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18 September 2008

Yes! I wear Crocs, and I'm not ashamed!

lol, that reminded me of the Baby's Got Back lyrics.

omg, croc high heels!

It's funny how much crocs are put down for being ugly. there's even an I hate Crocs blog. Really. T-shirts with croc-haterz pics. I do wish they were made with more graceful lines. I've thought of cutting the sole off and trying to match it with a better looking shoe top. It seems there is a better looking new generation coming out.

A fuzzily wuzzily croc, called mammoth.

Croc/LL Bean combo. Talk about unattractive. yikes.

There are nice summer croc style sandals.

They just started making more grown up looking styles. wonder how they hold up? anyone with experience here?

Oooh and ones for winter that are more attractive.

What are your favorite shoes?
posted by nickyskye 18 September | 11:00
I mostly wear slip-on Vans and Keen clogs. I've also got leather moccasins, hiking boots... maybe that's it.
posted by box 18 September | 11:17
I can't hate on Crocs, I have a weakness for ugly, comfortable shoes. Though I think if you're gonna do Crocs, you gotta go classic- it's the Crocs masquerading as real shoes that are really heinous.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 18 September | 11:21
I'm surprised by the number of crocs I see here in Delhi.. I realized it has something to do with the fact that sandals/flip-flops are so commonly worn traditionally that crocs are a natural segue as open-air comfy wear

(I of course strut about in Fluevogs, Kenneth Coles and Guccis! which nobody notices)

(And cheapskate Fila sneakers which, as I recently explained to a friend,

"The sad truth is that 99% of the time I just wear my cheapskate Fila sneakers.. it's like when you grow up and realize that you want the one that's comfortable and reliable.. (and low maintenance ;) in that I never worry that OMG THE FILAS MIGHT GET WET AND SCUFFED TODAY)")
posted by Firas 18 September | 11:22
Before I went corporate, I used to work at a Summer Camp, and it was all Crocs all the time there. I still wear them around the house, but have admittedly lost my ability to confidently wear them in public. (Though trips to the corner store or laundromat are acceptable.)
posted by SpiffyRob 18 September | 11:44
Fluevogs are my favorite shoes. I bought my first pair (Fluevog uppers on Doc soles--no stitching, dammit!) in the early 90's at a shop in Austin, Tx. They are still beautiful and in great condition. Now I have many more. Next to the liquor cabinet, my Fluevogs are my most conspicuous display of consumption. I feel frivolous and guilty about it sometimes, then I remember that they will last me 20 years, if I rotate them properly, and I can walk 10 blocks in 3-inch Fluevogs and they'll still be comfortable when I get where I'm going.
posted by crush-onastick 18 September | 11:52
I resisted for a long time. I hated that they were everywhere. Then I tried on a pair and ooooohhhhhh. I love them. I wore them all summer. Mud rinses off easily. So lightweight. Perfect for recovery after my foot surgery. I'm getting a pair of mammoths for the winter. They just feel good. I got a tiny pair for my two-year-old. Easy on and off. Yes, Crocs. I don't care. My feet love them.
posted by Kangaroo 18 September | 11:55
I love my crocs! I have the mary jane style ones and they are certainly NOT ugly.

One of the pathology assistants at work has crocs to match every single pair of scrubs she has. Seriously, I think she has them in every color ever made. It's kind of unsettling...
posted by evilcupcakes 18 September | 12:00
My favorite shoes are these. I'm wearing them now.

≡ Click to see image ≡

I also have a gray pair. They're too warm to wear in the dead of summer, and they don't go with shorts, so I have a pair of Vans for those times, but most of the time I wear these. I've had 'em going on four years now, and they still look like new, too (and I'm very rough on shoes).
posted by BoringPostcards 18 September | 12:03
I used to wear my Crocs a lot last year, I found them incredibly comfortable, but after I went back to normal shoes when the weather turned cold, the soles of my feet hurt really badly, with horrible burning pain, to the extent that I thought I wouldn't be able to walk home one evening. I know that podiatrists tell patients with plantar fasciitis to wear Crocs, but I have to say that prolonged wearing of them actually gave me the symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

I still wear them from time to time, but nowhere near as much as I used to.
posted by essexjan 18 September | 12:05
Upon further reflection, I've also got a pair of Dansko clogs and some plastic water-friendly Birkenstocks. Like I said, though, I wear either slip-on Vans or Keen Yoguis (Crocs with a Vasque sole, basically) almost all the time.

Yeah, for me, attractiveness might not be the most important shoe-choosing criterion.
posted by box 18 September | 12:20
I like these Crocs (black). If I needed shoes, I'd probably seek them out.
But really, my favorite shoes are generally whatever I have at the time. I admit to being an Adidas wearer. Right now I love these Terrexes that I wear pretty much daily.
posted by Hellbient 18 September | 12:41
I used to wear Crocs when I worked in the hospital. I resisted buying them for everyday wear but caved and bought these, Athens sandals in blue/brown. They're so comfortable. My kids have a few pairs of the Cayman Crocs each. They wore them all summer and wear them after school. I used to think Crocs were fug, but now I can't live without them.

This morning from work, I sent my husband an email that read something like: "Hi husband, When I get home let's ride our bikes to the Y, do a half hour on the treadmill, and ride home before we have to pick the kids up from school! Be ready!" Later I spoke with him on the phone and we joked about the email and I was pretty adamant that I wanted to go to the Y together and he was receptive but wasn't making any commitments.

When I got home he wasn't home. Neither was the dog. They were on a walk. He returned from the walk wearing a golf shirt and Crocs. I asked, "Are you going to the Y in that?" He says, "I'm not going to the Y. I'm going for a bike ride." Not, I don't want to go to the Y. I'm not going to the Y.

So, I fumed for the first 10 minutes of our bike ride. Pouting and pissed that he told me what he was going to do after I told him. This is how we communicate. It's very healthy and effective. I offer you this glimpse into my thrilling life. It is on topic because he was wearing Crocs. :-)
posted by LoriFLA 18 September | 12:41
Yeah, I don't really hate crocs - I guess I just don't have a purpose for them. They are ridiculously unfashionable, but that's not a reason to dislike them, IMO.

Now, if croc made an ANSI/OSHA-compliant steel-toed boot that was comfortable and had arch support, I might be in the market!
posted by muddgirl 18 September | 13:00
≡ Click to see image ≡

I share this with love.
posted by rainbaby 18 September | 13:19
I've never tried crocs. In the summer I buy two pairs of $5 flip flops and wear them until they fall apart. My feet can handle any crap shoes. The rest of the time I wear chuck taylors or mary-janes.
posted by gaspode 18 September | 13:19
On my next trip to NY I am SO going to try these on at the Crocs store.
posted by essexjan 18 September | 13:46
I'm sorry, I don't think I can be friends with any of you anymore.
posted by loiseau 18 September | 14:18
Okay, I have to admit it. I went over to the Croc site so I could scoff and lay my withering scorn upon them, but then I saw these shoes and they're pretty awesome and I take it back.
posted by middleclasstool 18 September | 14:25
You can take my Caterpillar boots when you pry them out of your cold, dead ass after I'm done kicking it, you buncha barefoot longhairs.

How are you going to foil a bank robbery in crocs? How are you going to escape from a rogue lava flow in open-toed shoes? No one ever one a fistfight in sandals.
posted by Eideteker 18 September | 14:28
The boot will conquer the sandal.
posted by middleclasstool 18 September | 14:34
I'm in the backlash group here, but I will give them this: they at least look better than Tevas. *ducks*
posted by rainbaby 18 September | 14:43
How are you going to escape from a rogue lava flow in open-toed shoes? No one ever one a fistfight in sandals.

≡ Click to see image ≡
Steve Reeves would like a word with you.
posted by BoringPostcards 18 September | 14:57
he's wearing platforms!
posted by small_ruminant 18 September | 15:19
Steve Reeves would like to spell a word with you, Caterpillar man.
posted by Hellbient 18 September | 15:20
I looked at the Crocs site, too, and I really like the look of these. (But as I said, my Timberlands appear ready to last forever, so I'm hoping they do.)
posted by BoringPostcards 18 September | 15:31

posted by lonefrontranger 18 September | 16:20
I'll challenge any of you to a stompin' match!

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by gomichild 18 September | 18:13
*has the vapors*
posted by middleclasstool 18 September | 18:24
You have to ask?
≡ Click to see image ≡
Chuck Taylors, or as I call them, Air Maravich.
posted by jonmc 18 September | 18:32
They are ridiculously unfashionable, but that's not a reason to dislike them, IMO.

Yes it is.
posted by desjardins 18 September | 19:12
You're right--it is--but some folks are more dedicated followers of fashion than others.

Didn't Pete Maravich wear Adidas, like Run-DMC?
≡ Click to see image ≡
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by box 18 September | 19:18
I am in love with Skechers.

≡ Click to see image ≡
I have been wearing these to death since I bought them.
posted by goshling 18 September | 19:27
he's wearing chucks here, dude.

≡ Click to see image ≡

also, I covet this jersey:
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by jonmc 18 September | 19:39
I wear these.
posted by mykescipark 18 September | 21:56

The only thing -- the ONLY thing -- I hate about them is that I have to have The Conversation every time I wear them in public. I totally understand why people want to talk to me about them, because they're freaky looking, but I've had that conversation literally about 50 times now and it's getting to the point where I don't wear them just because I'm so tired of hearing OH MY GOD WHAT ARE THEM FREAKY TOE SHOES.
posted by middleclasstool 18 September | 22:17


It's 7 am, and I just woke up, and they were beside the bed (where my dog handily maintains a shoe collection for me, not always matched), and it's actually cool... so I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt, with a big floppy long-sleeved top thrown over top, and these, in Army Green. I do look silly.

I bought them one day when I had walked and walked and walked, and my feet were killing me, and I still had to walk home. The place had only neon orange and pink and light blue colors, and one single dark green croc in my size. Not one single pair - one single shoe. And no black or dark blue or browns, or even tan, just highlighter colors, and one left-foot army green croc in size 38. The place was busy and I couldn't spot a salesperson, and I was desperate. Foot salvation so near, yet so far. In a sudden burst of inspiration I left the store, walked out to the sidewalk and started looking in the display windows. And there it was! The size 38, army green, right-foot classic Croc!

I went back inside, wormed my arm in between the backdrop and the display and snagged it. I bought them, put them on, went to the nearest cafe for a glass of wine, then walked home with happy feet.

They are fairly unusual here. Unusual enough that they aren't that easy to find, and you notice if see anyone wearing them. Basically, I need super-comfortable shoes good for walking, and these are difficult to find in women's sizes - and usually very expensive. But after my summer of pain, I'm only going to buy sensible shoes. No moar fall down go boom!

Those Venture Canvas look perfect for Fall - but only for men? Boo. Why do they do that?
posted by taz 18 September | 23:15
Steve Reeves would like a word with you.

Yeah, but a dude with boots would have totally kicked his ass. And if boots had been invented back then, Hercules would totally have rocked a pair.
posted by Eideteker 19 September | 06:29
Bush says he's working hard on economic turmoil (LATIMES) || Bunny! OMG!