Me

When Will I Be Loved?

Angel of the Morning

Queen of Hearts

Sleeping Single in a Double Bed

I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool

Jose Cuervo

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?


Fancy Free, Bobbie Sue

Somebody's Knockin'

Kansas City Lights

Love in the First Degree

Dixieland Delight

Louisiana Saturday Night


And last, but not least:
Oh, hell yes. :D Eddie Rabbit, and Juice Newton, especially.

And this was my favorite Oak Ridge Boys song of that era.

I'd forgotten just how "80s" the guys in Alabama (the band) looked. Yikes.
posted by BoringPostcards 19 September | 11:38
Yes. All of these and more.

Lookin' for Love was a favorite.
posted by LoriFLA 19 September | 12:03
I was listening to stuff like this, this, and this.

The common demoninator being none other than Gram Parsons.
posted by danf 19 September | 12:08
In the UK we used to get Europop interpretations of American country music, such as this horror.

Ah ... Europop. Who could ever forget the Goombay Dance Band? Ryan Paris? Baltimora? Or Baccarat? And the Gibson Brothers? And of course, the Daddy Cool of them all (Have you ever seen such tight pants?), Boney M, who had the most ridiculous song ever. ("Rah Rah! Rasputin! Lover of the Russian Queen, there was a cat who really was gone. Rah Rah! Rasputin, Russia's greatest love machine, it was a shame how he carried on...")

Think yourselves LUCKY that you had to listen to bland pseudo-country pop music!
posted by essexjan 19 September | 12:32
Jan, I've linked to this before, but here's a cover of Rasputin that is very redemptive. (I saw them twice live and the crowd went berserk for that song.)
posted by Wolfdog 19 September | 12:36
I've only clicked two of ej's links and I'm rolling around on the floor laughing. The Baccarat one is priceless!
posted by BoringPostcards 19 September | 12:38
Have you never been mellow?
posted by WolfDaddy 19 September | 12:52
That Baccarat song is FUCKING AWESOME. I really like it.

Love the video, too - it's draped in that velvety weird Bryan Ferry lizard vibe.

You laugh, Beeps, but you'll sing that song in your head all day. Oh yes, my pet, you will....

*relaxes back in his deep mahogany throne, lights another cigarillo....*
posted by Lipstick Thespian 19 September | 12:54
I loved that song, BP, but I'd completely forgotten about it!

Uh, danf, this thread is about pap. Please save your klassy highbrow countrified music for another discussion. (Just kidding. I've dug the FBB ever since I heard some of their guitar work on Zappa's Waka/Jawaka. Those songs you linked are great.)

essexjan: Thanks (I think) for introducing me to a phenomenon I never knew existed.
posted by Atom Eyes 19 September | 12:55
Of course, the Goombay Dance Band is hideous, hideous tragedy.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 19 September | 12:56
Oh, and Ryan Paris is the audio equivalent of that weird orange liquipik gack that your dentist gives you to rinse your mouth out with.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 19 September | 12:58
Oh, and Boney M? That superultradelicious disco track on Daddy Cool? Absolutely destroyed by Boney M. opening up his yapper and writhing around while his backup singers do some kind of weird hallway monitor jazzfu.

But thank you, EJ, thank you for the wonder of Baccarat.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 19 September | 13:02
Yes, europop. Like a goose chick I imprinted on whatever music happened to be around to be my mother. So europop at the same time creates a fondness in me and makes my ears bleed.

Re Boney M: Bobby Farrell, the dancer from Boney M, in a recent commercial.
posted by jouke 19 September | 13:13
I grew up in a classical & folk family. Probably the hippest disc I ever had was the soundtrack to HAIR. But when I was growing up, around here, there was old-style country (minority) or rock (majority), with oldies and classic rock/AOR in the mix. Nowadays the radio rock is distinctly in the minority, and it's only hard and heavy shit, nothing poppy at all. The country today, though, sounds a lot like 1970s rock -- Bob Seger and so on.
posted by stilicho 19 September | 15:54
I know I'm late to this thread, but not only do I know all the words to those songs listed, but I also had the pre-requisite cowboy hat with the feathered band and the feathered roach-clip hanging down the back. I'm still a fan of pop-country, but I can't find a local station anymore.
posted by redvixen 20 September | 18:53
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